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_sotheysay: Keep writing!


_akamine_chan - How are you so awesome? I love all that you are doing in dS fandom!


__lisalisa__  - I adore you.  You are smart, intelligent, funny, and beautiful.  Knowing you enriches my life in more ways than I can express.


__tiana__ - I adore you like Ovechkin adores scoring goals./- you are such a darling, wonderful friend. i wish i could have you nearby always. / you are such a darling, wonderful friend. i wish i could have you nearby always./ I adore you like Ovechkin adores scoring goals/ You're such an absolute sweetheart and always a bright spot. I get excited when I see you've made a new post because I know I'm going to smile several times. / Words can never accurately express just how grateful I am to have you in my life.  My world is better because you're in it. / You are so full of joy and optimism that you brings happiness to everyone who is lucky enough to know you.


_audrey - Incredibly talented, and a wonderful person.


_bettina_ : you rock! and it was so great to meet you! / You are witty, smart and just really cool!! / You maintain the best archive. / [there is but one thing | i have to say about my | longest online friend]


_doodle - you deserve so much more than you're getting, honey, and I hope that one day, you'll get everything you've ever wanted; you're an amazing person. / You are beyond sweet and adorable and a wonderful friend!! / There will be the right someone someday, I'm sure of it (after all, I adore you already). All you need is patience. (Love Ep file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3hljep)


_inbetween_ : I'm very glad to have you on my friendslist.


_jules_: You are one of the sweetest and most dear people I've ever met on LJ, and I think about you and your happiness all the time.


_kathrynnn - ...is incredibly talented and down to earth. Not only does she blow me away with her graphics, but she's got incredible strength as a person, strength I wish I had even half of. / Your ability to handle what life has thrown at you is impressive.  We don't necessarily talk a ton, but when we do I always enjoy it. You rock.


_lisalisa_: You are beautiful, inside and out; you're funny and smart; and you are one of those people who I just know can conquer the world if you set your mind to it.


_minxy_ is one of the most quietly gracious, loving people I know, and I love her thoughtfulness.


_sin_attract: I'm so glad we became friends! I can't imagine any of our trips without you on them! I can't wait to see what our next adventure will bring!


_sofiej_  - You have been a constant source of delight for as long as I've been in fandom


_unhurt_  - I'll meet you in the stairwell. Bring crustaceans. / I think your brain is fantastic and I love reading your posts, and of course, your awesome fic!


1_mad_squirrel -- I love her because she is always there for me and always generous and kind in our interactions.


1407graymalkin - I love your enthusiasm and your love of all things related to FNL!


4evernblue - You've been my best friend for five years now and I don't know how I could've made it through some of it without you! Thanks for being hilarious and there for me whenever I need it. <333




a_karls - You're so smart and interesting. Every time I see you--which is far too rarely--I wish we knew each other better.


a_phoenixdragon - Adorable and always love to hear from her *huggles*


a2zmom -- I have to see you when I'm next in NYC, because I miss you and your great conversation!


abka - GF brings good things into my life. (::koff:: Guess this is not so anonymous now…)


absenteye - "I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams, we can be together all the time." - Hobbes


absolutelybatty: I don't think I've met anyone who's encouraged me on livejournal like you do, thank you so much.


abydosangel - Your fierce pride in your heritage and history are amazing, and admirable.


Abydosww - Part of the best foursome EVER.


acampbell -- I love her because she is incredibly warm, sweet, kind, and she never gives up, no matter how rough life or fandom or shows might get. / you're a good friend and a loyal fan, and i'm happy to know you!


acidicicons: Love your icons!


acidquill --so generous / You’re such a talented writer.


acroamatica - I hope this year brings you only good things, and clear paths. <3


adamanta: Frohen Valentinstag, Kekskrümelchen. <3333


addictedkitten: I will never forget you.


adellyna: Thank you for being around whenever I feel like I need a friend to share something with. You're a part of my daily life in a way that few people are, and it means a lot to me.


adis723 - You're a quiet storm of brilliance. / You. Are. Full. Of. Awesome.


adorkable37 - She's amazing and strong and the perfect shoulder to lean on /  One of the sweetest, most selfless girls in the world.


aelora - So glad to share a fandom again! / Your enthusiasm, whether it’s for Heroes or Merlin or President Obama, it’s an infectious joy and makes me smile a lot./ open and refreshingly honest


aerogroupie - you are so much fun! outspoken and bright (seriously the best writer of smut!)


aesc - You are always a source of inspiration and beauty, be in it in soft words or soft art. / You always make me smile. / You are my favorite teasing Panda. Please don't ever edit my face.


a-fallen-sister – I don't have the words for how much I adore and treasure you.  You are, quite simply, a beautiful person.


affectingly - no one else can reciprocate my banter quite like you can! i love youuuu. / We haven't been as close lately but I still adore you.  I hope 2009 is a better year for you than 2008 and I hope we get to hang out in person this year. / Your loyalty and sense of humor are both rare gifts. You have been a good friend to me and tolerated my eccentricities in a way that made me feel that they weren't negatives but something vital about myself. You deserve all the love and wonder that life can bring, and I know you'll get both.


afrocurl - TJW, thank you for being so generous with your time and enthusiasm! / you are just so fun! I love having you on my flist


afterthefair - Smart, hot, and full of the best ideas


agentotter - You are so many kinds of ridiculously talented, I can't count that high. I can't wait to see what happens when life stops putting obstacles in your path and fortune starts smiling on you.


ahab99 - You are brilliant and hilarious and one helluva cocktail maker - insert pun about tending vs. passing the bar, both of which I have no doubt you can do with flying colors! Btw, I think the world needs a fic in which James Bond walks into some fancy place and orders his signature shaken-not-stirred booze, and you - bartender extraordinaire in a cameo appearance - size him up, say "Hmmm, not today; let's try something else" and serve him SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, which he tastes with scepticism and then TOTALLY FALLS FOR?!? And then falls for you as well, as one surely would.


ailicia: because you are full of life, passionate and funny. Because you love George Harrison, and the lads and Merlin. And because you are so damn cute!


ailurophile6: I really enjoy seeing your entries on my flist, your dedication to the SGA fandom is inspirational.


aimeelicious -- you're the only person I would contemplate playing WoW for, because ILU!


aingeal8c - Your joy in F/V makes me really happy. You make me happy!


airgiodslv - I adore you stupid amounts and kind of want to strew rose petals for you wherever you go. You're a wonderful, amazing, intelligent, articulate person and I treasure knowing you.


airinshaw: You are that kind of amazing, and I can't imagine not being your friend. You're lovely and hilarious and kind and compassionate and you GET me. You get me without me having to explain things, and I appreciate that more than I can say. You're YOU. / oh baby, there is nothing not to love about you, you are SO KIND and SO MUCH FUN , and spending time with you is the most fucking fun ever, and if you lived here, I think that my life would be complete. / Eminently huggable, fearsomely clever and adorably witty / My heart, now and always.


aislinn_tredor – talented and down to earth


ajodasso: You play with words like talented kids play double-dutch: you jump and skip and move so smoothly it looks effortless, but that's just because you're so damn good at it.


akamine_chan - You are tirelessly, relentlessly, heroically awesome, and a huge gift to C6D fandom -- and a total sweetheart besides. I feel blessed to know you and share this fandom with you. / I think you are seriously one of the sweetest people alive./ I love how thoughtful you are, both in your thinky posts and fic, and in your kindness./ a sweet and thoughtful friend, generous with her time and talents


akintay - Love your stories (across fandoms) and your pretty pretty avatars. / you are incredibly talented and kind, and one of the best friends someone could wish for.


akite: You are unwaveringly kind, supportive, and wonderful. You deserve a lot of love, honey!


alaerys: I'm so happy I have met you on LJ. You are so much fun.


alamo_girl80 - Your posts always make me smile. / I enjoy squeeing over Fringe with you and am glad we met!


alasen: queen of awesome and my bff!


alaskhah: I love that you're writing more, and that I have someone to share my offbeat fandoms with.


alejandradd - Anyone who has as much love for Weird Al as you do can only be one of the most fabulous people I could ever hope to know.


alethialia -  I love your GK fic and your TV analysis! / metalicious


alex_boylove: I love your icons.


alizarin_nyc - You, my dear lady, are a great mix of wit, filth, elegance, talent, and breathtaking generosity. Gorgeous all around.


Allegraconbrio: you're beautiful, brave, and crazy smart.


Allpurposegirl: I wished you posted more because you’re funny and smart and blunt and deeply, deeply cool.


allthespoons - Beautiful, sassy, and absolutely full of life.


allyndra -- your fantastic writing and your commitment to important issues impress me beyond the telling of it.


allzugern - One of my favorite people in Germany (and a lovely presence on my friends list)! I'm always glad to see one of your posts pop up in my queue. / I love and respect your willingness to stand up and speak your mind about things that happen in fandom, even if they're kind of wanky. You're brilliant!


als_wonderland - You are astonishing and I adore you.


amand_r: Wittiest gal in the 'verse.


amara_m : I love the epic stories you write.


amathela - i'm totally in awe of your mad fic output skillz


amberlynne – you are hilarious and awesome, and i *heart* you


ambiguous_opal -You're absolutely brilliant, and you fascinate me. / gorgeous personality


ames1010: Thanks for being such an amazing friend. I don't know that I've ever met anyone as kindhearted as you are! / We haven't talked often during the last weeks but you are very special to me! / You are the most amazing friend that LJ has brought to me. Without LJ, I never would have known you. And for that, I'll always be grateful that I discovered LJ. If there is one thing I hope to bring with me into the future from LJ, it is you as my friend. Until we are old and have grey hair, that we'll still be friends! I love you more than anyone else. Thank you for being so special to me!


amethyste5 - a complete sweetheart


amproof - You went out of your way to help me this year, and you saved a four-footed life in the process. You follow what moves you, and I think that is awesome.  I wish I had your dedication.


amy13: You are such a wonderful friend. Fandom wouldn't be the same without you! <3


anatsuno: your voice is like sex


ancarett - You are brilliant, dedicated and a great friend.


and for you  - there is nothing enough to thank you this gift.


andeincascade - You are pure sweetness. I know that your life is not always easy, but you always have an outpouring of love and kindness and joy to offer everyone lucky enough to rub virtual shoulders with you.


andpuff: brilliant of brilliance. Amazing. Awesome even.


andremeese - I love everything in you.


aneli8: You're like sunshine, and I am SO HAPPY to have you in my life, after all these years, and, one hopes, for many more to come!


Anelith: you are the smartest, most interesting, kindest person I've ever known and I hate that we live so far apart.


anella - We haven't known each other very long but I seriously adore you to pieces.


angel_gidget: You write such lovely stories and create beautiful art. I think you a very talented.


angel_q - You're just such a kind person! I wish we knew one another better.


Angelich: very funny, would love to hang out with you in real life


angelikitten - Hearing from you always puts a smile on my face.


angelislington: You always have brilliant and interesting things to say, from pervy hobbit fancying to Neil Gaiman--I hope someday to meet you.


angels3 - appreciated; I can depend on her feedback every time


Angelsgracie - Not as active on LJ anymore but still totally an awesome person that deserves much love and many hugs. She's a wonderful friend that is there when you need her and I wouldn't change a thing about her. *HUGS* / there's no way I can keep this anonymous. My rock. My best friend. You've had faith in me when I haven't had any in myself and there's never going to be enough words to accurately describe the effect you've had on my life but, I promise, it's been a HUGE one.


angilchanka - ...is one bad ass New Yorker. I can't even think of NYC without thinking of her, anymore. ;D


angst_driven - You and your family are some of the most thoughtful people EVER. Thank you for being you. :)


animadri - If someone concentrated awesome and win at the cost of time management, you would be the fabulous result *hearts*.


animotus - Your art constantly blows me away, and you also happen to be a darned nice person. / Many thousand hearts which dream and sleep and move./ Bubbly, enthusiastic, and most humble..you are such a great artist!


anitac588 - A Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely Anita! I can no longer even remember the first root of our fandom friendship, and have to consider you an ACTUAL friend. Hugs and kisses to you! Can you imagine?!!! No. I lied! Hah! We met over PBC!!! / I love it when you post.  I love that you have such a different outlook on things but seem enthralled by the new US President.  Plus, you travel to amazing places and I always like to hear about that!  And Blackadder!  You reignited my love just with your icon. / You are beautiful and witty, a great friend, full of grand charm, and a fascinating personality; I am forever grateful to LJ for meeting you!/ Worldly.


anjenue - never forgotten.


ann_tara - Happy to have been friends so long.


annabeth_fics -- Lovely.


annavtree - There's nothing so awesome as seeing a post from you on my flist, whether it's you commenting on an episode (which somehow always seems to reflect how I felt about the episode) or a Buffy bad fashion picspam. / You are by far one of the coolest people in all of fandom. You're hilarious, you have awesome taste in music, and your fashion picspams are made of pure, unadulterated win. / There’s really no one I’d rather go shopping with more than you. You seriously and totally rock.


anne_elliot - You are a sweetheart, and I wish you every good thing under the sun because you deserve them.


annella - I think you're awesome and I'm so happy we're friends. Stealing your date at the prom was the best thing I ever did. / one of the most generous and open-hearted people I have the pleasure of knowing / You are on my top 10 list of favorite journals to read on my friendspage. I never skim past any of your entries. You've always been really kind to me and I value your friendship so much. Probably more than you realize./ Happy Valentines hunni! Don’t ever change!


annemiek81: Such a cutie and so sweet! I absolutely loved meeting you at Asylum 08 and I can't wait to see you again at Asylum 09! You were my favorite person at the convention last year!


annkiri:  You are one of the kindest, most generous people I know.  You meet your friends with your heart wide open and that kind of generosity of self is a rare and precious thing. /  I think, some day, I might attach myself to you with crazy glue. I haven't gotten to know you nearly as well as I'd like to, and that's a real shame. You're so incredibly lovely!! Thank you for being you./ You're beautiful inside and out, accomplished, and one of the kindest people I've ever encountered, which is just about the highest compliment I could ever pay someone. / You are so poised and smart, funny and kind. You always know what to say, you are the best pal, the best con buddy and the only person who can make me laugh until I’m afraid I might pee myself. You never judge and you always care. You’re always up for an adventure! (“Don’t distract me while I’m DRIVING.”) Never doubt that you make a difference in the world because you make a difference in my life every single day. Even though you suck. A lot. And both our friends agree. Jerk!


annundriel: I'm so proud of you for constantly testing (and expanding!) your writing boundaries.


anothersadsong - You’re one of the most lovely and genuine people I know. / You are such a wonderful friend and a wonderful mother and I'm so glad that I know you. You always make my days a little better.


anteka - ANDIE, YOU ARE A DELIGHT. :) /  To quote I heart Huckabees - "you rock, rock!!" - and you do!


antheia - I love that you and I click on so many levels and when we talk I know I'm talking to a kindred spirit. / A more hilariously brilliant, strong, wonderful person I could not hope to find. / Some people are rocks and some people are the waves crashing on them. You're a rock, and I know that gets tiresome. All caretakers want to acknowledged every once in a while--how about now? I know what you do for those around you, and for me, and I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who never has. / An all-around sweetheart, and a joy to know. /It's almost impossible to pick just one thing that I love about you, but if I was forced to, I'd say it was the no BS way you approach life.  Never, ever change, baby.


aoibhe - The world would be a much awesomer place if there were more people like you in it. / You are such a strong, amazing person. I read about the things you live with and I have such huge admiration for you. And through all that, you always have time for your friends. / You make me smile & laugh and feel good!


apestlife - I don't remember my LJ life without you! I love reading about your life and your humor and insight make my days. Feliz V-day, Pet! / You are so smart, funny, clever and considerate that I almost want to be you when I grow up.


apey1013 - My fellow film nerd, and a chick who's made of 100% awesome.


aphelionsfic:    It is so refreshing to encounter an author who doesn't just follow the same boring Joker/Harley dynamic!  Thank you for a more realistic and interesting take on this awesome pairing.  I was disappointed to hear that you're taking a break for now, but I certainly understand needing a respite from such a demanding character.


apiphile: NO FUCKING SPITTING, AND NO SPITTING FUCKING COME still cracks me the fuck up.  you made me read peefic and like it and no one else could do that.  but i forgive you because you also give me hamiltwins.


apocalypsos - "Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning."


apreludetoanend: Your writing doesn't get near enough praise. May everything you deserve come your way / You're an incredible writer!


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your little voice

Over the wires came leaping

and I felt suddenly


With the jostling and shouting of merry flowers.



aprilkat - a warm and welcoming person with a wicked sense of humor


aquamia - you're one of the smartest, most talented people I know, and I adore you / I feel like we've been friends forever; you have fabulous taste in most everything!


arabella_hope - I'll be seeing you in a little over a month!  I can't wait.  You are so much fun to hang out with and I'm glad that we are friends. / You're such an amazing person inside and out and I really hope you know that. Thanks for being a part of my flist, bb. / utterly fabulous in every single way, my life is so much brighter for having met you, sweetheart - MISHA DOESN'T STAND A CHANCE. / Don't let anyone tell you you're not worth it, because you ARE. / you have so much potential, and I want to do everything in my power to help you achieve that. You're awesome and fun, and a good writer, and I want to snuggle you an awful lot. / Ang, you are my BFF - the Simon to my Nick and I love you. / you are SO amazing! Incredibly friendly and sweet and fun – one of the greatest people in fandom


Arch_schatten:  I love your fic, your meta, your passion, even your despair over your city.  Never change and never ever give up.


areasontofight - I love being on your flist. End of story.


ariadne83 - You are pretty cool.  *nod*


arlad : Your comments are some of the best I've ever received.  You take the time to say exactly why you enjoy something and it shows what a warm and caring person you are.  But for every nice thing you've ever said about me, you deserve the same, ten times over.  You're a star. / you are so adorable and kind, and I'm really grateful to know you


arlessiar - Glad to have got to know you.


arsenicjade – I have such a crush on you, you’ve no idea. It hurts when I see that you’re sad, and I hope you’re not today. *hugs* / I love your writing and I think you're a lovely person. / You're awesome in so many ways, if I started listing them we'd be here all day. It started with stories, and now it's about you.


