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ma_chelle: You're a real friend to me, darling. I adore you and wish you all the best, always! <333


mabiana : I love all you do (your jewelry, your knitting projects) and it's always a delight talking to you./ [you speed-knitter chart | amazing fannish designs | thank you for sharing]


maboheme - passionate and smart, you always bring the joy / we hardly ever interact but I want you to know I think you are amazingly talented.  I love seeing your posts and sharing in your LJ life.  Thank you. / the way you live your life and the passion you show for the things you love is fabulous


machinistm: You are adorable, smart & lovely! I love emailing with you- it's hilarious and a great comfort to me.


madeitsimple -  You are the kind of girl whose cool in that simple way that sneaks up on people so that one day I look at my flist and think holy crap I really like her. / ...is totally the coolest kid on the playground. Everyone absolutely wants to be her friend. No lie.


mahaliem – I admire you intensely. / you handle things with such good grace, and inspire me so much./ Kind, strong, generous and fantastically talented. /  love your writing!  furthermore, i am very fond of YOU.  happy valentine's day!  i wish you moments of joy.


mahoni - I love your posts about life and fandom and am glad to have found you / you are so much more talented than you realize and I feel so very lucky to have you as a friend


makesomelove - RIDICULOUS / You change ROFL from an internet abbreviation to TRUFAX.


maleyka - Incredible sweetheart. / You brighten my day, every day I talk to you. Sometimes I despair of the person I would be without you around to help me see the bright side of life and get enthusiastic about the things I love.


mamoru22 - My life is so much better for having met you and the love I have for your vids knows no bounds. / She's heavily involved in two of the newsletters that rule my fannish life. Without her, I wouldn't be fannish because I couldn't ever find anything. (And her vids are incredible, too.) / [if only i could | almost miss my train back home | a lot more often]


manuanya: Happy Valentines Day! *hands you some chocolate-covered little bass-player*


mara_202 - You're so intelligent and interested in what you study, I wish I was like that. You're so happy and sweet and I love reading your posts.


marag - I learn new things everyday from you. / I love your caustic humor, your incisive editor's eye, your way of looking at the world.  I wish I could express how much my heart aches for you about your personal life;  I pray every day that things go well for you, even if I don't always show it to you.


marej:  You're made of win, baby.


mareen: [were i a poet | i'd write an ode to your voice | this haiku must do]


marenfic - I hope you know how glad I am that we're friends.


margarks -- if you come visit me, I will make you a paper crown and a pie and a picnic, because I think you're the tops


mariaalejandra - You, my darling girl, are the most giving person I've ever had the privilege to come across, not only on LJ, but in "real life". I love you for more than that, obviously, but I thought you should know I consider you one of the best human beings I've ever known.


marigolde: I heart you so much, my sister in so much


marinarusalka - you rock like Tony Stark's itunes playlists. An incredible writer and friend


marishna : I can honestly say my life would be a vastly different place without you in it.  And that's the doom and gloom of the apocalypse we're talking about. / The best part of the day is your IMs, you crack me up. / Thank you for always making time to share your caps and reviews, you are such a great person, and I am so thankful to be your friend <3


mark_clark - A wonderful and loyal friend, with great taste in fandoms!


marksykins - incredibly witty / maaaaaaaaaaaarks ftw


marmaladecat - Whenever I lose faith in fandom, rereading your fics gives me back every last reason I joined in the first place.


maschalismos - You're a steadfast friend in a chaotic world. You deserve bacon and cupcakes served by beautiful youths until the end of time.


mass_hipgnosis:  You check up on my writing and make me feel cared for and loved.  It makes me work harder at my writing and to think that it just might be worth it when I pour my heart out in my story.


mata090680 - maker of aewsomely great SPN icons, i bow to your creative muse.


matalinolukaret - funny and wonderful / I am insanely glad we've become friends.


matty_parkman - Have an awesome day and enjoy the love and chocolate


maubast - You've enriched my life in ways you'll probably never know.


maudgonne - You are so beautiful and profound, even when you're in pain. I admire you more than I can say.


mayatawi: YOU. You are one of my best friends, as well as one of the most welcoming, compassionate, smartest, funniest, OMG TALENTED, people I have the pleasure of knowing. I am in constant awe of what you can and DO do.


maygra - Always in my heart. She's kind, generous, and talented, in fandom and out of it. / I love your huge generous heart and your thinky brain and your amazing stories, and I miss you, very much. / you never fail to inspire me. The world is just lucky you exist.


mcalex22 - You keep LJ sane and real. I'm glad to know you <3


mckrycek  - is one of my oldest friends, there with me from the very first fandom I was in and the first time I picked up a pencil, and her belief in me has never wavered.


me_maneuver: you're the cat's meow


me_so_geeky-  what to say; you my dear are sweet, adorable, intelligent, funny, strong, incredible and a joy in my life.  I <3 you.


me_ya_ri: A bright spot, your joy in your fandoms shines through your writing. All the best!


meagan868 - I love you a lot, and I hope you know it.  Even though we don't talk as much as we used to, I still love you as much as I always did.


meansgirl -- I have the most inappropriate crush on you.


mecurtin: You keep my mind engaged with your thoughtful posts and pretty puzzles. Many thanks!


medie - i had so much fun doing fandom_stocking and that's because you had the brilliant to create the community. i know you have been told this many times but THANK YOU! / I love your passion about the things you care about. / Your writing is always creative and entertaining. / You're so shiny, and your writing is entrancing, and your more serious posts always make me think. Thank you for just being you, and for being here. / Carolina Jones was one of the highlights of my 2008. I adore you!


meelie : You're one of the awesomest people ever.


Megmatthews20 - you've had it hard of late, so I hope this cheers you up a bit!  I love your writing, you're just the sweetest, most loveliest person I know, and I really hope you carry on with the fandom.


megyal- Marie, you're a light in dark places.


mei_x - I just adore you.  I really, really do.  Your wit and charm and great big heart make me so glad you're still on my f-list!


meinnim : You're always a bright spot on my friendslist. I hope to meet you in person one day. / I can't imagine my flist without your thoughtful, kind and generous posts.


meivocis - I miss you hon :)


mel_b_angel - Mel you're so warm and such a lovely person.


melagan: You're amazing


melancthe - Someday, I hope to be even half as wenchy as you!  I'd also like to drink wine with you, someday, because you seem like you're gonna be soooooo much fun to drink with.


melo_l - miss you around


memphis86 - you are beautiful and smart and brave and ingenious. I feel blessed for knowing you. You are the fructose to my corn-syrup. / You are, hands down, one of my biggest gifts.  You make me smile when I’m hurting, you make me laugh when I’m down, you give me the strength of your comfort when I need it to find the power to muscle through another day.  I adore everything about you, baby.  I intend to adore everything about you until Alzheimer’s carries me into my much crazier old lady days. –grin- / You're smart and funny and faceted and talented and pretty much everything I aspire to be.  I admire your outspokenness and your honesty, more than you know.  Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air in fandom./ You're so goofy and funny and cute and happy-making and I love you a whole whole lot. :D :* / I think you are amazing and talented and so funny. / Just by being yourself, you inspire me to be myself. Thank you for that gift. / You're so goofy and funny and cute and happy-making and I love you a whole whole lot. :D :*/ You're smart and funny and faceted and talented and pretty much everything I aspire to be. I admire your outspokenness and your honesty, more than you know. Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air in fandom./ TOM WELLING. That is all. (Chad Michael Murray has a voicemail for you but it's all about hearts and rainbows and hypoallergenic kittens and something about a strong...bow? but I'm not quite sure what that means. Possibly ILU but that would be crazy coming from CMM.) / you are truly a class act, memphis.


mercymydarling - "Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much a heart can hold." - Zelda Fitzgerald


meredevachon -  Favorite fandom find of the year. / I don't even know where to start, so I'll just say that I'm so glad we've gotten to be friends, and I'm thankful to have you in my life, even if it's only online. / i think i've gotten to know you more over the past few months than in the past couple years, and i'm really glad i have.  you know, i started watching leverage because of you?  the power of your squee is strong. :D  and i am just selfish enough to admit i really love that you read my fic.


merepersiflage - Your talent inspires me so much, even as it intimidates me. You're so sweet and amazing. / You introduced me to fandom. You are my rockstar forever.


meresy -  quite possibly the simultaneously most intelligent and cutest person that I know.  She possibly breaks several laws of physics doing this / everyone's favorite mad scientist / *kisses* *kisses more* / I wish I weren't so nervous about commenting in your journal - you are all kinds of awesome. / You are the hottest and most adorable nerdling I know. There will never be enough hearts in anything I can say to you. / In addition to being a fantastic enabler and terribly adorable, you are v. wise and a fantastic friend! <3/ the queen of picspam who makes me smile


meret - I love the links you post, and I sort of wish I had your brain. /  I love your links posts - they are informative and very often - NSFW - my favorite kind /  One of the kindest, most awesome people I've gotten to know on LJ.    / Never stop being so kind and passionate! ;) /You remain one of the classiest, nicest, most amazing people on my f-list.  So much love! /  I never tell you how much I appreciate all the links about the world beyond lj you post every day - thank you for broadening my understanding of the planet we live on.


merfilly -You were one of the first people to welcome me into DC fandom! You are an Earth Mother who takes care of us all.


meri_oddities - you still inspire me, with your strength and determination and resilience! You are such an amazing example of what I want to be when I grow up.


merihn - I love you more than Dean loves Sam. Thank you for always being there when I needed you, for cheerleading me at the drop of a hat, for reading everything I email you and for just being you. / the bestest best bud ever, thanks for all the handholding and cheerleading. You really are the greatest. / You're insane. But I love you for it, here's too a long and happy friendship / You're so open and free with your love, time and talent that I still sometimes can't believe you're even real. Real life is sometimes hard, but you keep on fighting and triumphing. You are an inspiration!


merry_gentry: You addicted me and keep feeding into it.  I can't express my love for that :P


merry_mithril - You're a part of my heart.  You always have been and you always will be.


merryish - You're a kind and generous woman (and an excellent pimp)!


mesoterica: You always make me feel good.


metallicar_sex: Keep strong, darling! I'm sure this new part of your life - uni - will change a lot of things and will make you super happy! Love you!


mgbutterfly: *hugs* I <3 you so much, darling. You're amazing and taking control and I think you're brilliant.


micheleeeex: You my friend are die-hard in your love/obsession. Because of you I learn crazy things about gorgeous boys.


michelle_connor- I miss you dearly, and you will always remain one of my favorite people in fandom, even if you've left it for real life concerns. You were a lovely, gentle beta, and a person I could really talk about deeper themes will, and I hope everything is okay, and that you see this someday.


michellek - Funniest person on my flist. I have such a big crush on you!


mickeym – To one of the sweetest girls I know, to one of the smartest, softest, gentlest friends I’ve grown to love so very, very much over these last few years – happy Valentines Day, hon. / You inspire me with your ability to just keep going on even when everything seems to be going against you. You're so talented as well. / You are such an amazing friend to your flist and an amazing writer as well. / So kind and so generous -- I hope 2009 brings you everything you ever wanted! / Your strength, caring and perseverance never ceases to amaze me. / Your strength and kidness blow me away. The fact that you take the time to actually CARE about the people you are friends with, rather than just blowing by, being superficial - I don't know, it amazes me that someone as talented as you are would be so down to earth and concerned about those around them. I love you for that, and for so much more. / You are one of the most generous of yourself people in fandom, and we are so so lucky to have you.


Mightyten - You do not write enough, but your words are gorgeous. I miss you.


mijmeraar - I will forever and ever believe that you are the best writer I know - and the most kind and loving. I adore you so much that you leave me at a loss for words!


mikeyface- Angie, I don't know what I'd do without your amazing, positive presence.


mikeyrchp -You are so sweet and cute, I love talking to you, and I think your amazing


millylicious: Verite!


min_taiwan - Your sweetness is so wonderfully endearing, and your artwork is just so incredibly beautiful. It’s like a jewel sparkling in the creative diadem.


miniminkie : I LOVE YOUR POSTS. It doesn't matter whether its a rant about your day, sharing some funny news story you've read or fandom related it always gets a response from me because they're never boring or pointless or stupid. Your a really considerate friend and you keep up with your flist. <3 :)


minkmix - Sending you many hugs this Valentine's day!


minttown1: I look up to you; you're a shining example of what it means to be a good person.


mintyfiend - *hearts*, and lots of them! / She is ridiculous and adorable and every post makes me smile. / Your writing is brilliant.


mirabile_dictu - You're a kind and gentle person and my lj land is a better one because of you.


miriad - I miss you SO MUCH OMG and you are a wonderful person in every possible way.


misanthrope7842 -- I want to put an extra five hours in the day so I can spend all that time just chatting with you.


mischief5  the fic says it all really :) wow


mishaphappens - I admire your strength and resolve in the face of all the crap you've had to go through in the past.


miss_charmed - falksjdflksdf I dont have words. You make me happy when I am sad. This is the best compliment I can give to you. I love you and your drunk posts and your bandom flail and everything. I love everything when I think of you. <333


miss_tress - I love the comic insights and your consistent friendliness.


misskittye - Smart, stylish, and awesomely level-headed


misslucyjane: I admire the hell out of you!


missnoxie  - thank you for your talent and for let me enjoy a personal bit of it.


Misspamela: you have, since I first met you many years ago, been able to make me laugh harder than almost anyone else in the world.


missqteeone - Your mad graphic skillz make me happy in my pants.


misstitania I love how open you are about yourself and I think it's a great strength.  I love to read your writings and I love you for commenting on my life, not just my fics :P


missyjack - fun - and organized! / You're unfailingly funny, thoughtful, and generally awesome. I feel privileged to have met you, and I wish I could to half as much to brighten your life as you do to brighten mine <3 / Makes the most WONDEROUS crack and meta and puppets. / Like an asteroid hitting my roof you crashed into my life while I looking in the couch cushions for change (to buy cigarettes). You paint my life with brighter colors every day and I would happily live in your pocket (I won't fit). The world is a more exciting place with you in it. Everyone you know is lucky they got the opportunity to know you. / You are such a pleasure and a joy. / you make the fandom world a happy place! / You always make me laugh and you give great hugs. /  BEES! / you are so funny and smart and always helpful./I exist just to amuse you, my sweet./ I don't even know where to begin to tell you how much of an inspiration you are. You bring so much enthusiasm, wit, fun, intelligence, and sanity to the Supernatural fandom and I love having you on my flist. /  You're so positive and uplifting in fandom.  SPN fandom is so lucky to have you and I'm proud to have you on my friend list.  You make it a happier place! / SPN fandom would not be half as amazing without you in it. You're wonderful. / I'm not sure how it's possible for one person to contain so much awesome – thank you for your genuine kindheartedness. / the source for all things SPN, the news and links are CNN quality research / You bring the crack and the heart both, and you rock. / I exist just to amuse you, my sweet./ – you are so funny and smart and always helpful. / most generous person I know. / I think you deserve a star. And an award. And a Padackles for all the wonderful work you do for fandom, for your smart and funny posts, for all the time you invest in fandom. Sometimes people take it for granted that the ones engaged in any form of fan services do it during their free time and I wish there was more that I could give you than my secret admiration.


misty_writes:  I love your enthusiasm, and your gorgeous icons.


mithen - You are a joy to know in fandom and RL!  Your stories drew me into LJ and a whole new world!


mivsi - You are a lovely person! I'm so glad I have you on my flist. :) <3


Miz24601 – If I ever joined a cloistered convent, I would miss you the most.


Mkitty3 – I am so glad we share a fandom again.  You're a sweetheart I hated losing touch with.


mklutz: I love your crazy links lists (interesting! handy!) and our fun email conversations! Definitely good, fun times!


mlebayre: You are the best writer in the whole wide world. I love your stories!


mnemo_syne: You're someone who I can stay connected with even when we have absolutely no fandoms in common. Which makes me glad, because you are wonderful.


mnemosime - epic win. squeeful and spectacular / Words can not describe how much you mean to me, you deserve all the happiness in the world and then some. I adore everything about you.


moirariordan - You are one bad ass chica, with good taste in just about everything and writing ability that makes me feel inadequate in the best kind of way. You are nice, awesome, and fun. I love having you around. / you're one of the most awesome people I've ever met, and I could probably fall in love with you if I let myself.


moire2 – K, you are one of those people, man.  Like—like I sometimes wish I could just reach out and just—call you.  Have you near.  I’ve always been the older sister, I’ve always been the one to take care of people.  I’ve always been the one people come to when they need something, when they need to count on someone—but you.  Sometimes I feel like I could just turn around and do that with you and, hon, there’s not a lot of people in my life I’ve ever felt that with.  I can honestly say there’s maybe only been enough to count on two hands.  I don’t even know if you’ll see this, but—I hope you do.  I hope you know that you’re loved and that your friendship, in whatever ways it comes, has always meant a great, great deal to me.


moment_of_sen - You're my person and I adore you entirely, SS.


mona1347 - She is awesomeness x infinity / You're my favorite person on the planet and I love you so much for everything you've helped me become.


monanotlisa - you are awesome. / You're one smart and outspoken woman, and we won't have you any other way. <3


monica_catch22: You're awesome and fun!


Monicaop: quite possibly the sweetest person ever


monroe_nell: It amazes me to see how well you've done in spite of your situation. Keep it up, girlfriend!


moodswingers - You have the best sense of humor ever, and it makes me happy whenever I read a comment or a post by you, because you’re awesome.


moodymuse19  - tthanks for your trust and for sharing the sad an the yay moments like the same


moondropz = Thoughtful and a great picspammer + full o' all kinds of love.


moonflower_rose - You are da bomb, baby.


moonilicious : Humpa humpa.


Moonlitpines – I still look up to and admire you.  I'm sure I always will.


moonmelody - Soul sister.  Mentor.  Friend.  The world doesn't have the right word to describe all that you are and mean to me.  I truly know I am blessed to have you in my life and can live in this world more solidly with the knowledge that you are at my side. /You truly are the most amazing woman I know, hands down. / You are so strong and fearless, yet also willing to change and grow. You never worry about impressing other people and your confidence in yourself inspires me.


moonythestrals - You always make me laugh so hard I snort. I love your crazy brain.


moorishflower - It scares me how brilliant your fic is. I can't even be all petty and hate on you behind your back, because you're a great person too. DAMN YOU, HAVE YOU NO FLAWS? / You are quite possibly the best person to happen to me in the past nine months. *snugglecuddlesmooch* / I adore the way you write and RP and am happy to chat with you.


Moosesal: you are a fucking rock star. the end.


morgaine22: I love how 99% of the time we feel the exact same way about things, and yet your extreme levels of awesome keep it from getting even close to boring.


morgan_d - Your writing's gorgeous. And your opinions are well thought out, rational, yet passionate. You enrich my reading enjoyment by many exponents.


morgandawn - Wonderful person, and someone who's taught me about saying no.


morganichele- bubbly, sweet and all around awesome / I know you're busy with your family, but you're loved and missed on LJ.


morganmuffle - You are a brave person in many ways that I'm not and I admire you for it.


Mosca: May your Valentine's be filled with hot, snarky, ice skaters.


moth2fic - You are a thoughtful and wonderful person and I'm glad I know you.


mousapelli – so much hilarity and intelligence in such a cute package


mrs_batman - you = AWESOME. And the best friend a girl could ask for.


Mrs_laugh_track: Your posts always make me happy, and I adore the way your brain works! / I love her, I'm glad she exists.


mrscutedean - You are the best Samgirl in the WORLD. Your journal is a place of refuge for me. / Charli, my most wonderful Samgirl-in-arms.  What would I do without you?  You are such an amazing and intelligent person wrapped up in a cute-as-a-button package.


mrshamill - You've got just about the biggest heart I could ever hope to encounter  in RL.  Thank you for all you do for those in fannish need!


mrsquizzical: You are a wonderful person.


mrsronweasley - Just having you on my f-list makes me happy. I love your posts and drunken escapades and I am so very, very happy for you and everything that's making you happy right now. *big big hugs* / Ten gallons of awesome travel sized for your convenience! / You are fun and funny and full of LOVE and your joy for fandoms gives ME joy and when you really care about something, your writing is out of this world GOOD, and I adore you madly, and am stupidly happy that you're in my life.


ms_nerd : I couldn't imagine my friendslist without you. I hope we get the chance to meet in person one day. /  I wish we were on the same continent again so we could hang out!


MsCongeniality: The progress you've made in your life recently is just awesome!


mskatej - Sassy and smart. I love how you always speak your mind, and also have the talent for writing damn fine porn! / You are witty and wise and always a joy to read. / you are insane and funny and ridiculous and awesome and if we lived on the same CONTINENT, even, I'm sure we would get in A LOT of trouble together. / makes my whole flist seem lighter and happier / I love how you find fandoms and fall head over heels in love with them. You're enthusiastic and witty and a very, very sharp woman. / you're so much fun to know -- vivacious and bright and brainy and interesting.  and you have a heck of a great cat. / Your frankness and honesty is something I admire about you.


msmoat - ::g:: You are made of wonderful.


mtgat - a wonderful friend and an incredible writer and storyteller


mumbles11: dedicated. Cool. Amazing.


Munchkinofdoom - Awesome. Best beta EVER!


munibunny - I love the pride you have in your family, and the encouragement you show them. I love how you support your friends, always there with a hug or a smile. / You have no idea how grateful I am to Eric, Jensen and Jared because without them I would never have met you. Thank you for always being there when I need you. I love you. :) / You have been there for me in every way.  Helped me through some bad times and cheered me up when I was feeling down.  You keep me straight when I'm trying to get a story right and never yell at me for my many mistakes.  You are the best friend in the history of ever.


munkykiss -- You are FANTASTIC.


murklins: Best murklins! Your awesomeness knows no bounds. Thank you for being so generous with your time, energy, creativity, insight and humour. You make everything just all the more brighter. <3!


muses_circle - i hope your love of Dean/Chloe never dies!


musesfool - because you are a tremendous, smart, exceedingly wonderful person, I am certain things are going to turn around for you soon. You deserve only happy things. / I love your ability to enjoy things and your sanity and your skill with words / It's totally unfair that you can write so quickly and so well - how is that possible? / You're such a prolific writer with an amazing breadth of creativity and a wonderful person to boot. *giant hugs* / I adore you and your sekrit hetcest baby issues! / I love your stories, and you get me into new fandoms with your joy in them and smart writing.


mushroom18: You never fail to make me laugh.


musical_emjay - You are so fantastic, so much more so than you give yourself credit for, and I cherish you as a close friend.


musical_junkie - You are probably one of the most fun, approachable people I've met through fandom. I love you and your crazy fangirling.


musicallystripy soon to be family, already feels like she is :)


mxtape - On my list of favorites, you're number one.


myashke - Seeing you back on LJ is like a world of sparkly hearts


myfablexy - So glad I met you, you're so bubbly and fun!


myinkyfingers - I love you so much, and whenever you're not around I hate it because just your presence makes my whole day better.


Myras_girls – You've been called Yoda.  This is beyond true.  I hope to be as wise as you when/if I ever grow up.


mythofthebelle - awesome




nachekana: You're the PB to my J. The nutella to my crescent. We're so in tune it's scary.


nakeisha: because you are the most wonderful, caring, amazing friend I met on LJ. Because, sometimes, looks like we share our minds. Because you are able to make me cry and smile, and laugh. Because I love you.


nargynargy -- Your talent is enormous, and I just want you to sit and paint for me from sunup to sundown.


nasssty_slyth: You are so talented and fun and I love talking to you!


Nasyu - Creates the BEST Jack/Nathan Eureka fanart I've ever seen. *hearts*


nebulein: You can trust me on this one: We have to meet again this year. <3 Happy Valentines Day!


neetha: You make me believe in the power of true love and I hope life always treats you like the precious angel that you are.


neevebrody – Sweetheart, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’re an amazing person, a fantastic proof-reader, a talented writer, and on top of all this, and most importantly, you’re a wonderful friend. I’ll never forget how a certain friend of ours praised you on a train ride, and how I thought, hey, maybe I could like that woman. Turned out I was right :)


nehellania - Amazing, with personal life that would sometimes make a pretty good sitcom. I wish you'd have more time to spend online.


Nel_ani: The beautiful heart comes with buckets of talent and a gorgeous name.


nelliewu - Fun and geeky, and a great person to know!


nemo_88:  I miss you, and wish you all the best in San Fran!


netlynn - I wish you'd post more, and I don't just mean your lovely gifs (although those are nice too). :) / There is no one in the world with a heart like yours, and no one who I respect more.  I love you, and if I didn’t have you holding me up I think I’d collapse and never get up again.  Thank you for ever day, and for every word. 


neverneverfic - I can't imagine my fannish experience without you, and I wouldn't want to.


neversince: witty, talented and just plain awesome! Year of the Bale, BB! :D


newgrange -  You're a great friend!


newkidfan - I am just getting to know you, but have a really positive feeling about this! How could I not with your fabulously creative sense of fannish playtime and gorgeous artwork? This is gonna be good! / Not only an extremely talented artist, but a lovely person./ You are the very bestest. Great artist and great friend and such an inpsiration.


newredshoes: I look at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.


newsitorloseit: When you write, I drop everything to read.


nickgregfan - Thank you for all your support. It's always great fun to talk to you, and I feel like I've gained a great friend.  Even though you seem to have a few of my abusive tendencies.... like say big sticks.  :)


nightchik - COME VISIT ME AGAIN. Because you are the coolest and I loved hanging out with you and your awesome sister. / relaxing to be around, laid back


Nikitembo: a very cool Canadian


nilchance - A sweet sweet, outspoken person. / brains and beauty! / I'm in awe of your creativity and world-building, but you're the real gift. / brilliant; there isn't a nilchance fic I don't love (especially nillybean fic - OT3!)


ninamalfoy: I'm sure you'll have a splendid Valentines Day. Or did you already have that last weekend? <33333 Happy Valentines Day!


ninhursag - You like the coolest things. / Smart and snarky FTW.


nixwilliams - You are made of yay. And also cheese and other yummy things. I'm glad you're here.


no_detective - you became a dear friend to me and I am very glad I met you / You don't post much to LJ anymore, but I still love your posts when you do. I miss your smarts and wit, you lovely lady! /  You remain one of the smartest people I've ever come across. Please don't ever stop being you. ♥♥♥


nocturniquette1:  Generous, sweet and amazing would be words that I’d use to describe you Hon, and they’d all be 100% true!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!! *hugs and nibbles you*


Nofantasy: amazed at how together she is, taking control of her life


nomelon – I'm in love with your fic, and I missed you so much when you were gone. Never leave us again :) / You're a lovely person, and I'm glad things are going well for you at the moment, because you really deserve it. / You make me so damn happy.  I know your muse has been fighting you lately, but I hope you talk some sense into her soon.  Your writing is too wonderful for the world to do without. / You're so funny and lovely, and always bring a smile to my face. I feel like you've become a true friend, and my glee at the awesomeness of your life lately is diminished only by the fact I miss seeing so much of you.


nomoreuturns - How can there be such an awesome person in the world as you? I'm glad that we met through a random crazy happenstance, because I couldn't imagine not knowing you! I love you, and Happy Valentine's Day! <3


norah - A marvel, a majesty. My life would be infinitely poorer without her around, and just knowing she's out there makes me happy. / Your passion and love for fandom are inspiring and I so greatly admire all that you are. / your recs and posts are always awesome - I love it when you love something that I already love, but finding something new is great, I trust your taste! / I really admire and value you. You're the sort of person I'm glad to know, and knowing there are people out there like you, setting good examples to the world, is a lovely thing.


norwich36 - Happy Valentine's Day, Nora! I dig your wily, witty posts. Having you on my flist makes me feel smart! / You leave such great comments on pretty much all my fic. I think you're my most loyal reader. It totally amazes me. I doubt my writing is as important to you as your comments are to me, so thank you. / Nora, sweet angel, I shall always love you madly (even though you like Wincest). You are such a good person, and you write great, insightful meta. I also love it when you get snarky. <3 / lovely to debate with


norwich78 - To sweet, sweet Nora.  We've shared some fun times, and I'm always humbled by your intelligence and gentle nature.


nos4a2no9 - Every time I see a journal entry of yours pop up, I go \NOS/ / *adores* / one of the best things that Canada has ever come up with, no arguments / deserving of cartoon heart eyes from the entire universe / Thank you kindly for your encouragement / One of the best and the brightest people I know. *hugs*/ I'm trying to find the right words for how much I love you, but words fail in this instance *smish*/ a talented writer and a caring friend


not_cynical - Thank you for all the love and attention; your comments have kept me going when I've been at my lowest.


not_from_stars - A beautiful person.