Artaxastra: Your writing just keeps getting better. Wishing you lots of success :)


artistic_sillie -- You are so ridiculously talented.


arysteia - You, my dear, are faaaaaabulous! I hope someday to spend more time with you! (and to possibly coax more stories of your boys from you) I wish you weren't so far away!


ash48 - I'm so very grateful every day to have you as my comrade-in-vidding.


ashe_frost: You are incredible. You're clever and fun, and you're a fantastic writer. You have such a big heart, even when you try to cloak it in cynicism. I love you!


askfor_me: My new dream is to go to Disneyland with you and ride Splash Mountain in the rain.


astaria51: i feel like i don't talk to you hardly at all, but you should know that i think you're amazing and passionate and you and jessi are completely adorable and make me happy.


astolat - A fandom butterfly! I thank you for broadening my exposure to different fandoms I would have never considered looking into :) / I love that we keep drifting in the same fannish directions; fandoms are so much more entertaining with you in them. / I think I enjoy a fandom on a whole different level when you're writing in it - you're brilliant and so generous with your time and it is always a joy to read your posts.


astrea9562 - I miss you.


athrill - kind of a badass.  but also completely sweet.  deserves hugs always.


athrosknot – You're hilarious and irreverent, and more delightful than you'll ever know.


atomichatred82 - Your my favorite! (I just gave myself away, ahaha.) Favorite person to chat with about fannish nothings, that is. I also think you're incredibly creative in all sorts of different ways, and I adore you. <3 Happy Valentine's Day! / Your love for those faily boys is contagious and I love it. :D I could flail with you forever. <3


atsugari8:  Happy Valentine’s Day to one of the sweetest people I know.  I wish you nothing but love and bottom!Jared fics!! *hugs and smooches*


auburnnothenna -- Everything you write makes me happy; I could read your stories everyday and not get tired of them. / you are an inspiration.  I love how you tackle your writing head on and go for it with both enthusiasm and clear hard work that pays off.  I have loved everything you've written.


audrarose - Oh, hon. You are AWESOME in every way. SO genuinely sweet and fantastic, and one of the most talented writers EVER. / You’re incredibly sweet and talented, and always know how to brighten someone’s day. /  I don't know you well, but your writing never fails to amaze me.  And I love reading your journal and seeing that same talent turned to the minutiae of your life. / Though we have only recently began interacting, your presence in fandom has always brought joy and laughter into my life.  Thank you so much all that you do for fandom and your friends and making my life that much richer. / you are beautiful, talented, and wise. And talented. And kind. And talented. / You have a talent for shaping stories that break me down and then build me up. You have such a creative gift and I love that you share it with fandom. You give so much and still manage to be an amazing friend, wife and mom too. You inspire me.


aurilly - I kind of think that you're my muse, because not only do you make my writing better, but you make me ponder things that I would never have thought about if you didn't push me there. / you make me laugh, and I love your enthusiasm.  You're also a great writer, and I'm so glad we're friends.


aurora_84 - I love your enthusiasm and your supportiveness. You bring so much joy into my fannish experience and my life every day. *squishes tight* / Your enthusiasm and energy never cease to amaze me. Stay awesome, my lovely! <3 / You make me smile on a regular basis.


author_abz -  You are a little bit crazy, but mostly really, really fun. :P


authoressnebula - Every time I see a post from you on my flist I remember how lucky LJ is to have you. I've never known such a loving and giving person


autumn_lilacs: I love your Dean/Castiel fics, and all your writing really.  You're one of the few people on my list that almost always comment on my personal stuff and it always makes me feel good to see it :P / Your warmth and sense of humor always lifts my spirits. Thanks for being around


auxetoiles23 - You are so fantastic and amazing. I wish I had half your motivation in life, your talent. <3


avaro_naeth: I miss you around! The happiest of Valentine's Days to you!!!


avendya: Your attitude towards your life and the way you overcome problems inspires me to aim for greater things. Also, you're awesome.


avogadro602 - sticks with me even when I maybe don't deserve it.  <3 <3 <3


aynslee - You're unbelievably sweet, kind and thoughtful. I marvel at all the amazing things you do and your generosity with your time. I wish we had more time to catch up now and again. / I cannot say enough how much I cherish you.  Through the good and bad times I know I can count on you to support me or make me laugh.  I am blessed to know you and wish you love and joy on this, and every, day. /  You're wonderful, and I'm glad our fandom paths crossed!/ You are too sweet for words!! Seriously, like cotton candy and M&Ms sweet, and I love you long time. !


azarsuerte - You're crazy talented, a surprisingly bad influence (but in the best way) and you write circles around everyone I know. Me included and I don't think I've ever told you that and you should know. You're amazing and thoughtful and intelligent and yes, crazy talented. / Such a wonderful encourager.


azephirin - you're so smart, and friendly, and interesting to talk to. You write kick-ass stories and you make me think, and I would love to get to hang with you on a regular basis. I might also have a bit of a crush on you *g* / I love your brain. Your fic, meta and general thoughtfulness always intrigue and entertain me. / I enjoyed your fic first, and then I got to know you on my flist and on gchat, and my life is so much the richer for your great writing and your great self!


azewewish - Every time I see something new from you, it inspires me to try to do better.  You're one of the best & most loyal friends I know, and I'm grateful every day for the privilege of calling you friend.  :)/ I love living vicariously through the stories of your exploits, baby. / I love your love of sports and athletes! / You're still one of the first people I want to tell when something major happens. I love you ridiculously. / You are fierce and courageous, smart and curious, and 100% willing to engage in life and live the hell out each moment, and all of that makes you shine from the inside.  I am a better person for knowing you.


azicrow - You're absolutely lovely and I <3 you so!


azrhiaz - I miss you when you're not around.


azrielle_jones: You are so sweet and encouraging all of the time. I just want to smish you.




babettew54 - You have such exuberance for all things fannish and such love for life.


babydracky- sweet, lots of fun and a wonderful friend


backinblackk - I just love the outfits you make! You are really talented and I envy you!


badseed1980 - delightful


baileytc - Wishing you a calm, stress free Valentine's Day


balefully - Aside from being funny as all hell, not to mention smart and kind, she writes some of the hottest porn in the entire world. / You always bring a smile to my face! Your mad capslocky posts brighten my day. / you are so much fun to hang with, and talk with, and squee with. I love your energy and your love for our show and our boys. / knowing you improves my life in all possible ways / you are the most adorable thing in the universe. i love your blurting! / You are sexy, funny, passionate and brilliant and I sometimes think all this should make me jealous, but you are also lovely, so I am just thrilled to count you as a friend.


bananabehr - You are such a sweetie. Thank you for caring so much.


Barbana:  Every time you update it makes me happy because it’s just so good to hear from you.


bardicvoice Only meta I ever really care about reading -- super incisive and comprehensive!


barkley - you are a true, generous, kind friend, who is there through tough times and good times and silly times and grumpy times, and I am so, so honored to be your friend. / How are you even so awesome? When answering this question, please be sure to show your work.


barnacling - feistiest lady ever


batgurl88 - You and each and every one of your fangirl endeavors are much more appreciated than you know.


bathsweaver: You're one of my FAVORITES. You're adorable and funny and one of the sweetest people alive. Also? Pretty!


bayleaf - I adore you. / I think you're one of the smartest, most together, and just awesomely FUN people I've met through fandom, and I hope to get to spend more time with you in RL this year.


bbarclayspn - I'm gonna steal you some day, and keep you for myself!


beachkid: We haven't had a fandom in common for ages, but I still adore you and would be sad if we ever defriended. / You brought poetry into my life, and I won't ever be the same. Thank you so much.


beadattitude - *adores you*


beanside - brave; she hasn't lost her positive outlook despite all she has been through / awesome person & brilliant writer /  I came for the fic and the Jeff love, but stay for the awesomeness that is you.


beatenupcamaro: You're darling!


beatzz-I think you are a wonderful person and I want things to be so much better for you. I hope you get everything you want.


beckaandzac - <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 / you are awesome, hon. Such a great and interesting person, and, whoa, SUCH a talented writer. / You're so sweet and lovely. Your fic always makes me happy, and you're one of the nicest people I know. / i'm so glad i met you at wincon, because you (and you and catharine :D ) are so incredibly adorable.


beckynicky- Feliz V-day to one of the smartest, funniest, most real women I know.


beeej – Every time you comment, I smile.  You are one of the best kind of people to have around. / I think I still owe you for pizza. *is embarrassed*


beet - you're a good, sweet friend and you always make me smile, I'm glad I know you. / Brilliant to lunch and tweet with. Her mind could power a trans-Atlantic monorail. I love this woman. / You're an amazing artist who I'm very happy to have on my f-list.


beledibabe - A great person, kind and warm and always reliable. It makes me happy to know she's out there.


bellabelball -- It makes me smile when I see your feedback -- even when you don't know it's me, you're so sweet!


belladonnalin: Strength.


bellanut - Your episodic picspams always manages to point out something I've missed the first go around, and they are so PRETTY!


belle_bing: I love you so much. Sometimes, talking to you, getting your e-mails, and discussing our boys is what gets me through the day, or makes a bad day better. I don't know what I'd do without you. My life sucked so much more before you came into it.


belmanoir: I you enough to almost watch Robocop for you. (That's a lot.) /  I'm so glad to have met you, you're awesome and hilarious and crazy talented!


belyste - you sometimes post stories about what happened to you at work and they always crack me up so much. / Your stories rock the socks right off my feet! They never fail to put a smile on my face. Thank you for writing them :) / Aside from encouraging nefarious grease j2, you thrill me with your words. i wish you had the time to write all the time. it would make my world brighter.


benitle - creative and fun to work with! / you are so incredibly generous, sweetie. You give so much love and help to your friends and your fandom, and you are an incredible writer. / Amazing and talented and creative and intelligent and gorgeous! / I really like hearing your opinion on all things fandom.  We often think the same things but you actually say them and you're funny about it. / There is nothing better than when you speak your mind. / You're just amazing. I always love your updates, no matter what they're about and I consider you to be a very close friend, even if we've never met.


benobsessed - Thank you for being you!


bergann: ilu so much. you're my sister from another mister, the one who understands all my crazy talk, instead of just nodding and smiling, like my real one


berlinghoff79 - You're the best fiancée in the whole multiverse *draws hearts around your name*  I wish you all the best for the rest of 2009… and generally the rest of your (long and joyful *sees into the future* oh. also filled with gay porn) life. Thanks for always finding a moment to make me laugh. Love you!/ I love you insanity and your bubblyness!!! And you have some wicked fanart  :)


bernography - I always look forward to your posts and your thoughts about GG. I love that I can talk to you about anything. Ilu!


bertybertle: So talented and warm and friendly and great! *huggles*


bessemerprocess - kind, hardworking / You are easily one of the best, most creative storytellers I have ever known, and I feel like talking to you has improved my own skills.


Betagoddess - A wonderful flister that always takes the time to comment and offer love and support and comfort to her flisters and this makes her an awesome friend that I couldn't imagine being without.


betgirl - your running commentaries post of episodes are awesome. and once i get caught-up on SPN i won't have to avoid them for fear of being spoiled *lol*


bethbethbeth - a voice crying out for justice and smut!


bethctg2 - a wonderful, understanding beta / You are one of my favorite people in the world, and I love having you in my life.


bexless: You are insanely talented, incredibly funny, and a genuinely awesome person. Everything you write - stories, comments, journal entries - is something I also want to read, and I can't say that about just anyone.


biancathecookie: I always imagine curling up with you on a sofa while discussing everything we do.


big_pink – You are as intelligent, funny, informed, and well-thought-out in real life as your fic. I’m thrilled to be a friend.


bigmamag- you're so awesome that you somewhat defy logic. /  I think you're completely amazing: fun, smart, gorgeous.  You can do anything - keep it up, babe, I BELIEVE IN YOU!


bigtitch - Love you heaps, thanks for making Denial the bestest place in fandom.


bironic - Your mind is a FANTASTIC phenomenon, my dear, whether it serves up excellent poetry or insights into our favorite TV or your thoughts on - well, anything really.  What a blessing it is to have you on my f-list!


bistyboo1974 - Your icons are wonderful, and your friendship is even better.  I hope your 2009 is fantastic.


bitchandjerk - I don't always leave comments on your stories, most of the times it's just the ones that touch on the controversial themes.   However, I wanted you to know that I love each and every one of them.  It's like escaping into another world reading about Mikey, Ethan, Evan, Ollie, Milo and Mary.  The family and friends of Dean and Sam are like my own, and I enjoy every single word you put to type. / Your Mikey!verse brings me much comfort & cheer.


bittermint -- A brave, strong woman who knows how to apologize and to take and apology.  She's going through a lot and I hope only the best for her. / I just want you to know that you are loved and you will never really be alone


bjjones - you are my hero, and I can’t tell you how much I love you. Thanks for creating Sylum.


black_regalia: So. Much. Awesome. In one package. Never change, darling.


blackdoggy1 : You talk about things with passion, whether it's Dean/Castiel, SPN, fandom, or a story you've read.  I always look forward when you comment because I know it's real.


blacklid I'm glad you came to EyeCon that time and I got to meet you in person! I love your posts. They're a little spot of random in my day.


blamebrampton: You are amazing. Politically aware, a great writer, have a great sense of humour, and you are a genuinely good person. I love all your posts /fangirl


blincolin: When you take over the universe (the world is too small to contain you), I will be the first to bow down at your feet. You're scary smart, wickedly funny and more and more amazing with every day that passes. I love you dearly.


blindmadness - I'm not sure what I can say without giving my indentity away, but I think you are utterly fantastic. An amazing writer, witty, and a good friend. I love you, and I hope you have an awesome Valentine's Day. <3


blisstasteful:  You never fail to make me smile, hon!  Happy Valentines Day.  :)


blkqueenphoenix - Thank you for sticking around for so long. You are the very awesomest.


blondiusmaximus - You are insanely talented and hilarious and a fabulous person and I adore you.


bloodbelieve - You are genuinely one of the sweetest people I know! Never change. <3


bloodkisses- You're one sexy lady who I'd let spank me any day!/ You are awesome and I totally adore you!


bloodquartz - *snuggles you til you can't breath anymore* / You may not know how strong you are, but I do, and I'm so proud of you.


bloodyfire: You give the craziest prompts and I love you for it :P  I love that you comment on my personal life, and not just my stories and I you always leave something positive to brighten my day.


bloodygoodgirl - You're the sweetest! I can't believe how nice you are. / adorable and geeky and a terrible influence and I love her despite the bandom /  You're such a great friend, I wish I could meet you in person one day! 


blue_hobbit: Happy Valentines Day! Nice to see you more often again on lj. :)


blue_icy_rose - I love you to pieces!  I also think you should start making more amazing videos...


Blue_meridian: sweet and snarky and has the cutest puppies!


bluebrocade - You have absolutely no idea how beautiful, courageous, talented, and altogether awesome you are. I do, though, and so do a lot of other people in fandom. Listen up when we tell you, eh? We are wise in this.


bluejbird - crazysmart / You are so smart and creative and I really look up to you. / You are wonderful, and I want you to know that. You’re awesome and I love you. <3 / You're lovely, kind, and the most brilliant person I've ever known. / One of my oldest and greatest friends.  She's always good for a laugh or a hug or whatever she thinks I need.


bluesunsets - There aren't words to express the meaning you have in my life. I hope you know that I'll be stalking your mailbox for awhile now. :)


blynnk:  You are definitely one of the most AMAZING people I know, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I truly do LOVE YOU babe!!!  You “boulder” LW!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!! *hugs, kisses, snuggles, nibbles, and squishes you HARD!!!* / her writing is so hot, I spontaneously combust when she updates/ Have a fantastic day and enjoy the love


bobbinrob - giving and talented and loving and hilarious and dorky  -D / Completely sweet and selfless and giving to everyone around her, even if she doesn't know them all that well. / Girl, you are maybe the kindest person here on LJ. You give away so much love to everyone, you're truly amazing. / You are so sweet, kind, crazy and so much fun / You are one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. I love you. / You're consistently one of the bright spots on my friend list.  You're always so happy and helpful for everyone else. / full of squee and welcoming / You're such a wonderful person and you always go out of your way for other people. I love you epically, darling. / Seriously, the world would be a sad place without you. / your generosity of spirit and big heart are a constant brightness. <3 / Amazing person. So friendly and sweet and open and honest. I couldn't imagine my friendspage without your bubbly presence!


boltgirl426- loyal, smart, a wonderful writer and one of the greatest friends anyone could ever have


Book_choco_loco: Your enthusiasm is infectious, and if we lived in the same hemisphere we would have to hang out all the time, because you're pretty much the most likeable (and perhaps lickable?) person ever.


book232: WE MUST MEET SOON! You are truly a joy to read! *mwah*


bookshop - enthusiastic and inspiring! / there's no one better to go to the opera with, and I'm so glad I met you


bop_radar - Boppy, you are alwasys such an enthusiastic and funny presence on my flist. i'm so glad to know you! <3 / Kind, willing to share parts of yourself online, positive and cheery, and you have an inspiring way of handling lots of subjects - particularly meta! I'm deeply thankful to have known you. / You're the kindest and most generous person I've ever met online, and I'm so glad you're my friend. /  Bopster! I love how passionate you are about TV, books and film, and how beautifully you write about them. I'm proud to call you my friend. /  lovely to discuss with / You’re one of the smartest and most eloquent people I know and even when we don’t agree, I can’t get enough of your Smallville reviews. I’m so glad to have ‘met’ you./ probably the cleverest person around / Smart, caring, talented and fun. An amazing person.


bossymarmalade - your righteous anger makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, as does your sarcastic wit and love for cheesy pop music/ I always appreciate your incisive wit and elephantine memory.