Not_refined - You make me flail. Always.


notpoetry - so together for her age, kick ass,  owns a great dress


notthequiettype - you make my world a better place just by existing. this is the truth.


notyourstarx0 - I WOULD TAB A, SLOT B YOU ANY TIME. :D


nouveau_monday - You're the fucking queen of schmoopy fucking. /  I wished you realized how amazing you are and how amazing your talent is.. I don't think I would have survived this fandom without you or your writing. Thank you for being the most awesome pom pom girl there is. Love you tons. / Your Nuke fics are what inspired me to try writing in the first place. I’ve read and reread all of them so many times, I can’t even tell you. Thank you for creating such joy for me & the whole rest of the fandom. Never forget you are AWESOME.


nova33 - You haven't been around too much lately and you seem to think that it means people will forget you, but believe me, you're unforgettable. I love every chance I get to talk with you. <3 Happy Valentine's Day! / You are such a great person, I am in awe of you. ;)


novascotiasam - Always there with love and hugs even though her day sucked.


noveltea - god I love your work. I REALLY love your work. It's just beyond compare and then the fact that as a person you're even more amazing than your work? How are you real? :)


nu_breed: I wish life would allow us to spend more time together!! Talking to you is one of the best pasttimes in the world. I quite enjoy it. :D :D You are super duper excellent, I hope you know. ! / You are so sweet and made of awesome.


nwhepcat - It's been so nice getting to know you on my f-list this year.  Hopefully, we can still work out that meet-up one day.


nyaubaby - I'm very glad I've met you, you're such a lovely person and a talented artist! / you're strong and, somewhere in there, you know it; you deserve everything, sweetie. / Funny, quirky, honest, sincere and totally lovable *hearts*


nyn17 - I love your graphical abilities.


nyxmidnight - You will never, ever, ever know just how wonderful you are.




oatmeal_queen -- Your art is seriously some of the best in fandom.  ANY fandom.


obsessive24: creator of thinky visual wonders


obsessiveicons: You are all so incredibly talented!


offonmars - *hugs*  You are a lovely person and a wonderful friend, and I hope that this year treats you much, much better than the last one.  Vegas, baby!


ohbooth -I would be so lost without you, thank you for being such an amazing person, you are such a gem


ohnoscarlett: Cara is crazy in one of the best possible ways and she's a joy to know.


ohnvm- I can't think of anyone else that deserve to be happy like you do. You're so talented, intelligent, charming, sweet, and supportive. You're WONDERFUL.


omgitskd - tough and determined


omnipresentdmat - gorgeous, great fun to talk to


omphale23: Yay! for you and your mad mod skillz!


on_the_cusp: I think about you all the time! I hope you are doing well and going far.


onci_dium - you are strong, kind, intelligent and a person who brightens up my life.


oncologisted - oh darling. you are charming and sweet and I want you to have the same love for yourself that I do for you. and your cute cute hair. and face. and alskjdflksdjf i love everything about you.


onelittlesleep - It's been a while since we were in the same fandom(s), but I love having you on my f-list because your voice is so fresh, brilliant, and spectacularly SANE! I rarely comment, but I respect the hell out of you. Also, your writing is hot like lava. In short - you ROCK. / you have a dirty little mouth and I love it. / A life-changing, inspiring, wacky human being.


orandream - I hope we can catch up in RL soon!


originalkal - You are the BEST chef and sweetest bartender in THE WORLD. And always a gentleman. Thank you for that, and for your many, many kind words.


oselle - To my favorite political commentator - PC hugs to you today!


oursoliloquies: I heart you.


out_there - Your writing has brought so much joy to me over the past six months. Thank you.


overjoy: You've blossomed in the last couple of years and I'm so proud of you.


overnighter - you are amazing. you amaze me. don't ever forget this.


oxoniensis - Fandom and lj wouldn't be the same without your brilliance and your commitment. /  It's a joy to have you on my f-list. / You're one of the kindest, most lovely people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. You do so much for fandom and produce some of the best fic and art around, but you're also always ready to help other people out and cheer them on. / You've always got interesting news and links to share. My reading habits have much more interesting since I came across you. I also adore your writing and the distinctive style of your icons. / Signe, you are so wonderfully giving. I'm always humbled (and often surprised) to get e-cards from you or by a sweet comment you leave on a post. With everything else you do for fandom as a whole, I love that you make time for individuals as well. Schmoopier than my normal valentine's day message, but you are totally worth the anonymous embarassment! Hugs and Kisses! / anyone who had the foresight to create the Porn Battle is a genius! / You're so generous and talented and clever and lovely, I'm just feel privileged to have you on my flist. / A sheet of beautiful ocean./ you make so many beautiful things, for your friends and for fandom at large, and they're always thoughtful and wonderful./ I have no idea how you find the time, but you do such a lot for fandom with such style and friendliness; we're very lucky to have you. / I have no idea how you find the time, but you do such a lot for fandom with such style and friendliness; we're very lucky to have you./ A sheet of beautiful ocean./you make so many beautiful things, for your friends and for fandom at large, and they're always thoughtful and wonderful / I think 2/3 of my icons are made by you--you're brilliant! / proponent of lusty enjoyments / I struggle to find words that can contain your awesomeness. I heart you so much, you have no idea. Every time I talk to you, you cheer me up, whether I need it or not. I adore your personality and your attitude towards life and I'm quite ridiculously pleased to be friends with you. / You are incredibly generous with your time. Any fandom is lucky to have you in it. / You astound me. Always always. I think you may be my favorite writer ever. :) / I miss you!!


ozsaur: You remain one of my favourite people in fandom, and I am always really happy when you post (even if I sometimes don't comment!). Thanks for being a great friend.




packmentality - You're my FAVOURITE. I miss you and I can't wait til the next time I see you. I love hanging out with you and I love you.


paian - You are a wonderful writer and I'm glad you're around! / You're a human tesseract, right? Otherwise there's no way you could fit all that talent and awesomeness and graciousness and joy into one body.


par_avion - You did something really nice for a total stranger -- a kind and generous thing that was very much appreciated!


parenthetical – I appreciate every one of your comments. You're always so thoughtful and sweet. / You bring so much love, support and happiness to my life. I think you constantly underestimate yourself - you're one of the best writers I know and one of the most brilliant people. You're beautiful.


particlesofgale – You're loving and supportive, and one of the sweetest people I know. I feel so at home talking with you. Thank you for being a kindred spirit.


parvarteal - *hugs*  Your good nature and level-headedness and enthusiasm amaze me.


pat_t: because you are a funny, talented, generous person. Because your cat is named Methos! Because you deserve love


pau494 - Your enthusiasm, positivity, and sweetness always bring a smile to my face, especially when I need it most.


paulabm: You are the coolest friend anyone could ask for! Thank you for all the years of friendship!


pbvalla - You are so much fun, I can't even stand it.  I would really love to do another camera chat sometime soon, to tell you that in real time.


pcdarkrose - We have very few things in common, yet somehow I feel a stronger connection to you than many others I know through fandom. I'm pretty sure it's because you are made of awesome.


pdragon76 – If I were granted three wishes, one would be spent thusly: to have the ability to express to you the tremendous impact you have had on me as a friend, a writer, and a person. I love you more than you’ll ever know. / Stalking you on V-day - LOVE U TONS!


pegkerr - inspirational


pegm81484 - Paula, I love everything about you. Thank you for letting me know you! :)


pen37 – has a steadfast integrity, and a smashing ability to stand up for what she stands for


penceyprepster - !who knew you could find a soulmate online? You are the very definition of awesome.


pencil_tricks - I love talking to you more than anything because you always make me think.


penguinsofalove - A talented writer and an awesome mom


penknife - The fan I want to be when I grow up. If I grow up. / Your meta is so smart that I wish I could have your brain. But I'll stick with just reading, I suppose.


peopleareshapes - Dude, all of your posts make me happy. You have a magical gift!


pepperjackcandy - You've been handling the recent changes in your life with incredible aplomb.  I am amazed at the grace and courage you display as you adjust to the new circumstances you find yourself in.  I am humbled by your strength.


perclexed - brave / needs a family that matches her niceness / one of my oldest friends and I'm glad we move share many fandoms / perseverant


Perdiccas - I can only hope to one day aspire to your level of porny magnitude. Yes, one day… / You are my fellow perv and I loves you for it.  Not only that, but you are an awesome writer, and an awesome person too.  I have much to thank you for, not least introducing me to the hotness of a certain someone.  Love you ;D / You astonish me every time you post. No exaggeration. You're just that incredible. / Tough love and hot sex are two reasons I adore you.


peridium - I could say a billion different things that could possibly give away who I am, but basically, I love you. You are such a sweetheart, and incredibly creative and intelligent. I'm glad we're friends. <3 Happy Valentine's Day! / I miss you!!! You are one of my favorite people I've met through bandom, and I'm hoping we'll have plenty of OTP to flail about in the next year. <3


persuna: I love reading your thoughts. :)


pervyficgirl - I adore your passion and your unique writing!


petiii - though you aren't around so much I will always cherish your friendship.  You are kind, lovely, and missed.


petronelle - \petra/ <3


pez_gurl - clever and brilliant


phantisma: the place to go for dirty, hot wrongness that is not only sexy but brings new worlds to life while you drool all over it


phantomminuet - The enthusiasm you display for your fandoms never fails to bring a grin to my face.  I love your delight in shows that are just a little off the beaten track! / A mad hatter of the best kind.


phantomviola - All around wonderful. And a fun fangirl. I wish things would start going better for you soon hon. *hugs*


pheebs1 – Even when you're not around quite as often, we never forget you. You're sparkly and fun, and I'm so glad to know you. / I love you so much there should be an ad showing us cycling through Hyde Park (because I'm scared of ferris wheels). / so funny and sparkling and kind, and so incredibly talented / *sending you warm hugs and much love* / You are truly awesome, and your polls always bring the joy. / Sweet and lovely – knowing you makes me happy.


phemie - You have always been, and will always, always be, one of my favorite LJ friends ever. I'm so glad I met you, and eternally grateful that you put up with me.


phibatola - Amazing, loyal to her friends and passionate about her fandoms.


phrenk = You are so damn funny!  Thank you for so many laughs!


pinkphoenix1985 - You're such a hardworking person and I just want to give you a massive holiday. ILU BB.


piping_hot - Keep shaking those pom-poms, fandom cheerleader! You make me glee! / You're an amazing artist and a wonderful person and so, so lovely. <3 P.S. But keep away from my kid's brains. / You have made my life so much fun in the past couple of weeks! You're the best. :D


piping_hot: It's been a blast talking to you after admiring your art from afar for so long.


pipry23 - I don't even know what to say to you!  I miss you!  I can't wait until we can "Just Dance" again! / WOMAN. I. LOVE. YOU. SO. EFFING. MUCH. Pretty words like fragile and hopeful and enchanting spring to mind when I think of you, and I want to SMOOSH YOUR FACE. Um. HAPPY V-DAY, AND DO NOT CONTRACT A V-D, OK?


pirateygoodness: You're so giggly and fantastically light hearted! I wish we shared more fandoms, because you're wonderful and I always want to spend more time talking to you.


playfullips - I never comment on them but your random posts are awesome.


plotbunny_tiff: You still fill me with squee in a way few others do.


pocketfullof - I've kind of fangirled you from afar for a long time, and I couldn't be happier now that we're getting to know each other better. I think you're so talented and smart and HONEST and I just love everything I know about you.


pocketmouse - possessor of the most distracting of cleavage


poisontaster - Lots of hugs for you today! / best fandom ambassador EVAH / Sending you bouquets of happiness this Valentine's Day & always. / Seriously, the amount of pleasure your posts have given me cannot be rendered textually. And I don't just mean the porn!!! / such creativity and passion is so loveable. / such creativity and passion is so loveable/Sending you bouquets of happiness this Valentine's Day & always./ Seriously, the amount of pleasure your posts have given me cannot be rendered textually. And I don't just mean the porn!!!/ *hugs* I hope your move’s going well. You’re one of the most fascinating and talented writers I know, and also a fantastic and lovely person./ What I admire is how much thought you put into your words. All of them. You are wonderfully inspirational./ you amaze me, all the time, not least for putting up with my lameness! / You are an amazing friend, who always has something insightful to say, and I love talking to you about anything and everything. /  talented; "A Kept Boy" is one of the most amazing series, situated in a richly woven world


polaris-starz - awesome to have in any fandom


polytikal- sheer awesomeness, bold and just made of win


poofusgirl - Sweet, funny, and thoughtful


popfantastic:  I hope 2009 brings you everything you ever wanted, and I don't know anyone who deserves it more.  :)


powerof3 - You've only been on my flist for a few months but I already love knowing that you are there. :)


powrhug always makes me smile with how she approaches everything in her life with such grace and joy.


presentiment - If it weren't for fandom, I wouldn't have met you, and you're wonderful. You're an amazing woman and I can't wait to see what you do next.


prettifuls_pout - I am so glad I met you. You’re an amazing friend and an even better person


prettybutt - God... you have singlehandedly rejuvenated my lost love. Your icons rock.


prettyquotable: I think you're completely awesome, and I love your posts whether their picspams, icons, fandom analysis or anything else.


princessofg - You are the most incredibly caring and encouraging person.  Thank you so much. / always makes me want to give her a giant hug and tell her "thank you for being so open and positive".


proofpudding - I know we just added each other, but I'm excited to know you on LJ!!! Stay awesome, sweetie. <3 / I love you for your enthusiasm and talent, but most of all because you're such a lovely person.


proteinscollide - Really really sweet, and so talented.


prudence_dearly: How much do I love your fic? t-h-i-s---------------------------------m-u-c-h++++


pun - fantastic and funny / See, you have all these amazing talents and accomplishments - from your superhot & supersmart writing to your ass-kicking prowess to your famously intelligent and dedicated fangirling in any fandom, to name JUST A FEW - and the only reason I am not intimidated speechless is because you're also a truly wonderful person, with the most SWEEPING enthusiasm I have ever encountered! Thank you for spreading the love. You're awesome. /  I adore you.


purplephoenix03 - Have an awesome day. Enjoy the chocolate and ILU to bits. Lots of love and huggles


pyroblaze18 - Sending you PIE for Valentine's Day! / You are my greatest supporter and a trusted friend, all wrapped in one wonderful package.  How did I get so lucky?




Qafaddiction - Glittery pom poms forever! You are words are almost painful in how exquisite they are. / I am totally your fangirl. Please keep writing Nuke fic. Please!


qara_isuke - You are the world's best enabler and I adore you for it even when my wrists ache.


qe2 - She is beautiful in more ways than she knows. / should be told often how utterly fascinating she is to talk to / inspiring and gorgeous and lovely, both inside and out /  I think you're one of the kindest, most open, and most fun women I have ever met, and the idea of being able to have you on my couch, and get to watch shows with you and just be US is a wonderful, wonderful thing. / Love love love you! Both your writing and your beta skills are tops!


quarterturn - You are incredibly sweet and I'm so glad to have you on my flist! <3 / I miss you a lot sometimes and I really wish you were on livejounal more. I really look up to you and I enjoy talking to you and You make me feel so much better about everything. I just want you to know how amazing I think you are and how much you mean to me.


quarterwhore: Enjoy your valentines day, heavens knows if anyone deserves to celebrate the fact they're in love it's you. (icon link: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z72/ambiguous_opal/45734.png)


queeniegalore – you always makes me smile.


queenitsy - Thank you for exposing me to the goodness that is High School Musical, you are beyond adorable.


queensheep aka redstarsatnight - You blow me away with your talent


quellefromage – Your generosity and kindness are met in kind measure only by your patience and support. I’m blessed and amazed to have you in my life and to call you a friend. / I miss your musk. (Well, when you’re baking. Cookies.)


quidditchkiss - I can't even begin to comprehend how amazing and awesome your presence is on LJ. You're giving and funny and always seem to put a smile on my face. Love ya, bb.


quiet__tiger- snarky, intelligent, a great writer and never afraid to state her opinion, which is much appreciated yet is fun fangirl too / You have a quick wit and often make me laugh with your sharp insights.


quirkytaverna - you've been a consistent part of my fannish life and you were one of the first people I met through fandom to cross the line between "fandom friend" and just "friend," even though we've never met and don't live on the same continent.  I wish only shiny, happy things for you; you deserve them.


quyllur - You’re the sweetest and most generous person I know! Love you, Pumpkin!




rabid1st - my fave old school Spuffy cyberbuddy


radioreverie - I value your friendship so much. I wish you appreciated yourself as much as I appreciate you. Because you are truly, uniquely wonderful! / There’s no one I enjoy plotting – or dissing – Smallville with than you. *heart*


rageprufrock - I BROUGHT YOU A SNAKEHEAD - no, seriously, you're my favorite /  the only Merlin (actually only ANY AU I enjoy) WIP eagerly awaiting more! / I want you to succeed in everything.


raggedann – I don't think you know just how AWESOME you are.


ragingquiet26 - You are so smart and I love talking to you about all things fandom related. I love you. / Your crack will never fail to make me laugh -- you are so freaking talented and creative, sweetheart. I love you lots.


rai_daydreamer - I can’t tell you how much your art has given my joy!  It’s clearly done with love, and is amazing, just like you! / Talented, so damn talented.  Plus passionate, kind, and smart!  A gift to fandom in every way.


rain_1975: is an angel. she's smart, funny and gorgeous. if i had a tardis i'd be visiting her right now. xoxox


rain_dances - hilarious / I love your love for Pete and how genuine you are. You're an awesome friend! <3


Random_serious: unfailingly positive, even when life thwarts her


randomeliza: You are so freaking smart and funny and gorgeous and wonderful that I think you may actually be a Cylon.


raputathebuta - You are a wonderful and kind friend. Thank you!


ratcreature – more than your drawings, which are awesome / You brighten up my flist. Fandom wouldn't be nearly so shiny without you.


raven_lore : You're one of the loveliest people I know.


raveninthewind - I am such a lucky person to know you and your fully amazing self in RL.  I feel blessed by your friendship, and awed by you.


reading1066 - I love your fic and the worldview you present in it


rebekahfair - I'm so happy to have found a twin-brain in fandom, even if you keep f***ing distracting me all the time! ;P ILU!


rednihilist -   You are warm and encouraging and one of the most wonderful feedbacker to feedbackers I know.


redteekal -  I really enjoy having you on my f-list and sharing the Tom-love with you! /  Alexandra the Lovely!  Thank you for all the days when we’ve “discussed”… and then laughed and screamed and lusted over the boys and for all the times you’ve “fixed” me up. ;) You are awesome, your “secret” is THE MOST delicious addiction, and ILU! 


Reedfem - How can you not love someone that provides delicious pictures of semi and totally naked men!?!? *G*


reet - Because  you make Johnny more real for me than even my fic did, I wuv you. Have a fantastic Velentine's Day!


regala_electra - You can write things that give me chills, or make me laugh for days, that's why I love you (even though you hate my freedom). / I think you are just wonderful! / Reg, there are very few people on the Internets who can make me feel comfortable and included in the weirdest of situations, but you can do it. I don't know what it is about you, you're just made of fantastic things. You're delightful, and I love you so much. *snuggles!*


reginagiraffe - You are generous, talented and lovely and you'll probably never know how kind you've been to me.


rei_c - You rock my socks.  I can quite honestly say that I am in awe of everything about you, not just your writing. / Your shiny mind! I have a not-so-secret crush on you! / Best. Hugs. Ever.  I adore you, Rei. / is able to transport you to her own world and while you read you not only see it but hear, smell and almost touch it thru her words / Rei, you are one of the smartest people I know. You are so incredibly talented, yet you also manage to be modest. You are so interesting and easy to be around, honestly I could spend all day talking to you / So creative OMG. Brilliant and amazing, and so, SO giving. / You amaze me ALL the time. Always, consistantly. I simply adore every little thing about you and the skill you bring to your craft.


rei17 - I love the fact that you've got lots of different fandoms and that you allow me to widen my horizons and my german knowledge... :P


rejeneration -  You are amazing. So talented and smart, I love reading anything you post, whether one of your amazing stories, or a post about life or fandom, anything – you are so incredibly articulate. Also, SO unbelievable sweet, one of the greatest people in fandom. / Words don't do how much I freaking love you justice, so I have to make up my own – Lovespluffarious!! / You!  I love you to bits. / You are such an amazing lady and I'm privileged to know you. / I don't think I'll ever be able to express how much you mean to me. I just spoke about you, yesterday, and said that you were someone I'd love to be like, one day. You're one of the most intelligent, strong, and proud women I've ever come across. You're tough as nails, but you're also tender and giving and emotional and kind. You are what all women should be, and I love you, baby. / you give and give, and smile and support and cheerlead, and honey, I want so badly to be able to give you a real hug and hang on to you. Support you and ease your burden, the way you do for so many others. / You almost always have something sweet and positive and loving to say. You make fandom a little brighter. / you are just filled with so much love for fandom and your friends, I don't know how anyone could not adore you./ Sometimes I worry that I love you too much. Not because it's a bad thing, but 'too much' has to reach full at some point, yes? I always have to leave room to love you more. I think you'll break that particular meter someday for me. *LOVES* / your the most amazing and loving person I have ever had the joy to know, and I so admire your love and you! / Sometimes I worry that I love you too much. Not because it's a bad thing, but 'too much' has to reach full at some point, yes? I always have to leave room to love you more. I think you'll break that particular meter someday for me. *LOVES*/ you are just filled with so much love for fandom and your friends, I don't know how anyone could not adore you / I wish more people had a heart as big and gentle as yours. The world would be such a better place. / You are so so talented and generous and have a beautiful light inside, even when there are times I'm not sure you see it.


researchgrrrl: omg I fangirl you so hard. Brilliant, and tough, and the yardstick everyone should check themselves by./ I am rooting for you SO HARD, lady / All my best wishes. / you've gone thru things that would have flattened a lesser person with your sense of humor intact, and i can't tell you how much i admire you.  plus which, anyone who can stay IN CONTROL OMG when confronted by the world's prettiest ferret is something else indeed.


revii-You are so incredibly nice. I mean it, you make me smile and I enjoy talking to you and I'm so glad that we're friends because I would have missed out on knowing someone really amazing.


rhea_carlysse  - thank you for sharing your fangirl crazyness.


rheasilvia - You're so talented and generous--and we Alex-lovers have to stick together


rhiannonhero - It has been lovely to see the change in your life for the last several years. Thank you for sharing C with us! / compassionate and loving friend / i'm so happy to be your lj friend and to see the family you've made / Thank you for being you - that you exist makes the world seem a better, warmer place. / fascinating.


rhombal – You are so giving. I love your enthusiasm for life. / Your drive and love for people constantly astounds me. You have such a great heart and constantly inspire me to live my life to the fullest. Thank you. <3 /  probably the most kick-ass person I've ever met, and I am so glad we did / So, you're pretty much amazing. I admire you so much and I think you are just an incredibly wonderful person. I'm very thankful that I know you, because life woud have been a lot boring otherwise.


rhythmsextion - So funny and awesome and makes me want to read gender!switch


ria_kukalaka - I love you no matter what.


riah_1977: You are the best LJ friends anyone could possibly hope for! Your support and kindness has not been lost on me but I find it difficult to find words that describe just how much you've come to mean to me *group hug*


ribambelles: You're my absolute favorite person on my flist. I never knew I would make such wonderful friends on lj. Thanks for all the laughs and advice.


ridicully: [you tell the coolest | anectdotes of firemen | and baby squirrels]


rikes - Generous, friendly, and a terrific photographer


rileyc - my ultimate hero, I love your Oz fics so much, I wish I could write like you.


rindee – Darlin’, I miss you so much.  You have this amazing thing happening for you now and I couldn’t be happier for you, but I miss you all the time.  I miss how close we used to be.  You know I’d trade it for all the happiness you have now, that’s a non-starter, but—selfishly, I still wish we had our every day or our every other day, because I always felt like I had the world’s best friend right at the ready and that’s a feeling I miss so deep it burns.


rinkle - You're lovely, and I'm really glad I know you.


ristrettoette - You are so intelligent and your posts are always fascinatingly meta for me.


riverbella – Your insight into me and my fic and life in general never ceases to amaze me. You’re truly wise, and I’m glad to be counted in your circle./ A silent note / going out forever on the breath of genius / which now I hear soaring above my own breath./ Interesting, thoughtful and lots of fun!


riverlight - It's such a joy to follow your LJ and see your journey towards achieving your dream.


rivers_bend – I love when a find out a wonderful writer is also a wonderful person / I totally regret not talking to you more at WinCon. / your so talented and wonderful thank you for being so sweet and lovely and supportive <3 / Sweetheart, you are one of the brightest stars in our little group.  You’re hilarious and sensitive and genuine and so BIG HEARTED.  Your compassion is one of the things I love best about you.  At the end of the day, my life is all the better for having you in it, sweetheart, and I hope I never have to know a day without you! / *glomp* /  There aren't words for the awesome that is YOU, my friend.  Always giving and smiling and you are absolutely, beautifully GOOD all the way down to your core.  You're also one of the most brilliant writers I've ever known, and I can't wait until you're ungodly famous and I can impress people when I say "Hey, I know her!" / You don't know this, and probably never will, but you're the reason I've realized I'm not actually straddling both sides of the fence. I pretty much left one side for the other, and though it's been slowly happening for a few years now, you're the person who unknowingly gave me the nudge I needed. I never say anything about this to you, ever, but I draw from your strength and your pride, and long after my time on LJ has come and gone, you're going to remain a part of me. Thank you, so very much. / You know how in soap operas one day the surprise, long lost twin pops up and there's this joyous reunion of sibling soul-mates!? That's us! (But without the subsequent hospitalized/left-at-the-altar-pregnant/jury trial shenanigans.) / I love that you are REAL. You are open and honest, creative and fun. Talking to you always improves my day. /  adorable, sexy, smart and talented. And you're my friend--how'd I get so lucky? / Every once in a while on this strange place we call the internet we can find an actual connection with someone, and you're one of those people for me.  I'm so, so happy we're friends, and I hope that never changes. / You're so amazingly friendly and nice and generous with your time and just all-round lovely that it puts me to shame. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. / it's a pleasure being your LJ friend, even though our fandoms don't overlap much.  you write so well and are so kind.


rivkat - I squeed when I saw that YOU had commented on my fic.


rizny: You create such amazing and beautiful graphics.


roadrunner1896: You're one of the most generous people in fandom. Thanks for being you!/ so sweet and kind


robanybody: Max, you're the best person on the whole Internets. You're so kind and generous and supportive and interesting and COOL that I really believe there should be an official Max Appreciation Day. HARTH. / i'm so grateful for your love and support bb.  you're one of those rare gems who just shine with light and life, and i am so lucky to have you as a friend.  <3


Robinchristine: Powerful yet gentle soul.


robynadele0406- You're as cute as a button, and I love how sweet and bright you are. I may skim for some, but I always read your posts because I adore you. The ones with vidclips are hilarious. / super sweet and someone who inspires


roguebitch - fantastic con-travel companion / Dammit, you are amazing. Never forget that.


roguewords: Even in the tough times, know that you are loved.


romanyg: You don't know me, but I wish you hadn't been tugged away from fandom recently, because I'm a little in love with your writing and you seem totally fab. / Your stories break my heart.  I don't even like them all the time, but the passion and intensity in them is so undeniable, like a bright flame.  I can warm my hands on them even when they make me cry.


roomfor2: I'm really glad I've met you, sweetheart! It's funny, we don't have a particular fandom in commom (just same interests, but not fandom per se), which is quite unique in LJ, and that makes our convos even better!


roque_clasique - So glad to count you among my friends!


rose_janice - You are so sweet and yet so feisty! Don't change. Ever! I love you. <3 / You're fantastic. I hope you know that. <3 / Full of squee and joy and love and is just out and out awesome. / you make my bad days better, just by being you, I love you so much and I am so so thankful and lucky to know you, I adore you more then pancakes <3 / I heart you like crazy!!!! *squishes*


roseganymede -- How are you so smart?  HOW?  I'm a bit in love with your brain, and I hope you find time to keep writing. / You're brilliant darling. An amazing academic and an amazing writer in general. You'll be amazing - it's never easy, but you're awesome. / Your meta kicks all meta ass; thank you!


rossetti:  Wise for me when I most need it.


rosy5000: You are an uber-fan and I love seeing your name pop up in comments.


roxymissrose - One of the best enablers of plot bunnies / Your warmth, wit, and wisdom are a wonder to behold (as is Mr. Roxy's ). Thank you. / I don't know of anyone sweeter (in your particularly fabulous salty-spicy-sweet way) than you. I get such warm fuzzies from your love of the supporting characters. Wade, Whitney, and Pete have all been a thousand times more real in your stories than they ever were on the TV. To me that speaks to your attention to people around you as well. You are wonderful! / All hail the goddess of porny angst and irony. You're pretty damn funny, too! *smishes* / you are charming, dazzlingly funny and entertaining, and a true LJ friend  <3 / makes me smile, every day.  Doesn't take herself too seriously, is quick to cheer you on, and pretty much has something dirty to say about everything.  Yay for porny brains!  You rock, Ms. Thang. / *squish*  You are AMAZING, Roxy; don't ever forget it!


rsadelle - I love how much you reinforce my J2 addiction; it makes me so happy to know that if for some reason I miss a really good story, I'm going to open my email tomorrow and you will have recced it to me.


rubynye - Passionate, brilliant, and full of grace.  I love that you champion causes, characters, pairings, fandoms, and even whole eras that are woefully neglected.  I am honored to have you as a friend.


rubywisp'> - A few people that I have met through fandom feel like family and you are one. I miss  you online but I love how you are a great mom and a wonderful friend and I look forward to when we can both craft the words in our head into stories once more. Happy Valentine's Day, Ruby.


ruedifference - wish you much love and all the best


runedgirl - Lyndsey: sometimes, when you write an amazing reply to the comment I left for one of your perfect fics, I just want to reply "thank you for being so great and at the same time so modest about your work."


runerinrun:  You're an inspiration in so many ways, and it's been wonderful watching your life change -- thank you for sharing it with us all!


runthegamut-I think you are a very good writer. I always enjoy reading your stories and I'm so glad that you re back on LJ. You are a wonderful person and I love to talk to you and I hope that eveything goes well for you.


rydra_wong's dedication to social justice is something I admire terribly, and I love how she's so supportive of not just her friends, but people she doesn't know well at all yet. / How would I survive without her linkspam?


ryuutchi: So much fun, and always with a great (think-y) piece!




saavikam77 - Your enthusiasm for so many varieties of projects that enrich fandom is amazing!  You’re also a great friend. / sweet, wonderful and a fabulous writer / You bring so much to fandom!  Your energy and enthusiasm, your organization--I admire them so much. / You're always there, always understanding, and always fun.