Boudecia7 - Because I love you.  That is all.  You are an awesome writer and an awesome friend, and I love you to itty bitty pieces. / Your fanfic stands the test of time, and your friendship is just as durable.


bradygirl_12- a fabulous writer who is warm and welcoming and lots of fun / I think you're such a positive person and you treat everyone with respect and kindness;  you deserve great friends!


brak666 -- You always make me laugh!


Brandinsbabe - you are a complete sweetie, and make the best icons I have ever seen. / Could you be any more fun? I don't think you could! :D you're too much fun already!


brandnewkite - You are one of the sweetest, wittiest, most generous, and funniest people I know. Plus, you have a POSITIVELY FILTHY mind. You're perfect! <3


bridget_tanner - Thoughtful readers are worth their weight in gold, and that's you—not to mention the fun we have in random discussions in general. :)


briethehippo - Omg bb, I adore you so, so much. I can't imagine NOT having you in my life. Thank you for always being so shiny! I LOVE YOU! / My wife. I freaking love you. / you are so amazing and sweet and so much fun, thank you for always making me smile, your so fabulous!


brigantine1 - You sparkle with joy, and whenever you post, you make my day sparkle, too.


brighton_girl:  Fandom cheerleader and all-around awesome girl extraordinaire.


britomart_is - You're so much fun! I love your Jared love, your episode squee, your FICTION, OMG. And everything about you. Knowing you makes me happy, and I'm very much looking forward to getting to know you better this year. *loves*


brooklinegirl - She has the best boobs of anyone in fandom (well, at least of those who have shared them with the internets), and the rest of her lives up to that awesomeness. / YOU'RE A KITTY! Also, you're a wonderful, funny, talented, GORGEOUS human being. Just knowing you makes me happy, and I can't even tell you how much your happiness this past year has made ME happier. I love you a lot, Tracey. / You are my everything. / you are fabulous!


Browngirl - You are brilliant and compassionate and and all-round awesome person.  I am lucky to know you.


brynnmck - The sun shines when she smiles. / I love your enthusiasm, and am very glad to have met you in fandom! /  If I loved pie, I would love you more than pie. You > pie. / *hugs you*


brynwulf – you are so warm and creative and I wish I lived next door to you and we would have cracked cooking parties/ Valentine Happiness to You!/ your home is as open and warm as your heart, I am so grateful for you / There is no aspect of who you are I don't adore. Your enthusiasm for everyone around you inspires me. You wandered into my life unexpectedly and I'm deeply thankful for you every day.


bsidetales- You never cease to amaze me with your upbeat and wonderful personality.


bubbly - You're quirky and funny and opinionated and I love it so much.


bubl: you are adorable


buffyaddict13 – I’m overwhelmed and amazed by your exuberance, not just for fandom but for life. I’m so happy to count you among those close./ when i try to explain the wonder of Reid to people, or when I want them to truly understand, i send them to your story about his history. Even thinking about it gives me chills./ Incredibly generous, kind-hearted and sweet. / Olive juice, yo. Lots & lots & lots of it.


buffyspazz - I miss you on the internets! I would love for you to come back. Come back!


builtofsorrow: You are lovely and very talented, I'm glad you're my friend. You help me believe in myself.


builyourwalls - you are absolutely beautiful and so talented and sweet


bunnymcfoo - I adore you totally ridiculous amounts! You are crazy shiny amounts of fun and sweetness and brilliance, and I want to kidnap you always.


burningqueen- the coolest fangirl ever who has endless energy and is just plain awesome


butidigress-I think you're incredibly funny and you are so sweet. I can never thank you enough for being so nice to me.




caarirose - one day, she'll figure out how awesome she is. / The Steve to my Chris, or is it the other way around? *shrug* You give me wings, darlin'.


caelumi - I *hearts* you, second wife. Know that you are loved!


caithream - Even when you post about the mundane things in your life, like your job or school, it's so much fun to read because you're so damn nice and funny.  I can't wait to see you again! / UGH I LOVE YOU, OKAY? You're wonderful and charming and I just want to flail with you all the time. /  I loooove you, birthday buddy.


Caitlen: smart and creative, love to read everything she posts


callmesandy - We barely have any fandoms in common anymore but I totally dig you still anyway.


cambridge: your enthusiasm is contagious, and i'm always glad to have you around.


cammisbloom: understanding & loving / nice and caring and beautiful


canadiankracka - You're an amazing person and I love the way you support and protect your boys./ You are awesome and sweet and deserve so much better than you get. Thank you for being my friend!


candidlily - I think it goes without saying - though I do have to say it here, since I'm technically anonymous - that you are one of my most favorite people ever, period. You're creative, inspiring, incredibly sweet, and talking to you or seeing your posts always puts me in such a good mood. You are fantastic, and I love you. <3 Happy Valentine's Day!


candle_beck - Her writing is some of the most beautiful, heartbreaking, true to life stuff I think I've ever come across in fandom -- simply put, it's masterful.


candlewaxdreams - Merc, your kindness and generosity never fail to astound me. LOVE YOU. :)


caorann -- I'm so proud of you for finishing school!


capedcrusader92: You have a great sense of humor.


capnzebbie:  i like you lots!  it's good when we can really make contact with someone on a level a little deeper than usual.


cara_chapel - Your strength amazes me.


carina84: Brilliant as the shine of a pepper crimson in the summer sun.


carleton97: I'm so glad you're my friend!


carmexgirl - I adore everything you write and you're an amazing friend too. Be mine? / All hail the Queen; never stop turning me on, babe.


carolandtom - If Tom Welling ever got down enough that he thought no one loved him, someone should sit him down in front of his computer, log him onto LJ, and type in your username. Then he’d see just how much he is loved, and by someone who couldn’t possibly be sweeter. /  I admire your passion and conviction--and I love seeing you hold people's feet to the fire when they're not being fair to Clark in their fics. :D / Best wishes to a dedicated Tom Welling fan who helps keep me honest in my writing. / To put it simply, you rock!


carolinecrane: You make me love the pairings you write with how well you write them, how real you make the characters.


caruso: An amazing friend and never fails to make people excited alongside her.  The glee is contageous.


Caseylane: Really cool to know.


castalie -- You're one special lady and a special friend, one I couldn't imagine life without.


castiel - I always get excited when I see you have updated your journal. I think you're wonderful and awesome and so sweet.


cat_mcdougall - is like the sister I never had


catdancerz -- Open and giving.


cathexys - I always look forward to your posts, and I'm so glad you're here.


cathybites - You're so talented and you introduce me to things that are so genuinely joyous.  I know I wouldn't love them half as much if you hadn't shown them to me. / Fun and funny and talented and whole bunches of awesome. Never stop being all the badass you can be. / You are hands down the coolest person I know. A big part of that is how real you are. You're true to yourself and that allows you to be a trustworthy friend. Of course how cute you are doesn't hurt. /  You are such a real friend, and an A-1 purveyor of crack. /  I think you are 100% awesome. AWESOME, I tell you. / You couldn't be a more rockin', awesome chick if you tried. / Pretty much 24/7 I want to steal your talent whenever you're not looking. You are a gifted artist and writer and a wonderful, funny and supporting friend. And you totally kick ass!


Catoasapun - You are just the sweetest person I know.  So helpful and kind, and you write the most awesome fics.


catspaw_sgjd - Anyone who makes miniature sex toys for their action figures deserves their own kind of MacGyver award!  I'm just sayin'.  :D  I adore your enthusiasm for the boys that remains so scorchingly hot and takes us along for the ride!  And what a ride.


catwalksalone -  made of shininess and win and squee / effortlessly seduces people to the wonders of Ray/Ray and Chaucer/Wat / interesting and oh so amusing / <3 <3 <3


caughtmoments: Your icons make me so happy, thanks!


causette - You're absolutely lovely and you're just as crazy about Sammy as I am - I love that. Thank you for being awesome. / You are a Rock-Star!!! If I could get you a date with Jared, I totally would!!! :D / You’re great! / Happy Valentine's Day!


causeways - you're as cute as a button / You always make me laugh and go \o/


cazthehobbit - To the number 1 James May lover on my f-list, you rock. Seriously.


cedarlibrarian - Informationally inspirational


celli - evil sekrit plans ftw! Seriously, if I had to be in an unholy trinity, I can't think of a better person to add into it! *loves* / you're seriously sweet, and we're all the better for taxfic / adorable math nerd / Your joy in your fandoms is contagious, and you write cool stories.


celtic_cookie - I could sit outside and talk to you about music and boys FOREVER. Your kind heart and the way you so completely care about your friends amazes me. / you are one of the most gorgeous, caring, beautiful people I know.


Cereta: So smart. When I grow up, can I be like you?


cesperanza - You write the stories I was waiting to read and have gifted me entire fandoms. / thank you for opening up so many fantastical new worlds for me


cetacea: You make me happier than anyone else in the world.


chal: I love the way you write, even just your journal entries. You're so thoughtful and have so much empathy. I have no doubt that one day I'll be reading a book with your name on it.


chaneen: Brilliantly fun. Keep going darling - you're awesome.


charlidos - Thank you for being so generous and kind :)


charlie-d-blue - fun, generous


Chase820: you continue to be one of my favorite reads. I always get a thrill when you post about anything at all because you have a way with words that captivates me


chash - BRILLIANT! I could write odes to you, seriously. / You are a genius who can take any idea and turn it into an amazing story. / you are the meaning of awesomeness, you always make me smile and your logic is the best thing ever, thank you for being so epic and fabulous! / Your writing has changed my life. / (with_a_kay) - You are one crazy MOFO but the good kind of crazy. I've really really been enjoying your writing and your silly stories about your family. I read your crack!fic (e.g. unicorn!Jared, brick pants, etc, oh god) out to my friends whom aren't in my fandom and they die laughing with me in all the antics J2 get into. You have a gift. Please never ever stop writing. / I want to fangirl you to pieces! You are so creative and you manage to make it look effortless. Keep writing, keep making me laugh, keep being YOU.


chasingangel82 - You are such a sparkly person and you don't even know it. Thank you for being you. Love you always. :)


cheights--because you are one of the most supportive people I know and just one hell of a great friend.


cherryscott - you've brought so much joy, laughter and porn into my life, honey, I honestly don't know what I'd do without you and I hope I never have to find out. <3 / I hope you get what you want, bb.


chickadilly -  You never fail to make me smile. / awesome, enthusiastic, witty and a ton of fun


chicklet_girl - next time, we'll find a place where they set the food ON FIRE. ♥♥♥


chicklet25: excellently resolved


chicklet73 – Nothing makes me smile brighter than reading your thinky thoughts.


china_shop - TENTACLES OF LOVE! ::glomp!::/ You are one of my favorite dS writers, and you co-mod ds_flashfiction, for which you Rock the House! / GLOMP!! <3


chlare – brilliant sense of humor, and a sincerely awesome pal


choclitbunny - you are adorable and loving and amazing- don't ever change


chopchica, your strength and fortitude never ceases to inspire./ Thank god you're around; you are needed and appreciated!


chrismm - You're smart and fun and I wish we lived closer to one another.


christirose - Your posts always make my day, whether you're talking about biking or non-deism or menstrual cups or school.


ciaan: you are incredibly talented and you take such care with the worlds you create and I love you


ciderpress: We don't know each others, but I greatly admire your courage. You are an inspiration to us all.


ciel_vert - I miss you so much. Thanks for being amazing and wonderful. What would I do without you?


cienna - you're one of the kindest, most warm-hearted people I've ever met


ciley - "Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love." - Elie Wiesel


cimness - When I am elected ruler of the world, she will be in my cabinet under the title Special Advisor on Shoes, Language, and the Frozen North.


cinderella81 – hilarious and smart / Sweet and fluffy. Don't ever change. / Sweetie, you are one of my very favourite people ever, and I'm so lucky that we're friends.  *hugs*  Happy Valentines!


cinderellahn -  I have a great time discussing life and fandom with you. You are a great gal.


cindyjade - is the prettiest.  I love her exuberance.


cinemachick - Your mad baseball love and your amazing stories make checking my LJ a pleasure!


citibyrd - You make me so very happy, I'm so glad to know you.


cjandre - you've been quiet this year, but I have been thinking of you and sending you warm thoughts


claire: Miss you dude!


clairejw  -  Your enthusiasm is catching- and your smile is beautiful!!


clarity159- i miss doing the podcast with you SO MUCH. we used to come up with some great stuff.


clex_monkie89 - you're absolutely fantastic and an absolutely joy to know; thank you for just being you.


cloiser_Trish: Thanks for all you do to keep the squee and love for Smallville’s Lois Lane alive. I, for one, definitely appreciate the Lois oasis that is your LJ. / wonderful with graphics, loyal and completely super!


clubinthesky - talented and hilarious and crazy in the absolute best way / So damn talented, and amazing. / your talent is so breathtaking and you are such a sweetheart and so fun, I am so so lucky to have you in my life and I adore you so much!


clumsygyrl - Pretty, witty, and a good friend in a crisis


cmere - dear beth. how are you so fabulous. idk how this is possible. your awesome shines so brightly, I worry for the safety of my eyes. love and banana llamas to you always bb


coiledsoul--If life really is like a box of chocolates, you've got to spit out the half-chewed nasty ones and dive back into the box for the worthwhile morsels. I wrote you a Hallmark Card axiom, this is how much I love you. / fun creative and inspirational


cold_campbells - I respect the hell out of her. She's intelligent and funny and caring, and I sorta wish I knew her in real life, cuz we'd tear it up, yo.


cold_clarity - It's quite possible that you're my fangirl soulmate. DON'T LET THAT SCARE YOU OFF OR ANYTHING, K.


colleendetroit - your Chris and Toby dolls crack me up, you are amazing, sorry we haven’t spoken for so long.


coloneljack: I love your graphics and your love of fantastic men!


colourlesshade: LOVE YOU!


complicat - It's been fun getting to know you better.


concernedlily - Anyone who can write a story as magnificent as And So Awakens Devils is a tremendous talent, and I always look forward to the next thing you post.


conquer_minds - Sometimes I read over things that you've said to me and wonder how someone can be so hilarious and sweet at the same time. But then I realize that it's possible for you, because you're you! I think you're utterly fantastic, frankly, and we don't even know each other too well yet, so I hope that we can remedy that. <3 I love you, and hope that you have a fantastic Valentine's Day.


coolwhipdiva:  You inspire me.


Copracat: It makes me happy and proud to know that in the ways that matter, you’ve got my back, particularly during times like RaceFail ’09.


coquettemoves: You're so hilarious and I am sad that we don't live closer.


cordelianne -- You're such a rare person, really fantastic, smart, generous, the kind of friend everyone wishes for.


coreopsis : Having you on my friendslist is one of the best things ever. I hope to meet you in person one day.


cormallen --  I love your writing, love your spirit; you make me happy, all around. / I usually regret giving out my MSN name, but not with you. I LOVE you to pieces and I wish you lived next door to me so that we could share recipes and write porn and just be completely insane. I can't even TOUCH on your imagination and intelligence and talent, baby, so I'll leave it here. / you are smart and talented, and you *get* me. It's sort of like having a brain twin :)  I love talking with you, hanging with you. I love you, period. / Alex, you are amazing.  You are so damn smart, and generous and giving.  I wish all the best for you.


counteragent - You are awesome, and the love you have for fandom makes ME love it even more.


countess7: you're brave in both ordinary and great ways, I'm envious.


countess-erica: If anyone asks, I'll at least be able to say I do know one extremely cool chick (that would be you). A writer the likes of which I never could have possibly imagined, on top of that you are so generous with it, kindly letting us bask in the glory that is you. The power of you, and your words, enchants me and I'm your humble slave for life!