saba1789 - A great Valentine's Day to a wonderful beta and fantastic online sib! / Super sweet, adorable, pretty, so much fun to squee with /  I don't have any words to express how glad I am to have met you. I adore you so much. / I wish I could come and hug you every day /  The word 'awesome' may have been invented to describe you.


sacred_lullaby - ...is one of my oldest fandom friends. Her friendship and support was and always will be irreplaceable.


sadcypress - I fangirl your voice. / I always call you Sady (like sadie) Press in my head (I am a dork) but I have a reason! I can't associate "sad" anywhere near you. You are so much happiness and loveliness. Your delightful enthusiasm continues to have me go "yay it's Sady Press!" because it sounds all warm and lovely. Major love to you! / Your students and your intelligence and your podfics and your amazingness are um.  Amazing.


sadface - defines crazycool / You are always and forever my favourite person in fandom.


sadiane: God, stop being so awesome you make the rest of us look bad:P


sageness - I love that you have a sense of humor and perspective about even the hardest things. / You bear the unbearable with astonishing grace. If I could figure out how to make your life easier, I would do it in a heartbeat.


sagiegurl - You rock for starting the microfic fever in my fandom!


sahiya – fantastic


salianne - I think you're trying to kill us all with your fics. In a good way.


saline_joy - You're adorable and a delight to know. I love you.


sallycandance: Less than three babe with sparklehearts and Tatort's Thiel & Boerne on top. ILU, but you do know that.


sammys_grl: caring & thoughtful


sandelwood: I am seriously in awe of your writing and art, and am slowly coming to know you as an awesome person as well!


sandrine - Your fics take my breath away.


sanj - Your joy and struggles, successes and stress - they are all inspirational.


sansets - the most fantastic, enthusiastic, ridiculously awesome fangirl / You are brilliant. Full stop. I adore you.


sarah_p- I adore you my dear, especially after you guessed the pairing closest to my heart.


sarahetc - You're one of the most interesting, intelligent people I know, and I love the way you make me think. Even better, you're a lovely person <3


saramir: I'm so glad you finally took the plunge into bandom. I think it's brought us closer and made us more present in each other's lives. It makes me happy to see you writing and flailing again, and getting involved in fandom. You're such a talented writer and I can't wait for you to share what you've been working on. Also, I know I can talk to you about anything without fear of judgment. Whenever I need someone to talk to, I know I can text or call you and you'll get me through it.


sasha_davidovna - such a very wonderful person and a delight to know


sateenmusta  - you are everything that is good in fandom - so beautiful and talented and yet down to earth and friendly - you win at life ;)


saturn92103:  You're an inspiration in so many ways, and it's been wonderful watching your life change -- thank you for sharing it with us all!


savemoony – fun, smart and a great person to know


sayingwhatiam: One of the nicest girls in bandom and loves everyone with all her heart.


saykendrawithme - I have no idea why you're so tough on yourself and why you don't understand why other people would be friends with you. You're intelligent, incredibly sweet and thoughtful, hilarious, easy to talk to, and willing to listen to me talk about the most inane subjects. I know I'm not as close with you as other people are, but now that I've met you, I can't imagine fandom without you. Just know that people love you and people want you to be happy. <333


scarlett_o: how can one person be so beautiful and so talented at the same time? You are proof that it's possible.


sceaterian: You are the other half I never knew was missing. You fill my world with color and light, words and music, soul and depth.


schiarire - You are far, far more talented than you give yourself credit for.  I am always amazed at how intelligent you are, and yet how that never slows down your love for anything.


schneestern - You are such an interesting person. I love talking to you! <3 / Your squee is infectious and you never fail to make me grin. *hugs*


schnuffi because you are evil. The kind of evil I love in a person :) Because you do awfully funny things to our lads. Because any time I read a post from you, you make me laugh :)


schnute23 - My one and only Rubberducky. You are so wonderful, and you mean so much to me. I have no idea what I would do without you.  / my porny squeefull friend, you are pure love and have always been so so loving and nice to me I cant thank you enough


schweedie -- Cheerful and funny and huggable.


scifiabby: Your enthusiasm is infectious and is a joy to share with you.


scoradh: *sends you love and hugs*


scot_ty:  We somehow survived fandom and are still LJ-friends and that means a lot to me!


Scribblemoose – You deserve so much in this world, I hope with my whole heart that you get only the best from life in the future


scribblinlenore - I will never stop loving your writing and your dirty-gorgeous mind. /  most charming and sweet friend, always supportive, always so much fun to have around / Words fail to describe your awesomeness! Not only are you a fantastic writer and a uniquely positive presence on LJ, but you also regularly bring joy to my life just by being your wise, funny, fabulous self. I am so very lucky to know you. / glorious person all around.


scriptcat:  I love your fics, and it stands to reason that someone who writes as wonderfully as you do must be a simply amazing person, and I’m glad to have you as my friend!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!! *hugs and snuggles*


sdlucly - I love your writing and your brain and your enthusiasm. / Someday our schedules will align and we will be able to talk and share again. Until that time comes just remember I believe in you and know you are going to get everything you want out of life.


sdrohc_ratiug: I miss reading about all of your creative exploits and life in general...update more!


sdwolfpup - I'm so lucky to have stumbled into a fandom with you.\o/\o/\o/ / No one makes me laugh like you do. Nobody. True fact.


sean_montgomery - I love you, sweetheart.  Come back to us soon.


seeyaroundsv: You are wonderfully passionate about things important to you.


sef1029 - things you are: smart, kind, talented, generous, giving, amazing.


Seikaitsukimizu - Quirky. Comes up with some crazy and fantastic McShep AUs. Wonderful author!


seimaisin - my guru of music / Your spirit is always amazing. /  so incredibly talented and imaginative and a joy to know


seize - You've come so far. You are awesome. Don't doubt it.


sekhmet2: You are one of the funniest, wittiest, and extraordinary people ever made! I HEART YOU. ♥♥♥


sekkritbandomlj: your art is always so awesome, and although I don't quite understand the bubble, I will defend your right to it to the death :D


self_sustaining: Precious and one of my favorite people to hang out with.


selinamoonfire: You're always so supportive of other authors that you deserve a special hug. *HUG*


semirose: I love you so much, you're one of the best friends anybody could ever ask for / i'd rather lose an arm than lose contact with you


seperis – I fangirl stalk you like you don't even know. / Someday I am going to be half the writer you are.  It's a dream I have. / strongly opinionated (in the good way) / one of my favorite people around. / I'm so glad you're writing in Merlin fandom now.


serenity_mars - thank you for being there when I needed a friend


serenography - I adore you - you're fun and kind and fiery, and your art is stunning. Please don't leave LJ! / I wish I didn't live so far away, because you're far and away my favorite person in fandom to hang out with. / You’re one of my favorite people, ever.    Not only are your posts lovely and your art inexplicably beautiful, always, you’re gorgeous and funny and you have CLASS like nobody’s business.  (And also you share wine with me when the Clana gets rough or when TW gets just too damn hot to look at.)  See?  Class.  


serrico - You've got a grand sense of humor, fab insights, and some seriously impressive wit - plus, talent! For fic and vids and stuff!!! I can honestly say that you make my f-list at least 10% more awesome by being on it. / knows absolutely everything about Canadian tv – I'm in awe! / I love your presence on my flist.


setissma - you're such an intelligent, amazing person, and that makes you absolutely beautiful.


sevenfists - I'll always. ALWAYS be your advocate and cheerleader. I think more of you than you could possibly know, and I want your happiness as much as I want my own. I love you, Susan.


seventhpage - I feel so blessed to have you as a friend. You're wise beyond your years. I love you. / I love having you around and I'm always interested in hearing about what's going on in your life. Ily!


sexycereal - I admire and love you so much, always.


shadesofbrixton: If there's one thing I'm grateful to JJ Abrams for, it's helping me find a friend like you.


shaenie - You are strong and vibrant and you write hot smut with such deep intelligence and sensitivity that your stories can make me want to fall inside the worlds even more than the original canon. / You gave me my life in a way I don't know that you'll ever understand, and I still feel like I'll never find a way to tell you how much that meant - and still means - to me. I will be forever grateful for having known you.


shaggirl:  Better than Laura's Littles.


Shallowz – you make me want to be more like you.


shannenb - I still think you're the cat's meow!


shansgrl – a beautiful, bouncy and funny companion to have


shardsofblu- thoughtful, fun and a really great friend


shardsofblue - Thank you for your comic insights, and mostly thank you for being so nice!


sharona1x2: You've been absolutely wonderful and supportive to me and to so many others. Thank you so much.


sharpest_rose - One of my favorite people I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with in fandom, and I've been here a long goddamn time.


shawnalasex - Thank you for being so ridiculously hilarious without even trying. And you can post ALL the Shia/Megan you want because I love hearing about it. Ilu, hon.


shayheyred - You are so supportive of everyone else that I become inspired to be more compassionate. / you're absolutely an inspiration, and every time I visit with you, it's never long enough


shazzerwise: soap vidder extraordinaire


sheafrotherdon - *adores* /  You take so much glee from the little things -- thank you for making SGA so much fun for me. / You are just made of awesome and make fandom such a brighter, happier place. :) / LJ's a better place because you're on it. Thank you for everything you do. / It's all your fault. So, you know, thanks. :)


shepsangel - you're always amazing and you're special to me in ways i could never express.


shihadchick - Totally and completely lovely, kind, interesting and contagiously enthusiastic. I'm really glad I know you. / waking up to comments from you on my previous night's LJ is so fucking entertaining, and I just love how you throw yourself not just into fandom, but into LIFE .


shinealightonme - Spamming you has become one of the highlights of my LJ existence -- like a sooper nerdy moth to a sooper awesome flame. You're stuck now!


shiplessheathen - You are THE best, hon. SO witty and fun and talented. An incredible, incredible person in every way, and an amazing writer. / You're pretty much the coolest person around, I think. YEAH. And knowing you love Jared as much as I do clearly indicates your amazingness. lol <333


shirasade: I miss you, my Legowyn. Why isn't it March yet???


shizumaslover - I'm not biased. You are the best vidder ever. Your enthusiasm makes my day, always. / So glad to have gotten to know you recently! I love everything you do from videos to your awesome writing (that I want MORE of plz) and I love love love getting your comments because they make me smile the most. You're the best, bb!


shopfont - Meeting up with you was so much awesome. I hope we manage it again because I had so much fun. You're so sweet and gorgeous and talented. / intelligent, fun and really friendly


shotofjack : You make every day more amusing and happy just by being you.


shrift - why are you so cool?  Seriously, it's insane.


shutthef_up - It's been a great joy to watch you grow and stretch and blossom this year. You are all kinds of awesome and a fantastic role model.


shutyourface - Kind, friendly, and v. hot / You deserve all the love in the world, babe.


sidwich:  I love our funny LJ-friendship and wish you would post more often.


siggen1: i'm fairly certain that without you i would be utterly useless and lost


silentauror - To one of the wisest, most talented and most beautiful women I know. I'm not sure how you always know exactly what to say, but you do. My life would be poorer without you in it. You put a song in my heart.


silkmoth101 - You help me stay crazy!


siluria--you are one of the nicest people I have the honor of knowing!  You have great taste and without you my lj would look like a ghost town most days.


silveryscrape - Insightful, hilarious, open-minded, and really pretty


simplemitosis - I think you have an amazing way with words and you definitely don't deserve everything that life has thrown at you. One day, you will make it to Chicago and it will be fantastic, just like you deserve. <3 I love you. Happy Valentine's Day! / Your words are incredibly inspiring. <3


simplysonia - You are truly one of the most beautiful and giving people I've ever encountered.  I hope that never changes.


simplystars: I have so much love for your shiny brain!/ You I just want to twirl for reasons I can't explain


simplytoopretty - your fics are so eloquent and lovely. and you gave us Dr. Kal El, which rocks :D / An all around great person. I dip into your fic now and again because you're willing to try on almost anything and you do such interesting things.


sinden: dude! DUDE! :P


sinoftheday : I just love you and the way you look at things.  I know when we talk, we can be having an extremely intelligent conversation like the brilliant women we are and then devolve into flail-ly discussion about the importance of subtext or the size of Jared's hand and that's perfectly ok.  You get it. 


sinsense – You have the most interesting life of anyone I know! I think it must be because excellent people attract excellent anecdotes :D /  i love the way you formulate yourself; you could make the most mundane events fascinating, and any scenario come alive.


sionnain: My life has been so much brighter since you've come into it./ devilishly talented


siren_mage - I am so glad we met. You make my life so much more fun than it used to be. / You're awesome, I love you.


siriaeve - I wish you could see yourself through my eyes so you'd understand how amazing you are.


siryn99: I don't know what I'd do without you being my personal cheerleader, and you deserve EVERYTHING that's awesome and wonderful in this world.


sister_wolf: Thank you for everything. *hugs*


sisterofdream: You're terribly smart and sweet to boot!/ an awesome captain


sivullinen - Sweetest, happiest person ever. One of the top people I MUST meet from my flist.


skoosiepants: your writing is one of the best cures for sadness i have found


skyfalling - I LOVE FANGIRLING WITH YOU. You are an awesome person and I'm so glad to have found you through bandom. <3 / I think that you're utterly fantastic. You are almost terrifyingly eloquent and intelligent in all of your LJ entries, but added onto that, you're hilarious, sweet, and a really good friend. I love and adore you, and I'm so glad that I know you. <3 Happy Valentine's Day!


slashboyz - exceptional; two words - "Intimate Enemy" /  loveable, fantastically talented & educator


slashxmistress: You have fantastic talent and a huge heart.  I'm so glad to know you!


slidellra - *hugs tight* / recorder of sexy podfic and writer of porn that scorches computer screens worldwide / You make the sun shine brighter, no matter the season, no matter the hour. Where you are, the world shines.


slinkling - I love all your posts about slinkling jr., but I'm also really excited that you're getting your writing mojo back.


slippyslope - You make my flist a happier place.


sloane_m – To my wonderful Sloane.  I cherish your friendship and I hope that one day soon, bubby, we’ll get a little more time to connect.   You’ve always made me feel important, special, cared for—and that’s not always a feeling I’m comfortable with – but from you, it’s pretty damn incredible.  All my love.


slodwick - I miss being silly with you.


slybrunette   - Being friends with you is like hearing my own echo in a different voice and looking in the mirror and seeing a different face. I cherish our twinship.


slytherincess - wise and smart - they are different things!


smallbeer - You are stealth AWESOME.


smallcaps -- I'm never getting over your Teen Antichrist 'Verse.  Is it time for more yet?  You are a BRILLIANT writer.


smidgy_06 - hilarious and talented and made of win / I still am astounded at how gracious and kind you are, especially when you humor all of my random icon whims. Thank you times a billion. / Don't ever change.  When I grow up I want to be as funny as you. / Okay, I think you're awesome, and you know it.  You're kind and you're funny, and really just kind of wonderful.  I'm really happy you're my friend. / We're never going to be as close as I'd like, but you should know that I think of you, often. I think of how difficult certain things must have been for you, and how you are much stronger than you think you are. You're so much more talented than you know, and I hope I'm still around when you finally come to see yourself the way I see you. / You and your fc's totally brighten up my day. / I want to shrink you and put you in my pocket. Your anecdotes are marvelous and I could listen to you jabber all day long. / Your posts give me something to smile about almost always. Oh, and I love your fictional conversations more than you know. <33 / You are so witty and clever and you see things other people miss.  You're awesome!


smilla02 - *Hugs* and *smishes* you! / I can't even begin to imagine how terribly I would write in a second language, but your stories are elegant and provocative. / I love you in a million sparkly and shiny ways, and for too many reasons to list here. Oodles of love always xxx / You're gracious, kind and generous, and it's been a delight knowing you! / I don’t know which is more beautiful – your art or your words – only that both almost always leave me breathless. / you brighten my day with your kindness and insight and your beautiful art and stories / Lovely, generous, and an extremely talented writer.  I'm so glad I've been lucky enough to get to know you.


Smuffster - Webmistress extrodinaire! Fantastic artist. Wonderful friend that I'm so glad to have in my life. / you, my dear, deserve an enormous bunch of kisses, hugs, hearts, chocolate, coffee cups, friends, joy, happiness and love. Here, have some: *gives*


smzeldarules: Super cute and incredibly talented. No one else understands my Matt/Daphne fixation. I'm so glad that I met you!


sn 24lover:  Girl, you are an absolute sweetheart, and I’m really happy that we’re friends!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!! *hugs and smooches*


snacky - you're FABulous / hilarious


snarkist - I think you're wonderful.


snarkyrainbow - I don't know what I'd do without you, because you've stuck with me through flakiness and general stupidity.  I love you a lot, and I'm happy we're still friends.  I hope we always will be. /  I love your big face, schmoo. / We're more alike than you know. / i love you. the end.


Snoopypez: K&V make me flail and squeak in capslock, and you are seriously made of adorable and awesome-sauce, even if you make me stay up long past my bedtime.


snowee - You're so very awesome in ways I can't even describe.


sockherder - After all these years you're still the same and that's why you're awesome. /  You have the ability to come up with some of the coolest story


sockkpuppett : You are one of the smartest and most creative people I am honored to consider a friend, a friend of the lovely internet, but nevertheless, a friend. Your outstanding, contemplative vids make me wish I had a drop of your talent so I might express myself with the same exquisite skill.


soda_and_capes- "All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon the sand." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox


softlyforgotten - Completely precious, and a lovely person! *And* a stunning writer; everything you produce is so lovely and perfect and crafted, and fits together just right. /  You are such a delight, and I'm thrilled at the chance to keep getting to know you better and share more as our friendship progresses.


sol_se - So much talent and beautiful craziness. You've made my fannish experience so much more *fun*. / infectious vidding enthusiast


soloecal - You are the bitch to my jerk, and this is far from anonymous, but I'm so glad that I have you in my life. <3 Happy Valentine's Day!




somehearts_x3: Wickedly smart and always fun to talk to. Plus she ships Jess/Rory, which makes her made of win.


someplacetobe - Cool, grounded and fangirly.


sophie_448 - you're amazing; your ability to love and care astounds me. / I think you are SO smart and lovely and capable  / SO AMAZING. Yeah. That's all I got.


sophiedb Someone who does not know how highly she is thought of, do not need a reason brightens the day when I see she has posted.


soul_incognito: Someday I *will* squidge you in person.


soupytwist - So much awesome in a tiny package. It's like glee-concentrate. / You are one of the smartest, most generous, intuitive, lovely, hilarious, and amazing people around, and I am SO LUCKY to have you in my life.


southerbangel -  I find your enthusiasm delightful no matter what your current interest is, and you're a truly fantastic person.


soylahtayplease - You are perhaps the greatest surprise of last year.  I can not tell you the ways my life is better for knowing you.  I value your courage, strength, humor, support, beauty, and love so much.  Thank you.


soylahtayplease:  I am so glad to be able to call you my friend.


Sparkeymonster--You've been a force for change in my life for a long time. Lately I've watched you touch so many other people in so many ways. I know you get tired, but even if you retreated under the covers with kitties tonight and never did another uplifting thing for the rest of the world you've already changed hearts and minds who will pass that along. You are one butterfly in the change tsunami and I want you to know that you're loved and cherished by far more people than just me, but also by me. PS - Ilu / Your honesty, humour, self-awareness and self-respect are a constant inspiration to me. I straight-up adore you.


sparky77: You? Are amazing. I look forward to seeing your posts, because I know they'll always make me smile or think or just laugh at the crackiness. Thanks for being your wonderful self.


speccygeekgrrl - *hugs* because I know how much you like a cuddle / At the risk of sounding creepy, it kinda feels like you're my internet soul-sister. (And now there are PILLOWS on the couch!) / You are the best thing about my 2009 so far.


sperrywink -- Talking with you always makes my day, I couldn't have a better friend, or a better person to talk stories. / I love having you on my friendslist.


spike21 - *adores*


spikess - you're spirit and enthusiasm amazes me; I think you're awesome.


spiniform – you rock. A lot.


splashpink & tithenial - Director's Seat...OMG!


splashpink - Creative, adorable and lovely. / You always bring the laughter. Glittery, sparkly, wonderful and creative, that’s what you are. / May your day be full of candy hearts and stupid boys in love.


spleenjournal - I miss you! it's me, you and Jon-couch baby!


spooky_window: unbelievable eye for beauty, color and mood


spuffyduds - hottest girl to ever grace a hotel elevator / I think you are made of awesome, and I'm so excited to share a fandom with you, yay!/ I always enjoy reading your stories - fanfic and RL


spuzz - Your icons are awesome and I'm happy I can call you a friend.


stabbim – I love your passion for your shows that has inspired me to follow and see what all the joy is about. / Thanks for listening! And to many more GateCamps!


stainofmylove - we have the same OTP


star_x_faery - always willing to offer a kind word and cheer people up


starcrossed: I love that you are so goal oriented. You're always finding a way to get what you want regardless of the obstacles in your way.


stargatejunkie - you deserve SO MUCH love, you're talented, awesome, and getting to know you in fandom has been a delight.


stariceling -- You are both sweet and talented and I adore you.


starmack - Hey fandom brain twin: I you more than we both hate Ruby. And that's saying something!


starrwisher - N'aww, baby, there's so much I want to say, but I'm going to settle for simply saying I love you.  Always and forever.


starry_dawn- the sweetest, most bubbly, and friendliest person ever


starsandsea - You shine like the stars and are eternally there for your friends like the sea. / You're so creative and sensitive (in the best of ways!)--able to find the quiet, beautiful details in life and craft a whole story around them.


stealstheashes - incredible


stealth__grrl - You're the pink sparkly glitter to my gay dancing boy! Or something. IDK, I love having you around and I wish I knew you in real life! I need to stalk you on Facebook more often, lol. Stay awesome, okay? / I could live in your posts for days and be so so very happy. I love that everything you do is bright and sparkly and full of excitement. You're an amazing woman and I'm so happy that we've been friends for so long.


stellaluna_ the source of the best CST NY reviews and comments going, she is wonderful (like the other Stella someone I look up to)


stellamira : I missed you and I really hope to see you again soon.


stepps - you give so much and are about the nicest, funniest, intelligent person i've ever met


stevenghost: I know things are rough right now and everything's changing, but I honestly believe this is, like, the butterfly coming out of the cocoon or some cheesy shit. You're too strong and smart to stay down for long. I love you!


Stexgirl2000: An amazing and loyal friend, through thick and thin


stillane – a giving and wonderful friend


stonefinder - Post more recipes, dammit! Your entries make me HUUUUNGRY!


stoney321 - one of the funniest, nicest, SANEST people around these parts.  I enjoy everything about you. / If I invented someone to be my sister, you could walk into the role fully realized. Your joi de vive is inspirational. Your honor and goodness shines through everything I've ever seen you say or do. I wish you infinite happiness--and all the years to spend that happiness that scientist space monkeys will discover with their crazy space monkey machines.


stormcloude - I just plain like you; you're easy to spend time with, and snarky in all the best ways.


stormkpr - You inspire me with your activism and your high moral standards. You're lovely.


storydivagirl – a lively and spirited companion


strangeandcharm -- Amazing fun and brilliant writing.


strippedhalo - You!  You!  I have nothing but love for the way you think and the way you act and the way you are.  You're my favorite.


suaine – I love you and your brain a whole lot


suchthefangirl - Someday I hope I'll be able to tell you in person how fascinating and genuinely likeable you are. / The world loves her more than she thinks. *hearts* See?


sugah66 - ...has incredible resilience and strength. Not only does she churn out incredible writing like a total bad ass mofo, but she's an amazing friend and person. I am beyond glad to have met her.


summertea - Your posts always make me smile. / You're adorable and enthusiastic, and any fandom would be richer for having you <3 / You're hilarious and talented and I love talking to you! <3


sunbrae - I wish you could see yourself as all of your friends see you--you're so smart and loving and talented, that I wish everyone in the world had a Sunny in their life. :)


sunnyrea: You are a sweetheart, 100%, and you draw the best stick figures evah. <3


sunsetmog - Can't wait to hang out! you are a delight to talk to! / You are one of my favorite writers, and a fantastic person / I adore you a whole lot and really and truly value you as a person and a friend. I hope this year brings you good things.


supercaptain182:  Happy Valentine’s Day to my Smallville Pal!!  Hope you have a great day Honey!! *hugs and smooches*


supergrover24 - You'll always be my porn muse. Now get those boys out of the shower.


superheroine - i bow in the presence of your supreme geekiness. u are FRAKKIN awesome and here's hoping you get a ride in the Tardis someday :)


superkappa - i think you are braver than you might think you are


surfing the sun: Happy Valentines Day, sweetie. Sorry that I couldn't give you Rob au Chocolate. But I got the next best thing: Just open your door, Harry is waiting. ;))


susannaheanes You are crazy and you make me laugh with how madcap you are.


Suzvoy: Sweet, talented, and a great sense of humour. Lovely to hang out with. /  you are my favorite sneaky person!  and that will never get old.


suzycat - I would dearly love to take you out one day for an amazing meal and linger over a lovely bottle of whiskey, just listening to your stories about any and everything! / A thought-provoking mind with a talent for dancing and telling the tale.


svgurl - 100% fangirl! I love how you manage to keep your spirits high, and are so organized, and fun to know. You make my flist a happier place. / When ‘effervescence’ is looked up in the dictionary, your picture is next to it! You’re bright, bubbly, and your rec lists are a joy to read! / You are such an open and friendly person. I enjoy squeeing with you.


svilleficrecs - The hotness of your porn is EPIC, but I'm thrilled to have you on my f-list for many reasons - your fresh voice, clever insights, hilarious observations, and overall attitude toward life and LJ alike, charming and sexy yet definitely no-nonsense.  Basically, you kick ass. / fics like a live wire to the id / I have so much admiration for you, I think I might be an sville fangirl.


svmadelyn -  You're awesome like a really really awesome thing. I love the way you just brave the world and everything the life throws at you. Rock on, girl! / Fandom wouldn't be fandom without you.  When I think of fandom – most of the ones I've been drawn to, luckily – I think of you, first and foremost.  You remind us all that we're supposed to be having fun with this, and I am beyond grateful to have you on my flist. / You are so energetic and friendly, and I love that took on a complete newbie during Big Bang -- I can't wait for this year! / Mads, your passion for organizing fandom is such a huge gift! I feel a bit like I'm grabbing on to the easiest thing to talk about--you are always organizing something for us! But I also know that you have a cracky sense of humor and show depth of kindness and fairness on LJ. / I was so happy to get to meet you in person! (And I promise never to sleep in the same room with you again). / Sometimes, I think Mads is the superglue that keeps LJ fandom together.  I bet MacGyver would've killed to have her available for use...she's a lot like duct tape!  She holds the light and dark sides of the fannish universe together! / You are one of our fandom leaders, you organize us gently through challenges and games and show us new ways to share the love and be fanishly productive, thanks. / you spread the fandom love, and that's why you are loved in return. thank you for hohohos and The Valentine's Day Game *hugs* / You've been so quiet lately but I think that makes me appreciate the times I do see you around. I miss your posts sqeegasmning, ranting, and/or updating us on the State of Madelyn. You're all the best things about being a fangirl. I'm glad I've met you and please never change. / (Dear M, I almost wish this was a personal message -- I feel very much privileged to be on your f-list. I sincerely wish you all the best, because you truly deserve love, devotion and generosity that you give to those close to you so freely and openly.) You're a good and generous person, you deserve the best! / self-sacrificing! Patient! Wonderful! And such a shiny, fantastic person. / You? Are awesomeness. / The highlight for me right now? Smallville posts!! Thanks for doing all these things for fandom. <3


swanswan - Oh, you are BEAUTIFUL! Also, supersmart and sexy and hilarious and talented, not to mention oh-so-generous. Thank you for sharing your ever articulate and entertaining squee, your brilliant insights, and the gorgeous images from your life and fandoms. My f-list is endlessly enriched by your presence. / Your year of pictures has been so lovely. I feel like I know you better, just through seeing what you have seen. I'm so glad to know you and I can't wait to see what you do this year! *makesgrabbyhands!* / Dr. Swanswan! Still singing in the tune of awesomeness, despite the fact that you're practially establishment now :) It's always, always a pleasure to read your journal. You always make me laugh and think and sigh. Especially when you talk about your love for smelly bandom boys, which makes me feel much better about my love for smelly bandom boys.


sweetestdrain: x ∞²+ 1.


sweetgirl7808 -- Your art leaves me breathless.  There's no one else, in this fandom or any other, whose graphics I admire more than yours.