Country_bee: Squee!


crackedbuthappy - What can I really say about you without coming off cliche`? All I can really manage is I think you're hilarious, fun, pretty and all-around amazing. (And your fic ain't bad, either.)


crackers4jenn - you are too cool for ALL OF THIS NONSENSE!  i'm so glad i've met you and i'm looking forward to knowing you better! <3


crayzee_gal:  You are a very sweet and wonderful person.  Happy Valentine’s Day!! *hugs and smooches*


crazybritzombie:  I'm so glad that we've stayed friends for this long.  I hope that things start to look up for you soon.  You are a beautiful person, even if you introduce me to drinks that later force me to throw up on the front lawn.  ;)


crazydiamondsue: I am so happy that we found each other again; you continue to be the closest thing to a sister online I've ever had, aside from my actual sister that's online. / I'm so happy and filled with love and joy for you and Caza and the little monkey boy


creativeelf - Your icons are just beautiful! And you're pretty snazzy yourself. I love how your posts keep me up to date with movies and allow me to sqee with you.


crediniaeth: You're my Funny Elvish Valentine.


credulesque- I love the fact that we have so many things in common. I simply love the way your brain works.


cricket52579:  You are such a sweetheart, and I’m tickled pink that you’re my friend!!  Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!! *hugs and snuggles you*


crickets  - There are so many things that I love about you, I couldn't even begin to list them all, but mostly you are a true friend and those are so rare.


crooked: I grin every time you post, as it almost always makes me laugh out loud. I'm so pleased we're friends.


crossouttheeyes - Your love for your bands, both large and small, makes me happy.


crowsgirl13 -- the way you look at life, the way you share your words and ideas. You amaze me.


cruel_illusion - 2009 will be better.  I love you like the ocean and I know good things are coming your way because you deserve the best. / your wicked sense of humor alone made me fall in love with you, bb, you're one of the most awesome people I know. / You're so amazingly fun and easy to talk to. I love how non-judgmental you are and yet: we can still mock and joke and have a grand time.


cruiscin_lan - you are yourself made of awesomesauce


crying soilder:  I never even knew what “AWESOME SAUCE” was until I met you!!  Happy Valentine’s Day to a genuine sweetheart!! *hugs and squishes you*


crysothemis - You're incredibly talented! / <3 <3 <3


crystalchain - so creative and loving / Awesome icon maker and honest personality. LOVES!


cupidsbow – enthusiastic and without a doubt a sweet lady


cupiscent: Finally meeting you in person felt like a reunion with an old friend. Thanks for being in my life for so long, through so many phases of both our lives.


curmudgeonlet- We've had our ups and downs, but you've always been there for me which means more than you'll ever know.


cybel: you're endlessly giving and always ready to offer a helping hand


cycatryx - You are easily one of the brightest, most gifted writers/artists/human beings I've ever had the good fortune to encounter. You light up my Internet life. /  always holds my hand when i need it. there are no words to say how thankful i am to know her.


cysefin: I miss you, sweetie! I wish RL would stop knocking you down!




dahliablue - We may not talk a whole lot but you're a very dear friend to me and I really care about you.


daimeera - ...is a phenomenal friend. I respect her strength and have no doubt that she will amaze the rest of the world as much as she amazes me.


daisee - Feliz V-day to one of the best mom's I know of! You are the best thing Hanson's ever done for me. :-)


dameange - You're a brilliant writer, and a lovely, lovely person to know.


damerel - Always sweet and insightful and loving Dean to her core!


damnharlotbaby- You're a great girl with a wonderful future ahead of you.


danacias - So thoughtful and funny! Love the one-liners.


danceswithgary - I'm really happy that now two fandoms are benefitting from your awesomeness / a writer a I truly admire. Keep up with the amazing work


dancetomato -- One of my first, and still one of my best fandom friends -- hearts x trillionty! / You're beautiful, kind, generous, and full of love. I ship you and Essene like crazy


dancinbutterfly: You've helped me so much! I adore you.


dark_reaction - chin up, bb. ilu, even when i don't say it often enough. / I wish I could snuggle you up and make all the bad go away. / Your mixes are what's getting me through work every day. / you're beautiful and wonderful, and I really wish I could tell you in a way you'd believe.


darkhavens -- I wish you lovely hardboiled eggs and a Gummy Dice trophy!


darknedchivalry - you give me faith in the male species.  You are a true friend and a gentleman.  My life is better for knowing you.


dark-reaction - You're more than just a writer (and a damn fine one at that). You're a brilliant young woman who knows what she wants out of life and is going for it. I find that so admirable.


darkseaglass:  Thoughtful, generous, intelligent, and articulate -- you might be the perfect LJer!


darksylvia - when I got into bandom, you were one of the first people I noticed and thought 'OMG I have to friend this person.'  Turns out I was right and that was a really good call.  I'm glad to know you.


darthrami - sweetest person I've ever met


dawnofme - one of my first friends on LJ; supportive, kind, and a fantastic sense of humor!!!


dawnybee:  reading your posts is so much fun!  knowing you is like having a window onto hollywood that otherwise i'd never have had.  you're terrific! / Your posts are like my f-list crack.  Wait, that sounds bad... LOL!


daydreambeleever: Your comments always make me smile so much. Thank you for that!


dbassassin - You are a JOY!


dea_liberty - You are just a fabulous person and friend and I adore you for it. / Absolutely adorable! I can't wait to get to know you better this year!


deadbeat_nymph – You're loving, supportive, and helpful, and I'm so happy to have met your sweet spirit via Prison Break.


deansam67 - So happy and bright, despite all the adversity in your life. Your love for your family is heart-warming, even when you're upset. <3 /  You are such a strong person and such a cool and awesome mum. / You're an amazing mum and a great friend. You deserve everything shiny in life. I love you! / you are an inspiration and an absolute darling.  Thinking of you lifts my heart and knowing you is a gift I can't say thank you for enough / You are the sister I never had and I do not know what I would do without you.


deathbymutation: a great friend / I hope you find happiness and love this year, the kind you've been looking for.


deathisyourart : From Dean to Derrick, you have great taste.  I'm so glad to know you.


debarouchi -your always so sweet and kind and full of love, you give me hope, thank you / I hope this year gives you everything you want, you've been nothing short of amazing to me.


debc - An amazing woman.


decor_noctis - You're an inspiration to the rest of us in so many ways. *hearts*


deils  - thanks for the gift of your friendship.


deinonychus_1 - you are a legend; your fic is awesome and I love you heaps.


deirdre_c - creative, considerate and warm / fabulous, good-eye, sweet / you are AMAZING!!!!!!! You are unbelievably kind and sweet and cool, and you are such a talented vidder and writer, it blows me away. / I love you everything about you angel, from your joyous squee to your beautiful heart. / I will never stop being impressed by how damn talented you are. / You make me smile every single day. / A fandom highlight - funny and talented and sane! / Always marvelous, fun and upbeat. I'm so glad you're my friend, and I love all that you bring to me personally and to fandom at large. / generous beyond belief/ I can't even describe how fantastic it is to have you as a friend. You're more than I deserve./ You are a gift that keeps on giving. Your wonderful hilarious vids are my faaaaavorites and you bring the humor when it needs to be brought. But it's your caring and sensitivity that I'm blown away by. You're so darn cool and epically awesome, Dei. / Her vids make me laugh like nothing else. / How are you so talented and so sweet at the same time?  Your vids always leave me smiling, your fic is always beautiful, and you yourself never fail to put me in a good mood. / your warmth and enthusiasm and good sense makes every day better / You are brilliant brilliant brilliant. Genius, I say! And also one of the sweetest people on the planet. I'm thrilled that you EXIST. / Okay, Ms. Cee, outside of being incredibly talented and ridiculously funny, you are also one of the SWEETEST PEOPLE IN OUR FANDOM.  You continually make me wish we could spend more time together (which we’re doing now) and I find myself hoping to find ways to make you smile.  I hope this is one of them! / omg, LUV YOU. Seriously, I haven't met many people in fandom as amazing as you are and I've been lucky enough to know a *lot* of them. Yet you stand out on top as one of the BEST ever. / When I need cheering up, you are forever my go-to gal. / You are possibly the nicest person I have ever met in fandom. And talented beyond belief, too! / sweet person & an awesome vidder / You bring me so much laughter and love.  I can not thank you enough for all the ways you share your life with me and all the ways I am enriched by knowing you. / dear dei, you make me happy when skies are gray.  love, someone who's glad to know you.  (even if you did go to duke.) / How did I even luck into you? You are the best combination of genius and hilarious and I wish I really had known you forever, instead of it just feeling like it.


delicatelight - YOU WON'T FIGURE ME OUT THIS TIME...or maybe you will. Whatever - THANK you, so much, for being kind, for believing in me, for lifting my spirits when I was at my lowest. You may not know you do all that for me, because I don't mention it, but you do.


delphinapterus - you never fail to be kind, caring and thoughtful.  Your insightful posts are thought provoking and much enjoyed - and your kindness is always appreciated.  I love having you as a friend.


demotu: You're so cool, as both a writer and a person. Thanks for bringing some extra class to fandom!


Denazia – *hugs* I hope you know how much you are adored.


denorios - I know we're not very close but I always read you and I honestly adore you and find you to be such a sweet person.


derangedfangirl - You're whip smart and all the best kinds of awesome.


desertport - *Hugs*  Hang in there, girl. / Among ten million one was She.


destina - Sweet and soulful, I'm so glad you share yourself and your talents with all the rest of us, and I so appreciate your fair-minded, gracious spirit. / i love your spicy spicy brains / You are a whole lot of awsome in one compact package :) Having you for a friend makes my life so incredibly rich and full. Thank you. *hugs* / the one who always posts the smart and thinky thoughts that I agree with but can't articulate on my own - open, honest, sharing that is so appreciated / Hands down, you’re one of my most favorite people in fandom EVER.


deuteragonist:  You enjoy drabbles, meaning that you're a woman after my own heart.  :)   You've got great taste in movies and literature, as well as a good sense of humor.


dev_earl - you're ridiculously talented and such a sweetheart, I'm lucky to have you as an enabler and friend. / You are so smart and creative, and I'm very glad to know you.


deviant_dev:  Happy Valentine’s Day to one of my most “out-spoken” friends, and I would want you any other way!! *hugs and smooches* / Happy Valentines Day babe! Enjoy the love!


devildoll – one of the best people ever. i'm so privileged to know you and call you my friend. / you are awesome- I admire your ability to stay sane, generous and fannish when faced with the dark side of fandom. <3


Dial_a_psychic – Whoever invented the ocean should be hung. I hate being away from you so much <3


digital_diva -- I love you, now post more!


digitalwave - giving and deserving of the best / Wonderful artist, and amazing person. / Sending you a hug and hoping life will give you a break sometime soon. / You are brave and strong, and please...just know that I understand what you're dealing with. Bless you, babe. You are goodness personified. / I'm always hoping life gets easier for you.


dingogrrl: Happy Valentine's Day to you and the dwags! ;) ♥♥♥


dirtyzucchini: [past--the shortest week | asap--we must repeat it | now--the longest wait]


disarm_d:  You remind me of something glow-in-the-dark: shiny even when the lights are out. / You fill me with joy. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a quick note from you to make me feel like my chest is going to burst. You're smart and funny and I can't think of anything I don't love about you. / You're a terrific writer, never let anyone tell you any different! / You are the most amazing sunshine-y girl, and you have such an inner strength and goodness. I totally adore you and you're one of the people on lj I really and truly value.


discord_harmony - Oh, this isn't fair. How am I supposed to summarize everything into something that can fit in an email when we can chat non-stop all night about our utterly fantastic futures and assorted other nonsense? Basically, I'm glad that I know you, and I love you. <3 Happy Valentine's Day! / HAS BANDOM MAGIC.  most likely to co-write a children's book with gerard way.


dividedloyalty - GOOD LORD, I miss you.


dizzydame: I absolutely adore you, and miss you like woah. <3


dm_wyatt - Thank you for *everything*, especially for the friendship. / You are always supportive, always kind, and always ready to encourage others.


doctor_caduceus - I'm fairly certain you own my soul. Take good care of it, mmmkay? / Your fics are my pick-me-ups. All I have to do is read 21 Tokens and my day is instantly better. / I love your writing so much, I want to pack up and move into your universes. You're amazing.


doctor_caduceus: Your fanfic makes me week in the knees. Your friendship makes me strong in the heart.


dodger_winslow - Thanks for always putting things in perspective. Happy V Day! / Your meta is always full of interesting points of view, and you are kind and respectful. Thanks for making fandom a better place  -)


dogeared - You make my life better every day. And yes, I'll try to eat more veggies.


dolimir_k - Some folks would absolutely die to have your RL job.  I love that you're so grounded, have such a sense of humor about it, and share stories!  I also love that you remain so devoted to your fandoms, and are still writing and sharing your enthusiasm.  You're a lovely fannish ambassador, and folks who know you in RL are lucky sods. / I admire you, and I love reading about your thoughts and your life. / endless perfectionist and dedicated friend and mother


doll_revolution: Thanks for making everything a little more fun, always. *hugs*


dollydolittle - I love you for making me feel like a real part of fandom, by encouraging me to do things I would never have thought I could do.


dolorous_ett - one of the smartest, most interesting people I know who can describe even the most mundane day in a wry and entertaining way


dontcockblockme - You're so ~*DAZZLING*~, bb. ILU.


dotfic - I've really enjoyed watching you branch out in your writing this year - you can do anything you want! / you're smart and funny and talented, and i enjoy hanging you with you. / Your fic and your friendship and your emails and your all-around wonderfulness bring me so much joy! Is it April yet? /  smart and kind / stir me, sweet friend/ to raise myself to the sky from the rock.


dove95 -- She's a person you can count on, and she gives more than she gets, which isn't fair, but shows how generous her heart is.


dovil: regardless of you being a completely horrible person by virtue of being a Kiwi, you happen to be my most favorite person ever - no one can make me laugh (or vomit) like you. If only you were Aussie...


downfall35:  You are like... the man I would totally marry if I were a gay man.   You get me into more (writing) trouble than anyone else and I love it!  I look forward to your stories and more to your posts and I love it when you comment on my LJ because it always makes me smile :P


dr_hate - I know she'll probably hate being involved with something so sappy but she are amazing and awesome and I <3 her


dracopet - She's ridiculous and absurd and I love her for it.


dragojustine - is not only an incredibly talented writer, she's also a good friend.


dragonix_814 :  You're really sweet and friendly and your posts are full of fluffy Doctor goodness :)


dragonsinger - you're talented, wonderful, brilliant, classy, and dragonhubby better treat you right (not that we have to worry) because anyone as amazing as you should be! You're one of my favorite authors and I wish I could say that better and more often, but you are! / I wish you another year of love and happiness, and so many more to come! *hugs*


dragontatt – incredible source of comfort and unbelievable good taste


draickinphoenix - The best writing buddy anyone could ever ask for.


draycevixen: smart, funny, talented, and yet, warm and a wonderful friend. There's someone out there who could not love you?


dreamer1104 - The best fanboy in the world, shows wouldn't be half as fun without you hon. Amazing friend too.


dreamlittleyo – Baby, I can’t imagine what my life would be without you.  I know I won’t ever have to find out, but it’s irrational fears like that that keep me up at night (omg, I just used two ‘thats’ in a row! –gasp-).  I love you so much. –bighugs- / your talent, humour, kindness and intelligence is amazing; your friendship is a gift that is without measure. / You are so creative and inspiring and I love that you make time to look at everything going on around you. You notice other people…and that matters. / I appreciate your creativity and constant support more than I can ever say. You're so talented and better yet? You appreciate the gifts others have as well, so honestly. / You draw! You write! You comment on my fic! What's not to love? / You have been a lifesaver more times than I can even count. When I'm having one of those times I am sure the world is out to get me, you always cheer me up, and you are a constant reminder of why I love so much what this fandom has given me.


drjenny88 : You're a really good LJ friend and you take the time to try and get to know your flist and we love you for it. You can give concrit without being mean or patronising and can squee with the best of them! It's good knowing that you'll never stop caring about your friends! :)


drlense: You are made of AWESOME WIN. You are such a great friend, and you are SO funny, and you are SO resourceful and SO beautiful. I am so, so, so glad to know you!


drvsilla – CLANG CLANG WOO WOO!/ creative and smart / I adore you more than I adore bear hunting / I have never laughed so hard as when I'm around you. You make everything better. Never doubt that. / You are one of the lovely friends a girl could have, and you're incredibly interesting to boot! You have no idea how often your polls make my day brighter. <333!  / Your bulletty lists are love, your support and humor is something I'm grateful for every day.  Not to mention that without you the world would be a much less joyous place. / You never stop surprising me with just how brilliant and talented you are. / "If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?" - Lily Tomlin / I really don't know what I would do without you, at this point. / I live for your delightful polls. Your epic Big Bang is my favorite fic from the '08 entries. I didn't want to take a break as I was being consumed by the lovely, aching prose. /  I first noticed you when a mutual friend kept gushing about your wonderful fic and your incredible talent. Soon enough I found out she was not exaggerating as I admired you from afar. Sometimes I can't believe that someone as awesome and talented as you would want to be friends with me - a simple fan. You've become one of my closest friends on LJ, but not just there. Everybody who has the privilege of calling you a friend is a richer person.


duckduck: You inspire me. *hugs*


dudski: Where have you been, lady? Your tales of woe shouldn't make me laugh but they do. It's all out of love though, nothing malicious.


dugrival: One my favoritest people in the world. Love you, sweetie.


dullemarulle - I miss you so much and your bounciness but I know you're having an awesome time in the US and I will see you soon!!


duskwillow - one of my 1st LJ friends (and sender of awesome postcards & holiday cards), i look forwards to still being your friend long after SV is over ;) / You're such a lovely, clever woman, and such an asset to fandom. I am particularly fond of your Smallville reviews and you make gorgeous icons. /  I can always count on you to pull me back from the brink of “OMG, Smallville, what the actual f*ck?!” because you’re so fair in your ep reviews. It doesn’t hurt that you also love both Clark and Lois so much!




eckerlilas - Dude, I can't believe I've only known you for a year. Thanks for helping to make it one of the best of my life.


editorzon - OMG, baby, I'm SOOOOOOOO proud of you and all the changes you've made in the last year!!  Keep it up! / You are one of the most beautiful people I know.  You are smart and funny and your personality is effervescent.  But it's your unrelenting self-awareness that inspires me most.


eesia -you are so wonderful and thoughtful and wise and so much fun, I adore you!


eilan - Baby, my love, my sugar, my darling. I miss you and love you and hope you have a gorgeous Valentine's Day. / "Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart."   You are a beautiful, incredible person and much adored!/ An amazing day for an amazing person. You are an angel!


eireinn - My life would be sad and lonely if we'd never become friends.


elandae - You are a delight to talk to, I will break you into bandom one day! Thank you for being my friend, I love you.


elandrialore - Your reviews are always entertaining and I love your fannish squee. / When I first joined LJ you very kindly provided me a link to some of your TW/MR RPS, and I have never forgotten you or your AMAZING stories.  Happy Valentine’s Day!! *hugs you*


elanorelle: you worry so much, about so many things, and I know it wouldn't be you otherwise, I just wanted to let you know that, dude! You are awesome and smart and lovely and I fully believe good things will happen to you in life.


elanurel - You are such a great strong woman and I'm glad I've gotten to know you on LJ. / I'm so lucky to know you.


eleanor_lavish - I admire you so much and want to grow up and be just like you. You're amazing.


electricalgwen -- You're smart and lovely and a fabulous writer, and you totally got your rock moves


electrictoes - You're a funny girl. And I mean that in the nicest way possible! Your posts make me smile


eledhwenlin - You've been through some rough patches this year, and I'm so glad to see you getting your footing. / brilliant and thoughtful and absolutely wonderful / I want to be like her when I grow up

eleveninches - hilarious / saaaaaavvy / intelligent


eliade - Absent from fandom - I hope temporarily - but never forgotten for her fabulous stories and fabulous person.


elin_aurora: You are a beautiful person and wonderful friend. Meeting you has been the best thing to come out of fandom. I'm so glad to have you in my life. Love you, hon!


elless18 - Incredible and stunning and fabulous!


elli - I really, really like you. You're talented and smart and sweet and I love seeing your posts pop up on my flist and your comments arrive in my inbox. / you are one of the most talented and creative artists I’ve ever met – not only in fandom - and a very joyful, sweet soul, too. I’m glad I can call you my friend and hope that some time this year, we get to hug in person :) / You are an artist! And you give awesome hugs! :D / I think you're just amazing.


elliania - One of the most talented graphics-makers I know - and we miss you too!


ellipsisblack - Classy, smart as hell, hilarious, and a joy to be around. / I admire the hell out of you. You are so intelligent and motivated and talented, I wish I was like you.


ellydee27:  You’re a wonderful person Sweetie, and someone I’m happy to call my friend, but if you don’t quit trying to steal Aldis all the damn time I’m gonna have to get nasty!! *wink, wink*  Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!! *nibbles you* / is so supportive of me; I can't believe how kind she is


ellyfanfiction - your Chlark fics can give even the most discouraged Chlarker hope and strength to endure. i hope your muse never leaves you. / anything she writes is made of the win /  You're a talented author and a wonderful mom - all the best!


elmyraemilie -- You are one of the best friends a girl could have -- thank you so much for all of your care and support. Love you.


elsmoka: You will always be my favorite everything! / Sexiest radio presenter ever and a fabulous artist.


elvenfrolover05 - ...is someone I would LOVE to get to know better (if she POSTED more often, hint) but what I have seen of her is pretty damn awesome.


elvie: So to you, Friend, I confide my secret:/ to be a discoverer you hold close whatever you find.


elvisneedsboats - I am so happy you're back! Now go write;)


elynross -  Everyone in fandom would be less happy and having less fun if elyn was not the awesome person she is.


elzed - to my favorite londoner - thank you for making your hometown such a homey place for us.


embroiderama - I really enjoy your writing, and I hope you get to do more of it! / so sweet and talented


emerald_angel9: You made me love J2.  I fought it, I swear, but you converted me and I love you for it :P  You take me seriously when I comment about your ideas and make me feel like I help.  I don't know anyone that doesn't like to feel useful, so yeah!  You make me happy I am in the SPN/J2 fandom.


emerlee - "Love makes mutes of those who habitually speak most fluently." - Madeleine de Scudery


emilyray - an absolute joy in my life and one of the kindest, smartest, most talented people I've ever known / An absolutely lovely and creative person. I wish I knew you better.


emilytheodd - you are the best former roomie in the universe. if there were medals for such things, i would give you one.


emilywinter - I wish I were only half as smart and funny and wildly talented as you. You're well on your way to becoming blindingly awesome.


emmademarais - you are an awesome ficfinishing mod


emmytie:  I honestly don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't magically found you.


empiresmusic: I know that's you Tom Conrad! You're kind of stalkery with your fans (isn't is supposed to be the other way around?) and kind of a failbot, but I love you and your band, because I have met some of the most amazing people ever at your shows. You probably won't see this, but THANK YOU so much.


empress_jae - Rocks!  May this year bring you romance and fun.


emrinalexander - I still think you're one of the most awesome people I have ever met in the world of the innernets.


enderwiggin24 - Ender, you are wonderful! Thank you for being on my friends list! I'm so glad to know you!


endlesscharade - has been there for me throughout a sincerely crappy few years, and she's never stopped being my friend, even when she should have.


englishblue: You are the brightest star that has become one of my bestest friends. I still can't believe how lucky I am to know you. Keep shining, dear one.


englishmann - You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.  Carry THAT with you, no matter what country your feet walk you through.


ennui_blue_lite: I love your writing and your drawing and the way you are sweet and fun but serious and passionate too.


enoughoflove - You've been through a lot in the past few years and you've come out of it with a great attitude and your head held high. I admire you for that. / Your generosity and strength and kindness awes me every day. / I don't know you very well, but you seem like a really great person.  I hope you can find your way to being happy again.


entangled_now  OMG the fic! Robin hood, Torchwood, Merlin,  Supernatural! love all of them :)


entrenous88: I learned how to be smart, firm, and patient following your example and no one else shares my soda and junk food love like you.


entropical87 - *lifts up the bushel and lets her light out*


epeeblade - *cough*Sex Corps*cough* - some of the best Jeff/Jensen I've read to date


ephemera: you're my sweetpea and i love you, and if i could live anywhere in the world it would be london so i could see more of you.


ericaplease - ilu, erica sue! i can not wait until we can make sf our hometown and fill it with (more) talk of bden, ry-ry and the ever-excellent justin long.


erilyn - Lovely and generous and enthusiastic.


erinrua So nice to have a no-bullshit friend like you. *hugs*


eroslane - the soul of a sexy fashion magazine


eruwenfuin-You are one of the nicest people I know. You are so sweet and so kind and I'm so incredibly thankful that I can call you a friend. I don't know how to tell you just how amazing you are.


esohpe - Brilliantly talented.  I know there are great things in your future. / Where did you go? I miss you and your awesome writing!! *hug* / hideously talented.


esorlehcar - Stands up for what she believes in, and always prompts me to think critically outside my safe little shell -- I don't think we've exchanged a single word, but she's an inspiration. / You are so smart and brave and I hope you never stop standing up for what you believe.


Essene: You too, are beautiful, kind, generous, and full of love. You're also full of delicious snark. I admire that in a woman


estei - You really put me in awe of how strong and confident you are.  Even if you don't know 100% what you're doing you make it look so easy. / As much fun as driving into a ditch at 15 kph. / you'll always be my beb. you're funny, brilliant and kind. thank you for all your encouragement.


estel_willow - you're my best friend. this is something special to me. /  you're still my partner in crime, sweetie. Love you muchly.


Estrella30: I miss your stupid face more than I have words for.


estriel - I love that you fleshed out figure skating RPF and made it a real fandom and I love that you actually skate and not just watch. Happy V-day and lots of pretty Johnny thoughts!


etcetera_cat - She's a rainbow.


ethrosdemon - Hot damn, but I wish I could sit down for a coffee with her -- I've followed her journal for years, and I think she's one of the most awesome people we have in fandom, period. / huge heart and a bigger talent / You give the best hugs in the whole wide world. / We might drift in and out of orbit, but you're always just around the bend and I adore you. / you make me do things I would *never* otherwise do. Bandpires? Clearly, you are made of all kinds of amazing evil. / Most people are scared of you but I know you are marshmellow inside. IT IS TRUE! / So misunderstood. / you make me feel better about myself and the world in general because of your humor and smarts and cooking skills


evemac: You make me love music more. <33


evenindeath - I love that you are so passionate about what you believe in and that you are not afraid to speak your mind. Also, your art is incredible! Love you. / I love you so much. You are my everything and I'm only and always yours. <3 / talented & arty


evercourant - brilliant and funny


everysecondtues: I'm so glad to have you as a friend.


everything_inme : You are so talented at merging fandoms to create  amazing stories, and I love the fact that I’m drawn into your stories even when I don’t know the characters.


evilprettykitty - Your strength makes me want to be a better person. Also, to wear better make up. / I hope this year brings you many good things, because you deserve it more than anyone. *hugs*


evilpuppy - You will always have a special place in my heart. I've seen past your sparkles and Jedi mind tricks and I hope you know that you never have to be "on" for me.


eviltish - I think you're such a strong person, and I really admire you. And you're a genuine sweetheart, too.


Excelaunt: a lovely person


exsequar - "Is it so small a thing/ To have enjoy'd the sun,/ To have lived light in the spring,/ To have loved, to have thought, to have done..." - Matthew Arnold / Just thinking about you makes me smile. / one of the sweetest and most genuine people I've met through fandom. / So, so smart, and so beautifully down to earth. / Awww, darling. Happy Valentines Day! My little genius.




fabilimah - Mamita, every single time you post, I smile. You make people happy, and that's just gorgeous. I hope this makes YOU smile, because you deserve happiness.


faded_facade - yay for 12 months of Sylar/Elle


fahye - Your fic makes me dance with joy, your wit makes me cackle with glee.


fairfax_verde - Every time we interact, I wish we lived closer.


fallingfortruth - braver than any ten other people, and twice as smart


falulatonks -  If I could create a girl and fill her with lots of things that I thought would make a person great, that girl wouldn't be half as cool as you. True story.


fan_eunice: I love you a LOT. I love you a LOT. (It bears repeating.)


fanficcionista - thank you for being there though you don't and for loving me despite knowing me.


faninohio: Thanks for always making me laugh! And someday, I hope you'll be able to admit to that secret crush on Jared Padalecki! ;) / funny, crude, too pretty for jail


fanofall - A woman of taste and excellence who I miss a lot.


fanofsuper - Thank you for all your kind words of support and encouragement this year I truly appreciate them.


farleigh: You wrote the first fic that got me addicted to SPN Fandom.  I still get a giddy joy whenever I see an update on your journal.  The quality and the epic nature of it encouraged me to start writing and keep me going when I don't think I can keep writing. Thank you for being an inspiration.


fatema: You're smart and brave and beautiful and wonderful. Enjoy world domination!


faunaana -- Fascinating conversations and fabulous experiences. / I love how you can be both serious and entirely cracktastic. I love how you're not afraid to speak your mind, how you share your views and thoughts on fandom and life, how much passion you put in a good discussion and how overall awesome you are. In the end, it all comes down to me admiring you a damn lot.


Faycequevoudras: Thank you for being so supportive!


fcukingg0ddess: You always make me laugh. Thanks for all of the long conversations about Alabama, ghosts, and rainboots.


fearlesstemp:  Your posts are such wonderful, slice-of-life gems, and I want your family to adopt me. / The world needs more people like you. You're funny, thoughtful and simply amazing.


featherduster - I WANT TO BE HER.  secretly.  or not-so-secretly.


felisblanco - when I see a post from Felis, whether it's fic or RL, it just makes me smile; her sense of humor, and her incredible writing, just liven up my day / You write awesome stories and are such a great writer. Not only do you write mind blowing fiction, you also tell great stories from your real life. A natural born writer!


femmenerd - I am consistently impressed by everything about you.  I think you're one of the smartest, most insightful people I know, in or out of fandom. / you are wonderful and I'm so glad to have met you


femmequixotic: you keep me sane and make it so i can breathe, laugh, and generally enjoy life.


fennegie - Your art is amazing, you make beauty out of simple lines and I love it *every time*.


ferdalump- a bouncy fangirl full of Brois-y goodness that never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face who is genius in everything she does!


Ficangel: I always enjoy reading you because you’re so funny and smart, but when you get your feminist rage on, it’s truly a thing of beauty and wonder./You and your cracked out brain make the world a better place


fictionalknight - If awesomeness could be embodied, I know what it'd look like. Thanks for being precisely the way you are because this is how we love you / You sometimes feel down on yourself, but you are amazing and wonderful - and your dedicated group of friends shows that! / Your sweetness warms the snows of the Far North! Your gift of music to me is one of the best I’ve ever received.  Thank you! / No matter what your username is, I think your love for the characters shines through beautifully.  :)


fiddleyoumust - You continually astound me with how funny, generous, warm and caring you are. Please don't let the haters get you down. You truly are amazing.


fiercynn: you are seriously the most awesome person ever. If I had to pick someone on lj to marry, it would 100% be you.


fiesty_red - gifted; "You Turn the Jaded into New" breaks my heart/ I wanted to tell you that your stories have entertained me for the past two years I think it is now.  On top of that you're a wonderful person and I wanted you to know that I've enjoyed getting to know you better over the past year.  Also JADED!!!!!!!!!!  :)


fififolle - you are funny and inspiring and challenge me to be more than I am, thank you.


finglas: Haaaaaappy Valentines day, honey. And get well soon!! *sends a loooooot of chocolate*


finn21 - to the ever-elusive ashley - you are my favorite, darling. keep writing & it will take you places.


finny91 – I just want to send you some love :)


firedragon9- You're one of the best things that's ever happened to me.


fizzyblogic: you are so courageous and so loving and every time I see another post on your lj I admire you more.


flash_indie - She makes awesome mixtapes and writes gorgeous fic and is an awesome friend


flawedamythyst - I can't believe how much I love you. If we ever lost touch, I don't know what I'd do. You're so talented and you just get better every day. / So much talent and awesomeness much be hard to stand sometime! But somehow you manage and just keep on astounding me. You're always so free with your *hugs*, so here's one for you. *HUGS* / You are so much fun, and every time you post it makes me smile and want to hug you. I wish I lived close enough that we could hang out every week!


fleegull - Incredible charm with an insightful fashion sense that never fails to entertain.  You are amazing! / You're one of the coolest women I know! Thanks for always giving me something to think about with your insightful posts! / every time you post again I'm glad you are still around / I have so much respect for you - you're outspoken, smart and passionate, and you don't seem to be afraid of anything.


fleshflutter - I fangirl you liek WHOA. You are honestly one of the best writers EVER, but, not only that – you are also one of the kindest, sweetest people I’ve come into contact with on lj, and I feel totally lucky to be your friend. / I would read you re-writing the dictionary. / Spyverse is the most amazing thing ever and you are so wonderful and sweet and talented and generous <3 /  I'm so ridiculously in awe of your talent, generosity and grace, sweetie. I really hope we coincide in RL sometime, because I fangirl you ENORMOUSLY, and continue to be boggled by your modesty in the face of all that amazing writing ability. / Your writing never fails to bring a smile to my face, and I love that you always seem so genuinely pleased with every comment, even though you get so many. / You write the most amazing and insightful Supernatural fics. Your J2 AU fics are hot and entertaining as hell. With all this talent you'd think you'd have a an ego but you don't. You're also one of the sweetest people in fandom. Never change. / You are such a well-rounded, excellent person. You're caring and sensitive, and you're crazy talented. We are all so blessed to have you in this fandom, darling. / – you intrigue me and your writing never fails to delight./  – how you keep up with your flist I have no idea, but I love how you always take the time to read and comment. / I love your brain, and your words, but I love even more your friendship, for you are made of ten million kinds of wonderful. I hate that you live so far away!


fleurdeliser  - You're always so very sweet. / You are such a sweetie, you make me smile.


florahart - wise and wonderful--I'm honored to know you.


fly_meaway: everything about you is amazing, and i'm grateful that you're around .


fools_game - I just think you are plain AWESOME.


fools_trifle - Seeing your posts always makes me smile. You make the internets a more beautiful place.


forcedmovement: Shay has one of the cutest smiles in the world and never fails to make me happy.  She also keeps me up to date on the scene queens and makes bandom a better place to be in. / Makes me think that love is possible


forlornhope42 - I'm glad we reconnected via LJ.


fortassetu : Gosh girl you're like a machine! I have never known someone as talented as you! You manage to churn out amazing fic after amazing fic and even when you branched out into graphics I was awed by your abilities. I'm so glad to have been on your flist since your very first post and it's been so satisfying to see other people compliment and praise your work. You've managed to spellbind the Merlin fandom and dazzle the Twilight fandom and I can't wait to see what you do next! Much love for you!  <3 :)


fotw_sv - One of the crazy-silliest, most awesomely talented artists in SV fandom, and of course a sweetheart through and through. / SV fandom should THANK THE DAY that you decided to do SV artwork.  You consistently blow me away with your talent.


fox1013 - If you were in a YA book, you would be my favorite character. / sweet on the outside, sweet on the inside


foxxcub - I am so glad to know you! You are a thoroughly good person. / so very sweet and kind and enthusiastic / Such a caring and lovely person. / you are the sweetest, kindest person on my flist


fpvs - I love how enthusiastic you are, and how willing to help with anything you can. / You're weird and wonderful! You make me grin and you're so enthusiastic. I wish I was closer so we could HUG.


framedinlove - Your manips are some of my favorites in fandom


frances_veritas - Your strength and support when it is most needed is one of the many things I love about you./ You! dasjk;fgilasdgfhjldashlfgui dsguifdasgfyil agdfsylgdsa flgliadfs. You are so talented and you are so giving with your time and icon making ability. Thank you so much for existing in my world. / thoughtful, considerate, and an awesome fangirl / Your talent in making icons and graphics amazes me. As does your constant support of the writing in fandom. You make me smile on a regular basis. Thanks, bb! / your Nuke love amazes and inspires me! Every time I see one of your phenomenal comments on my stories, I squeal with glee. Thank you for making me happy on a regular basis! Plus for creating such great icons & banners & more, and for being such a great mod on luke_noah, and for everything else you do.


frayen - You are love. I can't begin to express how much I adore you and I want you to know that I appreciate your friendship so much. I could seriously write an essay about how amazing you are. I love you.


freakykat - You have a wonderful sparkly personality! Love your memes and fics and picspams.


fredbassett - the Hound is made of win, and you really do deserve all the fangirls; your writing is amazing. Thanks for Denial too, it’s the greatest.


freedomdarkness - I think I may have the beginnings of a crush on you, you're so shiny and awesome.


frelling_tralk - One of the best people I met online. I'm happy we're friends. *hugs* / You have the patience of a saint, and even if we disagree about things, you bring a level of discussion that I feel is much needed sometimes.


frickangel - you are an angel.  a strong, intelligent, ammusing angel - and absolutely adored!


frk_werewolf - Your writing amazes me. YOU amaze me. I hope you manage to achieve your dreams.


frog4 - Funny and an amazing cook and awesome friend


frogspace – Knowing you makes me want to learn German so I can keep up with you without wading through Google Translate.  I love your enthusiasm for the shows you love, your recs, and your commentary./ You keep getting me addicted to Stuff (Ollian) Stop! (Actually...don't  ;)) and I love you for it.


from_the_corner - your icons are brilliant, your talent is amazing.


fromward - <3 Fromward!! I love your big shiny, thinky brain. So sexy!


fryadvocate – I love your twisty brain and beautiful writing.  I love how you buoy me up and make me think and how I can talk about anything and know that you'll hear what I'm trying to say even when I say it badly.  Your friendship has been a blessing I hadn't expected. / There really aren't enough superlatives for you, chiclet.


furry1 - A special message for a special friend. Love ya tonnes




gabby_silang: Stay LEGEN-wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant 'cause the second half of that word is-DARY.


gaelicspirit : You are one of the best authors (published and fanfic writers included) that I have ever read.