Sweetiejelly - Poetry drips from your fingers when you write. / You make me want to be a better writer. Your stuff is stunning and beautiful and your creativity pours thru. You have a gift that I am thrilled you share with all of us. But mostly I am thrilled to be your friend. / I miss your Nuke fic! I know you can’t be around for a while now, but I hope you know you are missed. Hope to get you & your talents back soon.  *hugs*


sweill - I totally regret not talking to you more at WinCon.


sweptawaybayou is funny, sweet, and has the most wickedly clever little brain out there.  You can't get a better friend on your side, and she's made my real and online life a richer, better thing.  I love you, bay-bee.


swmbo: you are an absolute joy in my blogging life and as you are the only other person who would eat the bacon chocolate, you may just be the most awesome on earth


sword-etc - enthusiastic


sydgill - Your generosity and sense of fun will get you far!


sylvanwitch: I don't tell you often enough how much I value the gifts of friendship, support, and feedback that  you have given me in the last year and a half or so. You are wonderful.


sylvertwisted - You are so much fun.  You're fabulous and awesome and one day, you'll stop listening to other people when they try to tell you differently.  I adore you and I'm glad to be able to call you my friend. / You're such a sweetheart, I can't help but smile every time I get an email from you! My life is much more sparkly and shoe-filled for knowing you, honey!


synecdochic - I am in absolute awe of you. / You have so much energy and enthusiasm -- I love seeing your posts on LJ. / You're so fucking kind and brilliant and the best kind of crazy and I know it's only a matter of time before I'll be telling people "I knew you when..."


syvia -You are a symphony even Demyx would be proud of.




t_usual_suspect: You are a really awesome friend. / You are kind and amazing and wonderful. You're a terrific mother and I want so badly for everything to work out for you.


tabaqui - For staying with me through fandoms and always making me feel like I'm heard, no matter now grave or effervescent the sentiment, you make me smile. Have a great Valentine's Day! /  I see you everywhere I go, spreading cheer! / Lotsa love for you today!


tabularassa- you are incredible; your spirit and heart are a light I can't imagine being without.  I <3 you./ About. / I love our conversations of random and that you can always make me laugh without even trying. I love that we don't even make sense half the time. I love you heaps! / OOOOH, MAMA, YOU SO FUCKING CRAZY, and you crack my shit up, frealz - but I KNOW you, inside, because you're me, lol, and in some ways (not the creepy ones), I'm you. Don't freak out, it's ok, you're about a hundred times stronger and more secure and just SEXASSIER. You're DEFINITELY more perverted...and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR IT, LMFAO. / Beautiful and vivacious. / you are so beautiful and wonderful and I love you epic amounts!!!


tacittype: When you rule the world with your iron fist remember me!


tagetes – you’re such a lovely person, stay who you are! I love you tons *glomps*


talitha78 -  Talented, amazing, generous and one of the nicest people to know. / You are my favorite vidder in fandom, and also just one of my favorite people to hang out with. / I'm running out of (new) things to say about how much I adore you. You are such a light and cheery presence on LJ and I alway, always laugh when I get a chance to see your sassy self in person. <3 / You know I adore you in RL, and am in amazement and awe of your vidding talents. / You are such a generous person and I want you to know how much you are appreciated. / awesome vidder, ever more awesome taste in music!/ Wonderful vidder and great fun out on the town.


tallyhohoho - You're a good, good man.


tammaiya - you're so fun, and I'm so glad you're having a great time in Japan!


tanpopo03 - It's amazing how much you helped me keep pushing onward with my writing this last year.  Thank you.


tapfan06: You are and always will be the center of my world. I love you so much.


taraljc - even making soup with you is fun / deserves so much better than all these hands she keeps getting dealt.


tardis80 - Sweet and amazing, your art always makes me smile. / You're one of the bravest people I know and I admire the hell out of you and everything about you / You're amazingly talented and your art always makes me smile. / You are soooo adorable, I can barely stand it. My postcard makes me smile EVERY DAY!


Tariel22: level-headed and super nice


Tarlanx - Amazing author that doesn't get half the credit she deserves. One of my favorite McShep and Brendan/Emmett authors!


tasabian - Your picspams are hilarous! And your knowledge of the behind-the-scenes action encyclopedic (or maybe that's just in comparison to my own)! I love having someone with such stamina for gleeful enthusiasm (YOU!!) on my f-list! / i love your stories and am always glad of your comments on my journal. / I'm not sure I can put into words hope much I love all your fics and picspams


tassosss - There's friends and then there's FRIENDS - the people that you find who fit into your life like puzzle pieces, who support and push you at the same time.


tastyeyeliner - I admire your strength and your purpose and your aim in life, and I hope more than anything that you succeed.


taurenova – Kind and generous.


teand - her 'Running with Winchester/J2' poetry is amazing; I may follow her example and start imagining the boys myself!!!

teaspoon - i have always had a distinct fondness for pie.  <3 <3 <3 ilu and miss you, and am so lucky to have you as a friend.  i promise, i'll get out to ny eventually and there will be hugs in person.


technosage - I miss being around you, I miss seeing your posts on my flist, I just miss YOU.  *loves* / Your steadfast friendship and loyalty has meant more to me over the years than you have any idea of. I hope your heart's desire drops in your lap a la a very strange scifi movie about things dropping from the sky.


tehfuzzypenguin - Without your badasstasticness in my life, I would be lost.


Tehjules: brilliant and fantastic (and invisible, but we don't hold that against her)


tehzo- a graphics goddess with a great personality and lots of fun


teithiwr -- One of my favourite people in the world. / you're so bloody adorable, sometimes I just want to put you in a world where you could dance forever because you're so passionate about it. / YOU!  You are easily one of my favorite people that I've met through this fandom.  I love our Skype chats and our comment threads.  I think I'd read anything that you write, no matter the pairing.  ;)  I truly hope that you fulfill your dream of being a writer (published, that is - what you're writing now is certainly worthy, too!)  I look forward to whatever the future holds.


telperion_15 - I love your writing and all the fun you bring to fandom.


tenaciousmetoo - thanks for being such a good friend / Your generosity is unparalleled, and more people should know it!


tes_fic because you fill my eyes with wonderful images from your place, and your animals, and Methos' neck :) Because you write wonderful, long, plotty, sexy stories. And because I can't help it: I love you =D


tesla321:  the S Curve!  for that alone, i am your devoted fan.


texanbowlegs - I tell you all the time in emails and all but I wanna say it here too - I love you so freaking much.


texankate: I adore you.


th_esaurus - Exactly the kind of fangirl that I adore, someone who's entirely unapologetic about what she loves, what makes her laugh, what makes her happy, even if it might seem silly to other people.


thatlldopig - Kick ass. Funny. Smart. Fangirly. A whole package. Love you babe.


thdancingferret - I wish I could fix it all for you. You deserve the best. / You're one of the bravest people I know, and an inspiration to many.


the_assilon: YOU ARE THE BEST AND I LOVE YOU. That's all.


the_ellcrys - We would make beautiful trouble together.


the_grynne: You are, without a doubt, the classiest person I know.


the_stowaway - I love that you get my warped sense of humor and that yours is, possibly, even more warped.  ;)


The4ts - Amazing person that gives of herself every single year to run the DWB/DH birthday auction. A generous, wonderful person that totally deserves much love. / You are an inspiration.


theaerosolkid: You've been such a rock for me, I love how good a friend you are to me, thank you so much.


thebratqueen: infectious snow enthusiast


thebucketwoman - ...astounds me regularly with her characterization and her creativity.


theclexfactor:  You are force to be reckoned with, hon.  Now hurry up and write more of The Story Lady.  ;) / God, I admire your writing so much.  Such fantastic world-building!  I look forward to everything you write.  Also:  you are awesome as a person.


thefirstpromise - you're like - my doppelganger ;D and I adore you more than words can say!


thefourthvine - I don't think you're capable of writing anything that would fail to delight me.  Thank you so much for the immeasurable joy you bring to my days. / tells the best stories about being a parent


thegirlmostlikely: You! Beautiful, adorable, sweet, full of life, exceptionally talented, open-minded, compassionate, and never, ever, ever boring.


thehighwaywoman -- Your fic, your talent, your ENERGY all leave me smiling. / You're so ridiculously talented and humble, hon, I'm continually in awe of everything you do. I definitely need to make more effort to remind you how awesome you are over Y!M. / You're such a soulful person and a skilled writer, and your kindness to the world at large is a rare and wonderful thing. / You're an amazing writer.


thehoyden - awesome


theladyscribe: If someone had told me a few years back that I would become such good friends with someone half a world away, I would have laughed my ass off. But then there was you, who mere words would never be able to describe. You have made my life so rich, infusing it with so many of your passions, for which I will forever be grateful. Love you.


thelastgoodname - Your posts make me smile, you clever witty thing, you.


thenyxie – you write the most amazing J2 fics, thanks so much for them and the inspiration that you are to me./ It is odd to have a story hit such a perfect and personally satisfying note out of nowhere. (For me, and so many others, I'm sure.) I never have the words to say how much I appreciate that you respond to dorky comments from starstuck fans who need happy endings. / You have a talent that is unappreciated. The way you weave stories together, that are so hot and sexy, and yet so full of emotional intentisty, is incredible. You make me WANT.


thepodsquad - we haven't been friends that long, but you're special to me. in the same way nick j is to joseph ;)


thepouncer -- You're so much fun to be around, and I'm so glad I took you up on the concert offer!


thingswithwings - So much brains and insight and talent in one package. I love the things you do and the way you think. / The intelligence and insight you so often bring to your posts have made me think differently about many things. Also, just by being someone who has written both unicorn/rainbow otp crack and the most brilliant, hot and thinky genderfuck I've ever read, you pretty much win my undying affection.


thirdsouthobbi - We have had our differences, but you always bring a different point of view that I respect, even if I disagree with you.  It's been a good few years knowing you online and in real life, and here's to many more.


thisissirius -  "A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more." / YOU’RE THE MASTER OF CAPSLOCK, NETSPEAK AND SMILIES! I BOW BEFORE YOUR HIGHNESS! And I love you for who you are *squishes* Thanks for bringing so much joy into my life (and for teaching me netspeak and smilie-fu :D ) / You are my smutfairy and you make everything shiny and awesome! I miss talking to you and seeing you as often as I used to, but I'm still thinking of you, bb! <3 / You're a crazy crazy woman, but you're passionate and I love your abuse of capslock.


thisisthesmile - you are the most awesome best friend ever. For always.


thismaz: Your feedback always makes me smile.


thistle90 - I misssssss you, honey


thrace_adams - You are a ray of sunshine.


tibara: brilliance and amazing. And everything. You're awesome, darling.


Tidus – If I ever find myself back in SF, I'll be sure to look you up


tiffosis: you make my world brighter, better and beautiful. you're constantly there for me and i can never thank you enough. i love you!


tigress_35: honest, snarky commentary that never gets old


tigriswolf -- You might be the most prolific writer I've ever had the honor of knowing; and I absolutely adore your brain, your fic and your endlessly buoyant spirit.  You're also quite the enabler, but I adore you for that, too.


timetraveled - My arty, funny, silly friend. Your mad talkes make me laugh. Quite a bit. :D


tinnean: You're a great writer and a even greater friend.


Tiptoe39 - You're an awesome person and you have such great Mattvoice, and I love reading everything that you write. <3 / *throws roses and hearts and chocolate and love at you*


titheniel - What can I say to you? I'd be lost without you, to be honest. When I don't get to talk to you, I miss you more than I can ever explain. I love you, mama, so very much, and I'm SO grateful and lucky to have met you. / You’re an inspiration in many ways, but especially for chasing your dream and staying true to your beliefs. / Pervy, brutally honest, maker of boysex awesomeness and is a sparkly jewel. you are so talented and wonderful and you have helped me so much, thank you for caring and being there for me, I appreciate it more then I can say / loyal / Thank you so much for sharing fandom your creativity and love. You are such a gorgeous person. Never change. ILYSM.


tj_smartz - *wills Australia closer*


tjournal - It's a bit like narcissism to tell you how wonderful you are. You redeem the state of New Jersey with you wit, intelligence, and kicky retro fashion. / Look at how much you've accomplished!  I hope to be even half as successful in life and love and family as you. / You believed in yourself enough to become a published author and I'm so proud of you. You're a terrific person and I'm so glad I know someone as inspiring as you. / You're a doll in stripey socks and I'm lucky to know you.


tkp - one of the best writers I've ever encountered in any fandom; you always make me think about things more closely and in new ways.


tl--dr - I love our conversations


tmelange:  You inspire me, and I will always be grateful for that.  Happy Valentines Day!


tobywolf13 - to you and all the other staff members at ToUChlark, thank you for our safe haven. / There's no one else I'd rather bitch about the show with. You're also brilliant and should have confidence in the fact that you will soon rise like a shining star. / a super duper person


todayimfine – You are wonderful, and I want you to know that. And yes, I’m being honest :P


toomuchplor - I'm so pleased RL is going well for you, but I am jealously missing you on LJ. You are a sparkly presence in all your fandoms!


topaz119 - When I thought about doing this meme and couldn't think of anyone I wanted to send a valentine to, you were the exception; I miss spending more time with you, but I'm grateful we're friends in whatever shape that takes.


topsy_turvy - You are precious and lovable, and I hope one day you live close to me so we can go to regular brunch and talk nonsense for hours!


trainhopper: You've been amazingly kind to me and I feel very humbled by you, and I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me.


transtempts: everytime you write, I squee. / I never get tired of talking with you.


traveller: I honestly feel privileged to know you. You're so fascinating and insightful and eloquent that I might occasionally get a little goober-faced around you, but really, it's just because I love and admire you. You are so amazing, Cee. / *smish*  ilu bb.  all the sparkly pink hearts in the whole world for you. i'm so grateful for your friendship, you have no idea. <3 / you're one of the people I'm most interested in on my f-list. 


tree: Your words are always beautiful and I read your entries the way I read other people's fic.


trinityofone - When I need a pick-me-up fic, you're the first place I go looking for it.


Trishkit: Great essayist who is tech-savvy. Can't be beat!


trobadora : I love reading your thoughtful posts and I love talking to you.


troyswann - when I think of you, I think of dancing and laughing and sharing confidences and enduring rampaging semi-colons, and then I grin from ear to ear, because you have brought so much love and friendship to my life, and you are my forever friend. / If the zombies knew how tasty your wicked smart brains are, you would be in so much trouble. / you are amazing, Sal! <3


tru_faith_lost - Thanks for making me feel at home! / You’re wonderful, interesting and all-together comfortable to talk to. Your writing is brilliant and your ideas entertaining. Your posts and your comments make me think and smile and make a bad day good.


trystan830 - two words: Daily. Jensen. fangirls all over thank you.


tsamm:  Smart, sarcastic, supportive, and breathtakingly talented.  You are made of the win, baby!


tsuki_no_bara - I don't know how I would've survived 2008 without you *smish* /  so incredibly talented and always fun to have around / You're supportive, thoughtful, smart and sweet. I'm so glad I know you. / You're quietly cool and the best kind of fangirl AND friend.


tsuki_no_bara Fandom brought us together and I'm glad. ;-> / Your squee makes me happy, and your writing is excellent.


tsukino_akume - faithful, steadfast, cheerleader, inspiration


tuesdaysgone: I love your spirit and your enthusiasm!  I'm so glad to have you on my friends list! / Lars is amazing and adorable and writes the best Greta in the world.


tupelo - guaranteed to make you smile


turloughishere - A talented icon-maker and photographer, generous, friendly / We share some opinions, disagree on many more, and I love that, thank you for being an awesome friend. /  To the reccer with the best taste in fandom! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


turnonmyheels -You have great taste. Which is a huge compliment coming from me. BELIEVE IT. Love ya BB!


turps33 - The warmest heart in any fandom I know, a talented writer and an awesome mom / I'm so glad we both have a soft spot for Vorwuls./ You always have a kind, caring word and never feel fake, ever.


twasadark – you're a sweetheart, and your podfics ROCK.


twofourteen : You crack my shit up, *draws hearts all over you*


two-if-by-sea - breaks my heart in all the best ways


tx_cronopio:  i am your fan!  that's my fandom, right there.  oh, i'm riley's fan, too. *g*


tyffi: funtastic to read! Happy Valentine's day!


tygrestick - My favorite person in the world!


tzikeh: source of delectably comic turns of phrase (aka Teh Funneh)




ukulelehoney You combine my two big dirty loves, yaoi and SPN, and do it with style. I'm fortunate to have come across your art!