Gardensgnome – I miss the foot massages ;)


Garryowen: Hilarious, smart and thought-provoking. Would be good leader for our resistance movement when cats take over the world.


garvaldmains - incredible writer, when she updates, I squirm in my chair from excitement


gasmsinc- You're a wonderful girl and I look forward to every text you send me.


Gategrrl - Awesome and quirky. Gives great advice and is a totally no-nonsense type of person.


Gblvr: I pretty much think the only way you could be any cooler than you are would be if you revealed to the world that you actually had superpowers.


geeksicle - "When they asked me what I loved most about life, I smiled and said you."  Its true.


gekizetsu - Be My Valentine, Dean! (not that I'd say that out loud) / huggable, sweet, sharp, inspiring / You are a wonderful writer and an all around fabulous person and I am constantly thrilled that I've gotten to know you. / You've got grace and humor under incredible pressure, and possibly the strangest mind I've ever encountered! / you are the messiah and a very naughty girl / You're brilliant, crazy, adorable, and sweet underneath it all. How do you manage to be so awesome? / I fangirl you so hard – you're talented and funny, and then you had to go and be nice, too. / Nice enough to friend me after I got all fangirl-crazy over your writing. I sometimes think your RL posts are even more entertaining than your fic.


geneli4 - Puts words together beautifully / You make my Mondays so much better and you're also a great and lovely person. / Your Monday picspams always bring a BIG smile to my face/ Hot Men Mondays are enough to get me out of bed, and what you can do with just a few words is amazing, but it's the person you are that is the real treat.


general_jinjur: You're the Queen of the World!


gestaltrose:  I don't know if I can say enough about you :P  I love your writing.  It inspires me to write and when I feel like I can't get a handle on things I do some rereading of your stories and I feel better.


giandujakiss - You rock. You are one smart cookie, and fandom is lucky to have you here.


giddygeek - generous and incredibly sweet / You. Are. The CUTEST. EVER. You are infinitely hilarious and infinitely wonderful and I am constantly, constantly impressed by your optimism and strength. You = love.


gigantic: I love the way you approach life, so head-on and honest.  I think you're the coolest.


gigglemonster - You always make me smile, even when I've had the worst day, you can always make it better. / You are amazing in so very many ways, most of all your happiness and ability to make me smile, so so often.


gigglingkat - funny, warm, fangirl extraordinare


ginnytonnick - You fell into my life unexpectedly and with the tinkling of broken glass and laughter. You constantly surprise and delight me. My wish for you is to find a dozen people who engage you as you engage me. / You seem to be able to master any task you attempt.  I'm so jealous.


girlchild - You are spun-sugar beautiful in every way.


girlfan1979 -- Inspiring, interesting and generally adorable.


girlguidejones – So kind and thoughtful.


girlguidejones - you have such a huge, loving heart, and the empathy you have for other people's sadnesses is just a huge sign of how amazing you are. / How the hell did I even deal with the world before you came along? You're *fantastic*. /  I think you are 100% amazing, with heaping spoonfuls of fabulous drizzled on top.


girlmostlikely - I don't know if it's possible to fangirl someone you consider a friend, but if it is, I totally fangirl you.  I think you are one of the most talented, smart, beautiful, creative, and vivacious woman I know and always marvel a bit that I could be someone special to you. / I love your enthusiasm and the joy that you bring.  Plus, JARED'S PEEN! / I LOVE YOU more than there are words to say, because you are just so awesomely – YOU, in the way you love Sam and Dean, in the joy you get out of shows, in your completely sharp and smart way of handling LIFE . / you are worth more than a billion stars and a hundred bright moons; you are shinier than all of them, and ten thousand times more beautiful. Never stop believing you are worth everything you have, and much more besides. / You always, always make me smile.  Thank you! / You are a wonderful person and your posts make me smile. / Ginger, you're one of the funnest people I've ever gotten to know. Getting to know you has been one of the highlights of the last couple months for me; I hope you know how awesome I think you are. <333


giselleslash: Your words are little miracles that make my days brigther and better. <333


giventofly37 - You are just the most amazing individual I've met in a long time. I love how much passion you put into everything you love and do and just. I want to cuddle with you (and listen to stories HINT HINT) for weeks on end!


giventofly37: My Kelly Q, I love you, I love you, I love you.


glammetalkitten - You are such a sweetheart - so friendly and kind and awesome. I'm so pleased to know you.


glendaglamazon - You kick everything's ass.


glimmergirl - a sweet friend whose posts make me smile


glockgal -- Fantastic artist, almost a given, so lemme say I'm so impressed with what a stupendously fun person you are./ I can't wait for us to win the lottery and be able to act like fools together all OVER the world/ You are so very kind, and your presence makes fandom about a hundred times more awesome.


glorified_moron - You are a truely wonderous person and a great friend.  You give so much  and you deserve so much more.  You are always in my heart and knowing you never fails to make me smile.


gmth -- So glad I met you as you were still active in HP; you've been such a lovely addition to my flist though I can't figure out who Drake & Josh are :P


gnatgip – Your art never fails to charm me, I’m constantly bowled over by your talent and unique view of the world. / You're so generous with your talents, and they blow me away!


gobsmackit: I love you and wish you didn't live so damn far away from me.


goldjadeocean: so talented, so enthusiastic. Love your brain, girl!


goosebumps, in the best way possible.


goss - Awesomely talented, in the true sense of 'awe', and so nice, to boot.


goth_clark: You don't get nearly enough comments from me - but know that I read, empathize, and enjoy.


gottalovev - I think you're a sweetheart, and your posts always make me smile. / You're so sweet and lovely. I'm glad we met one another. / I love having you in fandom – keep up the awesome.


gracecourage – A beautiful username, for a beautiful person.


Gradgirl_07 - Were it not for you, I would not write RPS. Thank you.


gray_light - I always count you among my blessings; I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have you in my life, and I really don't tell you that enough. / there's a justifiable reason I fangirl you. I'm so grateful I got to meet you at wincon. / You're one of the best and funniest people I know. The list of people I can spend an entire day with is short, and you're definitely on it.


green_posit – You are brilliant and hilarious and comments and posts from you give me a great about joy / You've been so friendly and sweet to me.


Greenapricot: Squee, glee, and fun. Those are the first three words that come to mind when I think of you.


Greenonme – I don't get the bases metaphor really, but I sure would have liked a home run…


gretazreta - You're my pygmy baby hippo! *g* Getting to know you has been a gift, and just KNOWING you're there makes me feel safe and happy on LJ/in fandom in a way I haven't felt in a long, long time. / You've got so much going on that I'm pleased you're still able to make fandom part of your life! / You're a beautiful and talented woman and I hope for the best for you this year.


grimorie – I love how you love your shows.  It makes me love them that much more.


groovekittie - said it before, said it again, coolest fannish MOM ever. /  You always have the sweetest things to say to everyone.  I wish I could be as good a person as you are.


Gryphonrhi - I still go back and visit the worlds and characters you created.  Thank you for them, and for just being you.


guede_mazaka - You're still one of the brightest people I know, and I'm glad to have met you. / you're a wonderful world builder and I loved every second I spent in your universes, but most importantly you're an amazing person: thought provoking, kind and fun. *loves* Have a wonderful day!


gwendolen: [through fandom we met | which one, i have forgotten | we share so much more]


gwendolyngrace - you give so much of yourself


gwentastic - If zombies covered the earth I'd like to hole up in a place with you and your kittehs. / Good and bad, I know you're someone I can always talk to about things.  And your art, it is gorgeous. / Cat-mommy extraordinare! :)


gwyn_r - I want only wonderful things for you, because you are so talented as a vidder and so kind as a friend, and you make fandom better just by being in it.


gypsy_sally - ...is going to OWN Alaska. She doesn't even have to worry about it.




hackthis – smart, funny, and talented / I think it says everything that I can't imagine going a day without checking in with you. Touchstone, what? / You always make me smile and you never fail to make my crappy days brighter just by being so damn awesome / the one who can take any crazy, cracktastic idea and turn it into an instant classic - constantly produces screen ready stories that leap into life and off of my computer screen


halcyon_shift - Under whatever name she's using, she's witty, kind, helpful, and incredibly giving. She runs Sweet Charity. She makes incredible vids - She could rule the universe from her living room, and it would be a better, shinier place. / You are witty and wonderful and you make the most amazing vids.


halfshellvenus – fantastic friend, and a compassionate individual / love and hedges!


halowrites - What I love best about you is how I really feel I can trust you.  That's such an amazing, rare feeling.


hansbekhart - When I think of you, I think of the wonderful line in Maya Angelou's poem 'Phenomenal Woman':  "when you see me passing, it ought to make you proud."  Knowing you makes me so proud./ you are one of the sweetest, coolest and strongest people on my flist. / you are one of the sweetest, coolest and strongest people on my flist./When I think of you, I think of the wonderful line in Maya Angelou's poem 'Phenomenal Woman': "when you see me passing, it ought to make you proud." Knowing you makes me so proud. / you're my hero


happywriter06 - You're such a talented and fun person to know, and I love that you're not afraid to try new things in your life and in your writing. You meet challenges head-on and along the way you entertain us with your descriptions of everything from TV shows to courthouse or G.I. Jane experiences.


harknessgirl : Your so friendly and eager to help people out and I don't know what I would have done without you recently. You're so supportive and positive and even though I don't know you that well right now, I'm sure we're going to become great friends! :)


harlequin_09 - The best friend anyone could ask for.


harriet_vane - My little spoon, so funny and amazing, I love you. / It sounds so simple, but I'm glad we know each other. / You are such a sweet and wonderful individual, and I consider it an honor to have you in my life. / You make me smile almost every day. / hilarious.  highlight of my mornings: thinking that she is secretly brendon urie. /  Your humor, humility, and fresh approach to life makes me smile every day.


harukami - it's been a long time and many moves since I first met you, but you're still so awesome and I'm so glad you're happy!


havocthecat - you've been such an amazing effect on me as a person. You've made me think about things I never would have, things I should have, and even though you've kinda dropped out on things, I will ALWAYS treasure that.


hd_obsession - You are such an amazing friend!! / So kind and fun and awesome. I wish you all the best. / I hope our friendship lives on after SPN is over, darling <3 / You’re a most kind-hearted person, a gift to your friends. / Thank you for being SO incredibly sweet, and for brightening my days with your schmoopy, beautiful fic. / you're a wonderful, amazing person, and my life feels better with you in it. / You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  I love sharing the love for schmoopy J2 with you. / You are so giving and adorable! / you are a very good friend / you write such fabulous fic, and your so amazingly wonderful and fabulous and supportive,  I love you and am so thankful to know you <3 / You are so sweet, I just want to eat you up! You are a genuine, loving and giving person and I’m so pleased to know you! / You're always RIGHT THERE for people, through both the goods things and the bad things. You're such a kind, dear heart, and one of my goals this year is to be a better friend in return. ILU. <3 / You're one of the kindest people I have ever met. You've been such a wonderful and supportive friend of me and I'm grateful for every single time you've listened to my endless rants, every single time you were there for me when I needed you. You're the best. / Once I sat up and took notice of how amazing and loving you are, well. I can;t help but see it in every single thing you do now. You are so genuine and kind that it amazes me and makes me want to be more like that (you!) myself.


healingwarrior - best friend


hegemony - You are SERIOUSLY FABULOUS, bb - you always brighten up my day with your comment porn and I'm so very lucky and grateful to know you. I miss our MSN convos but I still love you! <3


heidi8 - Although the stars align against us, I know that we will meet again someday. In the meantime, YOU ARE DELIGHTFUL! *hugs* / You are often my sanity, in both real life and fandom matters.  I'm so glad to have met you. / We have the most convoluted fandom-friendship ever, but I love how we got where we are. You're fabulous!


helioshyperion - lots of hugs


hello_ilu - You are so much fun to talk to! A total sweetheart. I'm so glad I met you. <3


hellopoe = You always crack me up and I think you're awesome!


hermine - I love you, that's all :)


herohunter- You, my dear, are one of the most open-hearted, generous and at the same time no-nonsense people in the world. You defend your friends like a mama tiger, and I love your big mouth because you say just what needs to be said. You're also devoted mother, gifted author, and creative and wonderful human being. The fandom and the world at large would be poorer without your presence. / a great, supportive friend


herowlness - BEST. MINDTWIN. EVER. I love you, dear! :)


hhhellcat - big hugs and lots of positive thoughts/When you think things are falling to pieces all around you, remember that someone here loves you in the middle of it all, and has you in her thoughts. Stay strong. / When you think things are falling to pieces all around you, remember that someone here loves you in the middle of it all, and has you in her thoughts.  Stay strong./ big hugs and lots of positive thoughts.


hilarytamar - You are SO SMART and so incredibly fun to talk to! / good friend, good company, and someone who's always been there for me.


hils - I love all your posts!! / you! you with your constant posts about Merlin! now i have another fandom!! ... THANK YOU :D /  I know your continuous posting has given you problems with some weirdos but that's my favourite thing about being your friend. I like knowing that someone is always around and feeling chatty and having just as many random thoughts and ideas that they want to share as I do. You're enthusiastic about fandom and the people in it and that's always so good to see in people. You're so open and I feel like I know a lot about you. NEVER CHANGE! :) / You are such a lively and interesting person. / creator of vibrant, beautiful icons / Your perky posts keep me going on glum days. Many hugs!


hime: You're there for me when I feel down and I only hope I can do the same for you.


hinsoullai : You are one of the most fangirlish people I know and that's saying something. I love to see your captastic posts and hyper squeeing! Your blatant posting of pretty pictures of pretty man just for the sake of it makes me laugh and makes me love you because it's always so good to see! I hope you know that lots of people love you and are there for you always :)


hitokaji - Your infectious enthusiasm makes me smile! And your artwork has a whimsical quality to it that I love.


hiyacynth: i can always count on you babe. thank you so much for your support and friendship. i love you muchly.


hkath - There will never be another person like you in my life; nor would I ever want there to be. And I'm yours / You never fail to make me laugh. <3


hmrpotter Super fandom friend...I miss the opportunity to see you in person! Maybe I should go to DragonCon?


hnix: your shoes get so thirsty! what's up with that?


hobbits_of_kd: The community may be dead, but I still think of you gals as my first internet family!


hogwartsvixxen : You were my first friend on LJ and even now I consider you one of the kindest people I've ever met. I know you haven't had things easy lately but you have never let that stop you caring and loving for others. So many people adore and love you because you have a huge heart and endless amounts of patience and comfort to share with your friends. I hope that you stay my friend for a long time and I feel privileged to have gotten to know you! <3<3<3


hollib - If only one good thing came out of fandom, it's our friendship. You understand me in ways most don't and I appricate you all the more for it. Thank you for putting up with me.


hollywoodgrrl: I am awed by your talent and constantly delighted by your enthusiasm and friendliness. I'm glad to have met you!


holycitygirl: You and me till the wheels fall off.


honeyandvinegar - I love how much you love Casey/Zeke.


house_of_lantis - Love your J2 AU boys and your wonderful style in creating them. / You have an epic feel in your writing that I absolutely love.


hoveringon - You are so admirable – so strong, in the face of so much. Thank you for your friendship, sweetie, you are AWESOME.


huggenkiss – You are truly a delightful little bundle of Australian joy, and I hope that stays with you when things get tough. Chin up! We adore you. :)


huntress69 - supportive, she always has a comment for me /  You friended me when I first came onto LJ.  My first longish story was inspired by a challenge you left on Sinful Desire.  I love your writing and you are one of those people that comments on my personal stuff and who I feel understands.  You made me welcome on LJ.  Thank you :P


huzzlewhat - Truly, you are one of my favorite people in SV fandom, and just in general too.  :) / How are you so awesome?  Admit it:  you’re secretly Wonder Woman, aren’t you?


hwmitzy – one of the most giving people i've ever known *wxwxwx*


hyperfocused: we're like ships crossing in fannish seas, but i miss you all the time




i_amthecosmos - You feel like one of my best friends and I'm grateful to fandom for bringing me you! Have a Feliz Dia de San Valentin!


iamstealthyone – Whenever you comment on one of my fics, I feel so special; the time and consideration you take when giving feedback gives every author something to hold onto.


iamzulma – I miss you so tremendously…I never felt foolish discussing with you the where/why/how of handling meeting Jensen, lol. I miss breakfast and coffee.


Icalynn – You're the sister I wish I had.  I should probably tell you that more often.


Icarus_chained:  You're just far and away one of my favorite authors.  Everything you write you touch with beauty and love.


ice-crystal – A real sweetheart.  You deserve all good things, with chocolate topping.


idealuk - I think you're fascinating, feisty, and fun. I admire your strength.


idiosyncratic: A breath of sanity in what's often the craziness of fandom, and I'm so glad you're in my life, hon.


idle_grafitto - Whenver I try to talk to you the words never seem to come out right. I think you are so amazing and I just want to make everything better for you. I worry about you a lot and I wish there was something I could do to help you out. I think you are just a wonderful person and I hope that everything works out for you. You really do deserve it.


idyll:  You're like the quintessential older sister: I want to be you when I grow up./ meeting  you was seriously one of the highlights of the year, and i'm so lucky to have you as a friend.  thank you for all your support and love.


ignazwisdom: You remind me of that song by Cake: Short Skirt/Long Jacket.  You're just that awesome.


ignipes - wonderfully creative and thoughtful / your take on life and stories and spaceships and boys in cages makes me smile / 2009 is going to be your year.  You deserve it like no one else. *hugs* / I adore your writing for its excellence, good characterisation, and warmth, and I think you're brilliant for your determination in your own life and the humour you bring to fandom.


ignited - A wonderful artist and writer, and an even more treasured friend. / Stef, you are a gorgeous person inside and out.  And I am insanely jealous of your amazing talents. / Your talent is ridiculous and you are incredibly sweet and funny! / you are SO creative and SO talented and I'm jealous of your awesomeness. I'm so glad to know you. / Your mind is a crazy, wonderful place, your heart is incredibly generous, and you're adorably cranky in the morning. What's not to looooove about you? Major hearts to you, chica. And today I shall say, you are a LOVER and not a hater of freedom. Obvious love is obvious.


ileliberte - an incredible artist and so much fun to talk to


ilexa: my otp, i don't know what i'd do without you


Iliana_1: a fantastic friend with a great taste in purses


ima_pseudonym – a resourceful and funny bud


imntsaying -- I don't know where you were all my life, but I feel like this about you every day - <333333 / I want nothing more than to smish you forever and ever! / one of the sweetest, most generous people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, always willing to offer a kind word to cheer others up / So many things to be said, but for giving me back the ability to feel, I am forever grateful.  I love you. / heart / One day there will be cuddles! I am holding out for that day, because I know that you will be just as wonderful in person as you are online, and I look forward to having that confirmed. / So. Many. Hearts.


impala_chick - I've missed your wild self, sweetie! School's busy, I know, but I hope you're having a lovely Valentine's Day, preferrably locked in a room alone with... hmmm, lemme see... Joe Jonas?? Yes. Perfect. Heh.


impalalove - loving and special and awesome / You make me feel comfortable just seeing your name.


impertinence - "Love cures people -- both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it." - Karl Menninger / You're so strong and amazing. I love the way you make me laugh. / I have so much respect for you, for your intelligence and sharpness and common sense and sense of fun.


impertinence - the best of friends


in_the_bottle - whenever I am down, I look at your Atlantis postcard and holiday cards and cheer up


in_vulnerable - I miss sharing a fandom with you.


incompletework2 : I love your stories and the way that they always brighten up my day.


indiemelece: You're absolutely lovely. To say that I adore you is a severe understatement.


indigo_5 - Gorgeous, smart and funny writing - super engaging, just like your personality! / It is perhaps embarrassing to admit how jealous I am of your talent. You deserve all the fans you have. / You fast have become one of my favorite writers and favorite people! You are adorable and your writing astounds me with every new thing you post. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. *smooches*


indysaur - you could not be more brilliant.  i really look forward to getting to know you better... i'm hoping some of your awesomeness rubs off on me!


inkbymidnight - Rough patch aside, I hope this day brings you lot of love and chocolate. ILU!


inksheddings - an amazing woman and a complete joy to know


inlovewithnight - It's hard to imagine fandom without your intelligence and your snarky sense of humor.  I'm glad for those things, and for you. / What can I say about our friendship? It was meant to be. Put it down to fate! HEY! \o/


innie_darling - i'm so happy we've become friends / There are people in the world who are genuinely kind, caring, talented individuals.  You are one of the best of those. / I'm so incredibly glad to know you. Your kindness and sense of humor are greatly appreciated /  Valentine's happiness to you!/ if not for you and your fantastic insight, I never would have seen so many things. Thank you so much. / a lovely person and a wonderful writer


insaneboingo- we don't talk a lot, but you're the best. / you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for, thank you for standing up for what you believe in and being so strong and amazing


ipso__facto: You are one of the best friends I have and have ever had, and if I'd known years ago how much you would come to mean to me, I would have chased you down you much, much sooner. I still can't believe sometimes how incredibly easy it is just to be with you.


iridescentglow: I'm so much in love with your writing. And you have introduced me to such wonderful things.


Irisbleufic: Talented and ever so stylish.


isagel - My absolute favorite Swede!  I love that I'm on your f-list and really, truly enjoy reading you.


isilwen: Hey, you sexy thing. :) Happy Valentines Day!


isilweth - Happy V.D! to one of the nicest people I know in SV fandom.


isiscolo - A big, cozy corner of my heart will always be yours.


isisfrog: Thanks for all the laughs on our con trips!


ithildyn quite simply the person who has helped me navigate through LJ, most of my first posts were from her :) also a great line in Highlander recaps and fic about our favourite old man :)


Ithilien22 - You are Love. I didn't think my writing soul mate would be 11 years younger than me, but here you are and I've never been more grateful. / I have no idea how you it everytime but your fics are just perfect. /  Gosh, I am in constant awe of your talent. You have the most amazing ability and can write anything from simple, gorgeous drabbles to the hottest smut ever.  You rock. The end. / you and Monday are the queens of Nuke fic, now and forever. Thank you for being so amazing.


itinerant_vae - your talent and kindness just blow me away; I'm learning to love having you around really fast.


itsallhushhush - Your strength and your beauty inspire me.


ivorygates is so supportive of other writers -- all of her hard work with helping others really makes our fandom a more high-quality place.


iyalode - I smile whenever I see your name pop up!




j_apollo - You've helped unite the Merlin fandom and I love you for that


j_s_cavalcante: Wonderfully talented and smart to boot!/ because you are generous, warm, and talented. Because anyone who loves CKR deserves to be loved. And because, this year, your generosity becomes... warm hands :)/ Thank you for being so generous with your crocheting talent!/ I love reading your art posts, and seeing your work. And your More Joy contributions are entirely made of Fabulous! / Your artwork has improved in leaps and bounds, and I love all the little things you do (GLOVES) that make people happy. / because you are generous, warm, and talented. Because anyone who loves CKR deserves to be loved. And because, this year, your generosity becomes... warm hands :)


j00j - You are the unrivaled Queen of the Links and your posts are among the most consistently fascinating and entertaining on my Friends page.  Thanks so much for all the time you put into them.


jade_dragoness - the most wonderful Merlin reviews and a fic reccer of the highest order


jadziadrgnrdr - Just the mention of your name makes me smile


jakesdream - I just wanted you  to know how much I appreciate all the wonderful words of encouragement you have given me over this past year.  I've really enjoyed getting to know you.


jakrar- Some people think that you're scary, but that's just part of your charm as one of the Lex Minions. I love having you around fandom because you're just so damn passionate about what you believe!


jamesie_boy: Talking to you is awesome, you're down to Earth and very smart.


jamesinboots - If ever there was someone I just wish I could always have around to cheer me up, or squee with or just talk about life with, it would be you.  I wish I was less busy so I could know you better but everything I know of you is amazing.  You are golden, darling. / Thank you for being one of the most level-headed, smart and opinionated people on my flist.  You make it a better place! / MY LITTLE SCHMOOFACE   I love you so much and there’s nothing in this whole world I would ever trade for you.  You make me feel so happy, all the time.  I trust you with everything I have to share.  I would gladly give you my heart the most.  So much love. / You're a beautiful woman, and a beautiful human being. You constantly restore my faith in online friendships, James. <3<3<3/ Babe, Valentine's a day full of hearts and chocolate and adorable squishy stuffed animals and it's a day made for you because you are all those things, and so much more. / You're a beautiful woman, and a beautiful human being.  You constantly restore my faith in online friendships, James. <3<3<3


jamethiel_bane - I don't know where to start with you, but I am happy to see you going out and achieving your goals and being happy. / wicked fucking classy in all the best ways


janedavitt not sure what to say about Jane, feel like I really know her, Ith and Sophie so well and always look forward to anything she has written, some wonderful SPN fic and the source of my Sentinal fix ;)


janet_carter - incredibly giving / Cute! Interesting! Funny! Wonderful! Is you. :D


janglyjewels: You're such a sweetheart! Jared is lucky to have a fan like you.


janie_tangerine--another John lover, you not only rock, but have great taste in movies, tv and music, that's one great combination!


janissa11 – Even before SPN, you had a huge impact on my fandom life. I’m always left thinking by your meta, and always left envious of your writerly skill./ Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. I'm so glad you seem to be regaining some of your joy in writing! / Fantastic and favorite Gil/Nick author! Her stories are always amazingly complex and detailed and so in character its like watching an episode of CSI with bonus slash. *G* /  One of the best writers I know! / Super smart, sexy, talented, interesting, fun to talk to you :) I adore you to no end. / You rock so hard I can't hardly stand it.


jasmasson – Thanks for your wonderful patience and sweet Holiday remembrances, and I look forward to our future collaborations. I'm so glad Sweet Charity brought us together!


jax50 - I love you hunny, you're one of the most important people in my life


jay_jay: i love that we can always pick up where we left off, but i wish it were daily instead of where our lives have taken us


jeannev: You create such interesting discussions which are very enjoyable to get in to. / Even if you didn’t go to all the effort of keeping track of the Smallville screentime minutes, I’d still love having you on my flist. Even when the shot itself kicks me in the teeth, I can always count on you to make me happy I’m in the fandom – because it introduced me to people like you. / Even if you didn’t go to all the effort of keeping track of the Smallville screentime minutes, I’d still love having you on my flist.  Even when the shot itself kicks me in the teeth, I can always count on you to make me happy I’m in the fandom – because it introduced me to people like you.


jediprincessdsv - I miss you lately, but I hope you are well, even if you are not around quite as much as before.


jehanne1431 - one of the strongest people I've ever met


jellicle : I am so incredibly happy to have you around.  We share so many interests, it's just so easy to get along with you.  But you brighten my day every time you take a minute or two to with a kind word or compliment.  I just hope I do the same for you every once in awhile.


jelloh0350 - amazing woman.  brave as all hell. / The one who always gets to the bottom of me / You amaze me every single day, you are so strong and such an amazing person and I admire you so much and am so thankful for you / I am so, so proud of who you've become, and who you are. I think you're wonderful, and I'm so grateful to be able to call you a friend. / I doubt you’re even going to bother yourself to look here, mamita, and I doubt seriously you’ll even be able to pick out who left you love, but I hope you know that there’s truly no one I admire more for moxie, gumption—you know, a good old case of the truthfuls.  You’re not one to pander, baby and I love that most about you.  I love your strength, your wherewithal, your ability to roll with so many punches it’d knock the rest out.  You’re a strong woman and I love you.  Most importantly, though, I trust you.  There’s nothing I love more than that. /  refreshingly honest / you give me hope.  you give me friendship.  you give so much - I just want to say that its appreciated and that you are a truly wondrous person and offer you a little something back.  Please never doubt you are loved. / I love you unconditionally and completely and one of the many reasons is that I feel like you've taught me more about who I am and what it means to be me than anyone I've met in years./ You are an awesome and brilliant person. Don’t even change… it’d be a shame / You make me smile, and sometimes it's just what I need. I made you an icon! (See Madelyn's icon list above.)


jenkster - I honestly don't know what I would do without you in my life.


jenna_knight - I am proud to call you friend!


Jennie_belle - My sister!


Jenniebellie - Part of the best foursome EVER.


jeyhawk - *hug* Just... Lots and lots of HUGS! You're an incredible writer and all around sweetheart.


jezzabe - You radiate both personality and pure awesome, and I love your face a lot.


jillybinks - Kind and open and always willing to help a friend


jinxed_wood another paragon of fic writing :)


jlh - informed, informative intelligent and illuminating


joans23 - You're awesome. Thank you for being so generous and lovely. / You're so talented and generous and happy. I love seeing your name on my flist.


joanses-You're such a nice person and I really enjoy talking to you. I hope that everything works out for you and for the baby because you deserve so much more than you have.


jocondite -   I honestly believe you're the best writer in bandom.  Added to that, you're a pretty fantastic person.  Your posts are something I never skim, no matter what you're writing about, because it always seems like you've got something intuitive and insightful to say. / You are beautiful inside and out, and I honestly can't imagine anyone being as lovely as you truly are. I still have a horribly fluttery crush on you that I don't think will be going anywhere soon. / clover likes it in england, and i like you.  <3  you're easily one of the best things to come out of bandom for me, and i'm so lucky to have you as a friend.


joereaves – the bestest writer and kink-infector in fandom, I wish I had a fraction of your talent.


jokermage: You're a quiet friend who's always there in quirky ways.


jola: you're a fabulous person and i'm so happy we're still friends, and sometimes kind of amazed, considering where we started.


josselin - I miss you and wish you would post more!


jovialien - An absolutely amazing writer and a lovely person. As my original LJ friend you will always have a special place in my heart :P


joyfulseeker: I envy the people who actually get to spend time with you on a daily basis.  I hope we're friends forever, because every insight you have into everything is valuable to me.


js_cavalcante - generous and thoughtful, always has something interesting to say


juice817: Thank you so much for all you do for fandom. Your podfics are amazing and you deserve so much praise for everything you put into making those amazing fics come alive!


juicephine - I really like you, and I'm glad I know you.


julchen11: Thanks for always listening and just being there for me


julesoh - sometimes i wonder where my life would be without parofthree or you. never stop being my friend


julia_here - I love you for your wisdom, your eye for beauty, your beautifully flawed awesomeness. I want to be you when I grow up.


julius12: we don't talk as much as we used to, but I just want you to know I still love you!


juls_chuls - ...is a hell of a lot more confident, capable and amazing than she gives herself credit for. She has the power to take on the world if she wants to, and I have no doubt that she will.


july_july_july – I’m blown away by your intelligence, your sense of humor, your genuine affection for fandom and Show, and your keen eye and heart when it comes to putting words down. Would that I had known myself as well at your age. / You are hands down the best new writer in SPN fandom.


junebugged - You are one of the most inspiring people I've met. Despite a life of odds you maintain your grace and strength, and offer incredible amounts of love. You're a beautiful person, inside and out.


justacat - Miss you!


jwalkontherocks - I am constantly in awe of your strength and resiliency- you inspire me to be stronger myself




kadymae - I love how you enable me. / All kinds of amazing. ALL KINDS


kaelie - Kaelie, you are a shining light.  What you and Mr. K did for Kona is amazing, and just the tip of the iceberg of the ways in which you are wonderful.  <3 / OMG RAFA!!! OMG DOGGIES!!! OMG you are so NOT an impostor!!!


Kageygirl: you're sharp, funny, and tremendously giving, and you never show up empty handed, and seem to always be there when something really needs to be done in a hurry, and I adore that about you.


kaiz:  The strongest person I know, hands down.


kajivar - So much fun, so little time.


kalalanekent - You should know that no matter how you're feeling, you are loved.


kalichan: I'm so pleased to have met you! You're funny, interesting and very talented, and you make Torchwood fandom a shinier place.


kalpurna - the smartest woman i know


kamadu - I really wish we lived closer together so I could get to know you better--I hope we'll be able to share more fun times in the future.


karmicunderpath - Someday I will buy you a pet dinosaur, until then I will just love you.


kashmir1 - I am SO PROUD of you. Get your smart on and write me more prons, plz! / I miss you!  You are a joy to know and I'm glad to have gotten to meet you in person as well. / You are so kind and sweet and beautiful. / You are seriously the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life. / You are sweet, funny, incredibly endearing, and deserve to have good things happen to you.


kassrachel - I do not understand how this woman finds time for all the awesome she is, and yet somehow, she does. Stories! Poetry! Volunteer work! Vidding! She's a multifunction awesome machine, basically. / you are such a sweetie / You have so much talent and wisdom, and such a beautiful heart. I am fortunate to know you.


kat_lair fantastic fic :)


Katallison: You are one of the first fangirls I ever met, and I have adored the hell out of you from that first moment on, for how open you are, how enormously fun you are to spend time with, for how smart and caring and self-knowing, and just awesomely YOU.


kate_monster - I covet your life, thank you for letting me live vicariously!


kateyes085:  Happy Valentine’s Day to one of my friends that I’m just starting to get to know even better thanks to her generous heart and the 2009 bigbang!! *hugs and squishes you*


kathleen_hp: I love you and I miss you!


katie_m - smart, fun, smart, interesting, smart, talented.


katkim – Smart and caring and funny.


katlike - your love and support mean the world to me.  you're easily one of the strongest people i know, and i'm so lucky to count you as my friend.  <3


katoletomato - practically perfect in every way. and in the ways she's not, is willing to take responsiblity for her actions.


katrinaswift: You! You are absolutely faaaaaaaaaaaabulous.


katysam - I wish I had your brain because I love the way you think. ;) You're such a lovely friend and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you. Love you!


kaycee_a - You're just a good person! I'm so glad we met all those years ago!


kaygrr -- No one would make a better Island Caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef than you!


kazbaby – One big giant heart / brings so much delight to everything she does, and has a heart the size of texas.


keefaq - You are just pretty damn cool.


keepaofthecheez - "Stars are like friends; there's always some around, you just need to find your favorite one." / You make my flist SHINE. Whatever you post, whether it’s about life or fandom or Jared SEXYASS Padalecki, it always makes my day better. You are so smart and fun, and, god, such an incredible, incredible writer. / I love squeeing over Jared with you, you always understand and you are such an awesome fangirl and friend and I adore you so much! / We don't know each other all that well, but thanks for all the laughs about Jared and his STUPID FACE! LOL! / Hilariously infectious and an absolute joy to have on my friendslist. / You're one of the classiest, sweetest, most generous folks around, hon, don't let anyone tell you differently. I only hope I can have all your grace and heart when I become a mother. <3 / is kind, wonderful and caring, and manages to keep my fandom enthusiasm going when I don't think I have a bit of it left in me. /  you're a loyal friend and a great mom! You're also totally rad. I'm still shocked every day that you have me on flist. <3 / the source for all things Padalecki; this LJ is the most dedicated happy place on my FL - and I'm a Jensen girl! / Je ne sais quoi. You have it, love. In spaaades. ♥♥♥ You are always such a delight to read and all kinds of adorable and made of rainbow sparkles and much flare. Me love you looong time. / the world was less hilarious and awesome before I found you. CONTINUE TO BE INSANELY AWESOME, PLS. / whatever, you're my soulmate and my life was empty before you.  you're my favorite part of our shared soul and i kind of love your voice and i definitely asked for you <3 / You always make me laugh… and ILU for that. Happy V- Day


keerawa - favorite vidder who proves how great she is with every new project


kelene : I love you because you are so generous and nothing is ever too much work when it comes to your friends. You put more effort into things for others than any other person I know and that says a lot about your character. I hope you know that we're all grateful! :)


kelleigh: I sat with my pencil poised over a little scrap of paper waiting for the perfect words to come to describe how wonderful you are and how much you mean to me, but nothing would do for the epicness that is you. So I'll simply say I love you and I'm so thankful to have you in my life.


kellifer_fic -  HUGS 4 U 2day! / a terrific writer! I really love how you can deliver the funny as well as the angst so skillfully / I come for your stories, but I stay for YOU. / You're awesome!


kelzies = Crazy, insane love for all things ninja and Supernatural.


kernezelda – You make me feel less alone for loving Sam best.