Un_sedentary: enthusiastic and dorky (which is totally a good thing)


unageing - i adore you! happy valentine's day baby./ you are all loving and a wonderful friend


unamaga - You are a dirty whore in the best possible ways. / You have the sharpest wit of anyone I know!


undinesprite - literary companion


unhobbityhobbit -- Hilarious and adorable and just plain awesome.


uniquechick99 - true of heart


unovis_lj: You're one of my oldest fandom friends, and even though we don't chat as much these days, I still really appreciate the support and conversations we've had.


unperfectwolf - you're so wonderful and understanding and supportive, and I'm so glad I know you.


unrequited-rain: sometimes i think that if you were close enough to hug, i'd never want to let go


untitledno8 - *hugzandkisses* I love you hon.  Thanks for always being there!


upnote -Could you be any lovelier and cooler and funnier? I THINK NOT.


upticks - I can't send you a rose so I hope this'll do. :)


uschickens - New friend! Sam and Dean soulmate! Yay for getting to know you!




valiant: We might not chat as much as we used to, but it goes without saying that I think you're fantastic and shiny! / You're a brave soul who doesn't know her own strength. So generous and warm, I just always want to squish you to bits and pieces! *EPIC SQUISH*


valya22 : You're cute and adorable. / I'm so glad I got to know you!


vampyreranger: She is a total sweetheart and always cheers me up whenever I'm feeling even the tinest bit sad.


Vanae: You deserve the best. / bubbly and ranty and joyful! :) / Such a fun and bubbly girl! You are absolutely awesome! *hearts*


vanessagalore - your VM fic is epic


vella_amor_dm - You are one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Don't go changing! :)


velocitygrass – You’re a sweet friend and a great person! I love talking to you, online as well as in person, and I miss doing so. Hopefully we’ll find more time for conversations in the coming months! (Definitely when, you know, we meet again. And yes, this is a ‘when’, not an ‘if’.)


venivincere: you make me blush, in a good way


vensre: I feel like I can always, always talk to you and you will listen well and hear me and understand me and love me. <3


verav: Most adorable laughter ever. And so cute!! And adorable!! Did I mention 'adorable'? Best word to describe you!


Veritykindle - You are so nice!


vermontypython : Your posts are completely random and sporadic but they are full of laughter and heart. You're a great friend <3


veronamay - I love that I can be absurdly silly with you and that you will only mock me a little for it.


vibrantharmony - Amazing with her doodles and music recommendations


vic_ramsey - Girl, you're hilarious! Thanks for always brightening my day. / Your picspams always brighten my day!  Thank you!


vichan - You're so SMART and when you post about SMART things it puts me in awe.  I like the way you think and you're just so damn cool.


vinylroad    - I love your wit and your sarcasm, and that you get it, when it feels like not many else do. / I'm sending you all my love, every bit of it, straight to you, because Kat you deserve so much good. You're such a glorious talent and marvelous storyteller. I admire your giant heart so much. / Kat, you are so incredibly strong and courageous. No matter what life throws at you, you deal, and I admire you something fierce. You are so dear to me, and you are so lovely. Thank you for being you, and thank you for being my friend. I couldn't ask for a better one.


violetlemon47 -lots of hugs


visionshadows - I am so glad I have met you because you are so much fun. / I just truly enjoy reading your posts!  You're full of fabulous!


vivilicious - So fun and awesome, love that I get to know her.


voldything - Your Smallville recaps are what keep me going in the dark times. I love how you can make even the worst episode seem funny / Never stop reviewing Smallville with pictures! You're kind and caring and have a fantastic sense of humour, and I'm so glad to have met you.


voleuse: fearless international adventurer!


vsee: Kind and generous and sweet and warm. ILU!/ your feedback and comments always brighten my day


vylit - you've got to know that i wouldn't let just anyone be my brother's babymama.  i'm a better person because of you and i'm so grateful for every single thing about you.  <3




wachey - You’re always so bright ‘n’ bubbly!  Your artwork always makes me smile.


walkawayslowly : Your fic Demons made me spill my guts like a girl gave me


wander_lust_79: You're such a sweetheart! I know the future has nothing but good things in store for you!


wandereringray - Hope you & your hubby live it up on Valentine's!


wanderlustlover - always.


wasoncedelight - You are truly wonderful and I'm so so glad I got to know you. / I wish I were half as brave and determined in my own life as she is in hers / Your joy never fails to bring me joy.


waterofthemoon - you are the sweetest thing in the entire world and I count you amongst my blessings.


wearethestars - you are seriously one of my favorite writers/people. i hope you know this.


weaver42 - my secret fangirl username hearts you


webbgirl: has almost as many revolving fandoms as I do and shares information and love for them all in an easy and fun way


weesta - Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. / You have one of the purest and most giving hearts of anyone I ever have known. /  you're so strong in ways I wish I could emulate. I adore you. / I'll write yak-fucking haikus with you any time!


wenchpixie -- Generous and funny and a great friend. / you're an absolute joy to be around; so full of energy and love. / Thank you for being awesome, for being you and for being my friend


wendy - Because she reached out to me when I really needed it (even though I am not a terribly rewarding person to reach out to).  Thank you, hon! / you are such a positive person, both in your RL and in fandom. I love how you post inspirational quotes, and make "things that make you happy" posts, and cheerlead and head up so many fantastic fannish things (Big Bang, anyone? *g*). Thank you. / cheerleader, positive / You always bring a smile to my face! You bring so much to fandom and so much to everyone you meet - you're lovely <3 / You are one of the nicest, most dependable, dedicated people I've ever known, you makes my flist a little bit brighter each day. / I always want to cheer fandom by your side, because you bring so much fun to it!! / I LOVE YOU TO CAPSLOCK EXTREMES, and I wish I could take you home to live in my POCKET. :D / You do so many things to make this fandom amazing, and you make so many of us happy just by being you. / you are such a gift to your fandom and friends, thank you for being so amazingly fabulous and so full of love and squee! / You are so full of good and happy all the time. <3 /  I don't know how to even begin with you.  Is it all the big things, like traveling, and fandom love, and intelligence?  Sure.  But it's the little things, too.  The inside jokes, *he told me, okay!* and the surprise cards in the mail, and the daily little messages that show me I'm important, special.  I will cherish spn for any number of reasons, but most of all, because I got you out of it.  You make my world better and brighter. / Oh my goodness are you awesome! You're always so funny, sweet and your glee about fandom never fails to make me every bit as gleeful. / You remain the one person who always makes me feel welcome: in fandom, and in real life. Thank you for that./ Thank you for spreading sweetness and light throughout our fandom./ wendy - I am so LAME for not hanging out with you more, I'm hoping to fix that / You're such a wonderful cheerleader for Supernatural, the boys, and for life itself. You're one of the high points of my LJ life! / You always take the time to listen to anyone who needs it.  You're a sweetheart! / I love you, I hate you, I love you quite honestly. / Your commitment to personal growth and the courage with which you live your life inspire me.  Your "sunny side up" approach to fandom make it a happier place to be.


wendyr - Years and years and years, and we're still friends, and I love you more every day, sweetie.


wesleysgirl -- you've been so lovely to me, I hope I can begin to repay your kindness. / i just want you to know that i love you and i think you're fabulous.


weslyn: Ooh-ooh witchy woman, see how nifty you a-a-are. Ooh-ooh, witchy woman, Hiro and Ando in a ca-a-ar! ...okay, that was lame, but you're so much fun to fangirl out with. Mwah!


whereupon - You're so damn talented and so kind. Everything I learn about you feels like a gift, and I hope we share a fandom for a long, long time to come. *loves*


whimsywinx - You are one of the loveliest people I know. Thanks for being my friend. :)


why_me_why_not: The way you constantly give back and hold other people up, is amazing. You always have a kind word, a cool link or a fun story. Simply put: You are a wonderful friend and I am so grateful for you


whydoihavethis: I love you so so much. You have no idea.


Wiccabuffy: Thank you so much for being so welcoming and sweet!!


widestance75 - Getting to know you is the best thing that could ever have happened on the internet. Yes, even better than porn. / You are like a big sister to me, and I'm here for you.  You always brighten my day and I love you for it.  Keep looking up, hon, because things will get better.  I love you!


wie_gehts: We talk for hours every day and we somehow don't run out of things to talk about. I adore you!


wikdsushi - One of the reasons I adore your characters is their sheer cussedness and determination to kick some ass.  I hope you turn your powers on those causing you such pain in RL and do a little asskicking there too.  I'd be honored to hold your knitting bag and cheer from the sidelines as you do so!


wildebrian: i think you're the best thing to come from England, hands down


winterlive: It's really not fair that I haven't known you my whole life, Dannies. You're so wise and delightful and friendly and talented and GOOD; I honestly don't know how I ever survived without you in my life! Just being around you makes me BEAM. You're such a beautiful person, and I love you so, I can't even explain. ♥♥♥ / *smish smash smoosh*  dannies, ilu.  it's awesome to have you as a friend, and i'm so grateful to have you and your unwavering support and love. / supportive and hilarious and thoughtful.


winterweathered - delightfully welcoming / Fantastic in every way, genuine, talented, smart and strong. i wish we shared more fandoms, because your musings and fic are absolutely amazing. / I admire your resilience and honesty, honey, and I think you're one of the strongest, smartest people I know. Keep on keepin' on, because you're truly awesome. / never let the haters get you down because you are a gorgeous, talented, and amazing woman / You've shown incredible dignity in the way you've handled yourself in some of the shitty stuff that's gone down in fandom.  I have tremendous respect for you. / You are so talented! / you make me laugh and I love your honesty


wistful_fever: You AMAZE me. You're a gorgeous person, inside and out.  I shall never tire of you, ever. / you are absolutely beautiful in RL and online.


wistfuljane - dedicated and amazing.


witchy78 - I'm so glad to have met you, we share the same sense of humor and I can't wait to meet you for real!


with_a_kay - one of my favourite authors, every time I look through your journal I find a new gem, thanks so much for writing them.


withdiamonds - A terrific writer, knowledgeable and level-headed, friendly and fun


without_me:  I admire your kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm!


wivern - Someday, I am going to get to the end of the world to enjoy your company in person, rather than online.


wolfshark -- I love that you're so squashy and cuddly to hug. <3


wolkenfuehlen: Happy Valentines Day! Piotr will come and deliver some flowers in my name. :)


wonkyinagoodway – You are the best ever drinking buddy and I plan to join you again sometime in the near future!


woodsbaile_02: protective


wordsalone - Can't imagine what I did before you, so caring and lovely and lucky to be your friend, I love you. / *hearthands* / You're such a sweetheart, and one of my favorite LJers. I'm glad we got to know each other through fandom, but I know our connection is deeper than that and I can talk to you about anything. / You are the best, full stop. / You have an amazingly gigantic heart.  I'm happy to know you.


wordsaremyfaith - I love you, pure and simple. Thank you for being my friend.


working_dreamer: I'm so glad that lj brought us together!


wovenindelibly - Generous, talented, a big heart and very pretty / You are a joy, my sweet, my love.  And hearts to you!


wrenlet: still my favorite enabler. :D  i love you lots and i can't articulate what it means to me that we're friends.  (and i'm still available to commit acts of vandalism upon your ex.)


writingpathways: I'm glad to have you as a friend.


wyomingnot - Thank you for being so incredibly nice to me, and happy Valentine's Day!




x_jointhedots: I wish I was as cute as you.


x5vale: My sister, the sun.


xdeadpan – an energetic and lively friend


xenachakram12- You're a very fun person. I'm glad I got to meet you. :)


xkatjafx: [you put together | one hell of a con each year | you are made of win]


xnicholle: I really look up to you. Whenever you update I smile.


xo_disaster_ox: Thanks for being a very special friend and I can't wait to meet you. / you are so supportive and sweet, and I am so so lucky to know you, I adore you!


xolunchbox-You are such an awsome person. I like talking with you and squeeing over Patrick and I think you're great. I also incredibly enjoy your daily Patrick pics!






yahtzee63 - you're one of the smartest people around.


yaiyah - You are one awesome squee-buddy. I'm happy to have you around my flist.


Yavannauk – You are so incredibly generous; you make fandom a happy place for me.  I couldn't imagine my flist without you. / Your fics are stunning!


ygrawn: Your head is a fantastic place to visit:)


yourealwaysmine: Getting closer to you this year has been such a wonderful treat!


youve_got_wings - A wonderful person and a great fellow fangirl. Keep your spirits high luv, you deserve the best.


Yuvi – I hope we're still in touch another seven years from now.  Even though we've never met, you're a true friend.




zabira -  one of the most inspiring people that I know / HER CAPSLOCK IS MY CRACK. / Just keep talking. / You make it possible to listen to fic while driving, therefore you are amazing and I will never tire of your talented voice. / I like how enthusiastic you are, and you're so friendly and welcoming!/ her capslocky enthusiasm always makes me smile / You have an energy and an enthusiasm that is absolutely charming. / *hugs and hugs*


zaneetas: We don't talk nearly enough and I miss our conversations dearly, but I am so proud of all you have accomplished.


zannes I have so much love for you.  You're a wonderfully talented writer and have a lot of great things to share.


zarah5v2 - you deserve so much better than the past several months have given you and you have come through it all with such grace and humor- your kind of my hero <3 / You're one of the nicest, sweetest people on lj and everything you write is such glorious fun. I'm very glad you're in my fandom. / I'm so glad to have you back and around again; I missed you so much when you were gone. Without you there's always a hole in my life waiting for you to come back and fill it.


ze_pink_lady - What can I say about you?!  You dazzle me and I am so glad we happened upon each other because you are a blast, both online and in person.  Your squee makes me squee, and I always love seeing your posts show up on my flist...and seeing your face at conventions! / Your enthusiasm and forthrightness is always a delightful sight!


zephyrina-I want so much for you to be happy and to get everything you want. I would give anything to know that you would be okay and that you would never be sad. You are such an incredibly nice person and a wonderful friend and I completely adore you.


ze-pink-lady - Because I'll never look at Nick Carter the same again. <3


zeronobody - You're a total sweetheart. I'm so glad I have you on my flist! <3


zillah975: You are an amazing person, with more love and strength and passion than most people could contain.


zillahseye - Realizing I needed you in my life snuck up on me. I depend on your posts to make me smile and laugh and think. Have a great Valentine's Day, Nico. / you know what I have in our old chat logs? crack, crack, crack, crack, and more crack *beams*


zoetrope - You set the bar for artists so high, we have to become better, thanks.


zooey_glass04 – have loved getting to know you beyond just fangirling your writing./ I think you're the most awesome person I know, and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. <333333 / I admire you so much.  You're very special, in the nicest sense of the word.


zvi_likes_tv is so smart and passionate about the things she cares about, and she always has something to say to make me think. I love her sexy brain.