Kerri_is_dead: You deserve happiness, and I believe you'll find it.


kerry_louise - you are awesome and special and I love you heaps.


kethni - I tell you all the time that you're a fantastic writer, but I sometimes worry you think I'm being insincere. I'm not. I honestly think you are one of the best authors in the fandom. / -DON'T GIVE UP!  You are a brilliant writer and a lovely person.  I am constantly in awe of the way you consistently manage to scare the crap out of me.  And I love you for it. / You're always there for me, which is good cause a lot of your fic makes me quake in my boots.


keyweegirlie: generous & deserving of great things


khateh: *big hugs* Keep positive!


khylara - You know how much you mean to me, luv.  You’ve been there for me through times good and bad.  Love you!


kickaboutheart: You always are willing to pitch in, to give a hug, to write drabbles, to do just about anything to make other people smile. I appreciate you.


killabeez - You are made of love. And sparkly pink hearts. And I love you, a lot. / You are one of my favorite people in the entire world, and I never tire of getting to spend time with you.


killerweasel -  I love reading her journal and looking at her pics. Awesome fandom resource. / You give SO MUCH to fandom and seriously never ask for a thing back in return. It astounds me that someone could be that selfless with their time. Thank you for everything!


kimonkey7 - Sending you hugs this Valentine's day! / i love you so freakin much it's illegal in twelve (possibly) thirteen states. you're brilliant and artistic-y and awesome. you may not always remember that, but i sure do. /  If someone ask you why she's funny, say, she's a poet, she don't have sense./ You are the rockinest, babe. \m/


kinetikatrue: I love your weird, AU-spinning, genius brain


kiniro: So brilliant. So talented. Awesome in a box.


kisahawklin -- Thanks for cracking the beta-whip, and for being such a great help. <3


kissingchaos9 - inspiring in your exuberance


kita0610 - when I don't know how to handle a situation in fandom, I just think to myself 'what would kita do' because the answer to that question is usually the best response.  I want to be you when I grow up. /  Secretly I think, "one day I'll be as awesome as Kita when I grow up." Sadly I don't think it'll happen so I'll just keep on admiring your strength, wisdom and incredible talent. / You are my oldest online friend, and recently I feel like we've gotten to know each other much better after many years of roaming in different circles. I respect you as a real-life grown up person who treats others as she'd want to be treated--no higher praise can I dispense. I am very lucky to have you in my life, thank you for your friendship through the years. /  I am beyond overjoyed that you have settled somewhere that makes your entire family happy - life would completely suck without you in it / You gave me the code to get an LJ in the first place and I would not be on the long, amazing trip without you! Also, you are awesome. :-). Have a great Valentine's Day!


kitsune13 - \o/!YOU\o/!


kittyglam: Rob gave me flowers and some chocolate for you ;) Happy Valentines Day!


kittywiskers: Coolness of cool. In a knitting box.


kittyzams - you are the most genuine gorgeous amazing strong wonderful person i know! i wish you all the love in the whole world. 100% accurate truthy fact.


kittyzams: there are not words for the way my heart expands every time I talk to you


kj_svala: because you are an extravagantely generous friend, and because you make the most amazing vids and wonderful wallpapers. Because you are full of life :)


kkgee – To my dollface who enjoys making me blush.  I couldn’t help but open the cards early, but then, I suppose you imagined I might.  Kee, you make me so happy and it’s not for the way you know exactly how to make me hide my face in my hands.  It’s for all the ways you know me, instinctually.  It’s for all the ways you get me and never mind how quiet I can get.  It’s for all the ways you make me feel like a million bucks.  Like I matter.  Like the words I say are being heard.  I love for you sharing your epic, for sharing your life, for sharing your excitement and energy with me.  And yeah, I’m pretty damn glad you “worked up the nerve.” –grin- Love to you, sweetie.


kleenexcow: You're one of the originals, and I'll always treasure our friendship.


klo_the_hobbit - You always make me smile, reading your posts is like talking to an old friend.


krazykipper - i can't imagine where i'd be if i hadn't met you that fateful day in london. <3 / I'm so glad we finally connected. You inspired me to do something I hadn't done before, and I hope that continues. / You're so sweet, intelligent, funny and so very caring. I love you.


krisd81:  OMG, I think you're awesome and fun and funny and your English is 2000x better than mine.


krisdia - You are kind, funny, smart, a delightful spirit and a great friend whose optimism is seriously contagious. Thank you for all the ways you've enriched my experience of fandom!


kriski : I'm glad you're posting more regularily on LJ again. I missed you terribly.


krisomniac - I am so utterly in awe of you and what you are pursuing in life.  I love how much we *get* each other and sharing squee and the show with you is fantastic.  You amaze me. /  I’m so lucky to have connected with you here on LJ, and I don't know which is better about Thursday nights: Winchesters or YOU. / so optimistic and talented and one of my favorite people in the entire world / You're my rock, babycakes. I love you for being so wise and calm and accepting and so very giving. Thank you for... thank you for EVERYTHING. I wouldn't be here without you.


krissielee:  You are loved, dude.  :D


kristiinthedark - I so so so so want to meet you some day. You are shiny! / my god, I love a million things about you: how you make tough decisions about your life, and never complain, how you find happiness even in the toughest of times, how you are so, so easy to talk to, and how much fun I always have when I'm around you. / you are such a fun person!  i enjoy your posts very much.  <3 / An amazing friend who maks the best sweets and who I love knowing / the love of my life! Wonderful and smart and totally dirty and I'm seriously jealous when the rest of the world agrees with me.


kroki_refur -  Keeping me smiling since 2007! / OMGSAM'SNOSE! *love* / if I could have one bound volume of my favorite fics by my favorite author to take on a desert island, it would be fic by you / You are pure talent on crack. / The way your brain works makes me happy. / I don't know whether I love the crack more or the meta, but thanks for all the sea cucumbers :D. / thinky, funny and a great writer./ Your episode reviews of DOOM give me almost as much joy as the eps themselves (sometimes more!) / awesome reviewer/gen ficcer after my own heart / i love you very much. you're possibly the most amazingful and talented person i've ever met.


kronette - I'm glad to have been friends so long.


kros_21 -You are soo sweet and fabulous and full of squee and love, and I love you so much, you are so selfless <3 / so damn caring / We haven't known each other for long but I can't remember my flist without you. :)


Krysalys - Quirky and so much fun.


ktnb81 - oh, honey, I adore you and your smile.


kueble- You're hot, sweet, smart, and a great friend.


kurdt105: Have a Happy Valentines Day, honey! I'll pull a roger if you don't. :p


kuromatic – Kur, I wanted to put a little something special in here for you because you are someone I know I would never ever be without for weekday lunch (whenever I could have you), for weekends out with friends.  You bring this incredible real-world-ness to my life.  Grounded, solid.  It’s not all caught up in flights of fancy.  You make me think.  You give me new things all the time - things I enjoy!  I admire that about you, the way you get me and still maintain this quiet distance.  I know your love for sailing and it’s funny, sometimes I think people are the things they love to do, their hobbies, you know?  I picture you much like a little slip cutting through the water.  Smart, graceful, carefree – you know your bearings, you maintain your course, you don’t let yourself get maneuvered in the wrong direction.  You cut through the water like you’re cutting through glass, beautifully, steadily, with purpose.  I don’t know if the sailing metaphor is really going to transcend, but I wanted you to know that I think you’re an amazing, kindred spirit, and I love that about you. / I'm so glad you're happy and healthy, and that I KNOW you.


ky_rie - *hugs* Love you hon. And I'm glad we got you hooked on Merlin. >:)


kyanoswolf: I miss your posts and comments and hope you'll stop by more often.


kymellin - There aren't sparkly hearts enough to convey the fluff I bear you. You're entirely lovely.


Kyokomurasaki: I always smile when I see your username.




la_fono - You are my very favoritest fono in all the world, and I would not trade you for anything. Not even chocolate, not even pr0n. <3 <3 <3


lackofsound- I adore you Lyssa and can't wait to meet in person.


ladalove - ...is my dearest and best friend in the entire universe. My world is a much better place because of her support and friendship.


ladililn - I really, really like you and wish you were around more.  Also you write Logan Reese  way better than anybody else.


lady_drace: because you deserve SO much love, and because this is gonna be your first year as a mom and just because I say so.


lady_fox My bestest biffle and beta. My fic would suck without you. My life would suck without you. Not eloquent, but true.


lady_t_220 - If I could give you Hugh Jackman dressed in nothing but a red bow, I would. (but not 'til I got that bow tied juuuuust right!)


ladyanne525 - Whenever I'm down on fandom, I remember that it brought us together in the most random way, and I think that if I could find someone as awesome as you in the mess that is the internet, then it can't all be bad, right?


ladyblack888 - Genuinely awesome


ladybug218 - A rocking awesome friend.


ladybugkay - Your joy in your writing comes through, and the quality is so incredibly high!  I love discussing our favorite Bat and Bird!


ladycat777: I love you and just wanna give you all the hugs you need. / ::wants to hug you and squeeze you and keep you forever::


ladydreamer:  i like you a lot, jenny!  happy valentine's day. /  a super cool person / Keep on being a beautiful, unique snowflake who keeps on playing in her own sandbox and doesn't let other people bring her down. You're graceful and wonderful, don't ever change. / You are smart, funny, and talented, hon, and I love that I get to be your friend.  Happy Valentines Day!


ladyjaida - A fantastic author, and an inspiration to me as another fangirl trying to make her fandom loves into a reality.


Ladyoneill: ridiculously creative, and so involved in everything around her


ladysarahjane: You are growing and being a grown up but you never forget to come back.


Ladysonsie - I cannot believe that you hid your drabbles in PMs and did not share your talent for so long. Thank you for braving it all and celebrating truck!sex so gloriously. / You're a sweet and fascinating e-friend, write awesome fics and have gorgeous/deep/hilarious avis. I can't imagine the fandom or LJ without you! / you are fabulous and don’t you forget it! Please write more. More more more! (not that I’m greedy or anything.)


laenij: how dost I love thee, let me count the ways. you're so awesome, and I always love talking to you about whatever :D


laerwen: you have been so incredibly kind to me, ever since we first met. never stop being so awesometastic.


lalabebe - I am so excited and proud and awed by  your courage and conviction and amazingness! You are a lovely, smart, warm person and I'm glad I know you. :-)


lamardeuse - Your John/Rodney love always cheer me up and make me love them even more and I blame you entirely for Die Hard 4 love. / Your writing is always a joy to read.


lamentables - has an eye for pictures that is postively inspired / helps me look at the world differently / The world's so beautiful through her eyes.


laneyseradias - ...is the hippest person I have ever known. If she were a nightclub, Lindsey Lohan would be calling in favors to get in. On a Tuesday night.


lanning:  to this day, and forevermore, The Identical Series is canon for me.  it's the way it really was.  i also think your icon-making is astoundingly good.  thank you!


lapetite_kiki - You're so amazingly talented and generous. / because you bring joy to my life with your talent, but also with your friendship. Because we share a lot of likes, Because we both believes in kisses in front of the Liberty Statue ;) /  You remain my favorite fandom artist!


Lapiccolina: a great listener and full of helpful advice


lapislaz - You are both kind and cool


larbd - "There is no remedy for love but to love more." - Henry David Thoreau


latxcvi – one of my favorite people in fandom / You are a shining bastion of sanity in SV fandom, and I'm so glad you've hung on this long. / fabulous taste in shoes


laurashapiro -  Brilliant and kind, and she's making the world a better place for fans.


Laurens_bonanza: possibly an obsessive fangirl, but I adore her anyway


lavvyan - i'll always be on hand to tell you the difference between a tree and a traffic light :) i love you and you're so amazing. / Your happy John/Rodney land makes me a happy John/Rodney fangirl. / You're my favorite author in this fandom... but you know that already. You also know that I'm grateful for being your friend, that I strongly believe you are going to publish something one day, that I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again, and that you're one of the greatest people in the two fandoms we share. Actually, I'm having a hard time coming up with something you *don't* know yet. Hm. Did you know that if you yelled for about 8 1/2 years you would produce enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee? / Colors!!! Fanfic!! you are the Queen of crack! Say DNGG?


lawgeekgurl:  I wish you and the monster lived next door to me!


Layton Colt - OMG there are no words. Fantastic author in SO many fandoms. Absolutely hilarious in her quirky awesomeness. One of the best friends a person can have and someone that deserves much love and happiness. *HUGEHONKINHUGS*


lazy_daze - I love your enthusiasm and love for our boys. I love your accent. I think you're absolutely adorable. /  I love your brain. A LOT. / I'm insanely jealous of everyone who gets to meet you in person. / You bring joy to fandom and my f-list on pretty much a daily basis, Sam.  I think of you as a true fandom treasure. / You make me smile with your crazy capslocky posts! And your fic is the hottest I have ever read  -D / you are so fantastic! i love having you on the flist and every time you post it makes me smile. / I squee every single time you post, whether it's about the boys, or snow, or walking to work, or anything else. You make me endlessly happy. / I love you even when you're cracking the whip!


Ldthomps: You are one of my absolute favorite human beings, for being so sharp and sweet and honest and giving and FUNNY and open, and I could not possibly adore you more. / So glad to have met you, you always make me smile / What is life like without a Lydia ? Let us hope I never have to find out. You never judge, you constantly support, and you are inordinately smart and kind and wonderful. You're amazing.


ldyghstwhisprer- Well my gosh it's been a few years now I think at least three and it's been a great time.  I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I've had talking to you and getting to know you.  You've been a wonderful friend.


leafy22: Sweet and shy and warm and lovely.


legoline - You are so awesome. Such a great listener, a great friend an good for kicking my ass!!!! Ylou rock..don't let anyone believe otherwise.


leighblack: Thanks for being the bestest partner in crime a girl could have! / A fantastic friend.


leighm: We were not children together/ but we are now./ You're such a beautiful person. I love how much love you have and how passionate you are about it. /  you're sweet, caring, loving, fun and talented. I adore talking with you, and the direction(s) we always take our conversations. / You are one of the best surprises in me life.  I don’t think you believe it.  I think you shrug it off, but—you.  I love you so much I spend days wishing we weren’t separated by states and instead lived right next door to each other.  You always say we’d be trouble, and I’m sure we could be to some extent, but I think instead of being trouble, we’d both just be tremendously happy.  I know I would be.


lemmealone - So freaking talented I CAN'T BELIEVE. And such an amazing person, we must meet again. TRUFAX. / I want to steal you away and make you cook for me and organize my library / Over the years, I've gone back and thought about little comments you have made to me that have literally brightened my day more times than I can count.  I never know how I come across to others and you see me in the way I want to be seen and am afraid no one will.  For that alone I would cherish you but then you have to go and be amazing and talented and beautiful as well.


lemmypie – There is NO ONE like you, anywhere. You’re the best kind of jester; one with a joke, a brain, a heart, and a cattle prod.


lennongirl: I you very mucho spouse. Happy Valentines Day!


leonidaslion -- You absolutely amaze me with your writing abilities and endless creativity, and you're a sweetheart to boot!  Which makes it really hard to hate you for the ridiculous focal point of talent that you are.  You leave me in awe with every new fic, and I think you are destined to go far with your writing. / Your talent is incredibly impressive but what I love the most about you is how much care you take to reply to all the comments left. / UR HOT STUFF!  Just like your fic!


lepapillon : You are going to kickass, I know you are.


lessthangreat - I miss you. We haven't talked in ages, not like we used to, and I miss that. I still love you, though, and hope that maybe someday we can reconnect. <3


let-fate-decide - they have nothing on us, r. you're such an awesome friend and you have all the courage you need. find it <3


lfg1986: Thanks for all the fun Jared discussions! Hope to see you at a con again soon!


liars_dance- Your every post make me smile on the worst of days.


Like_cheap_wine: adorable, and always able to laugh at herself


likecharity -  "Strangers are just friends waiting to happen." /  late night conversations about taps and vietnam mean more than you know. i love you.


liketheroad – You are sweet and lovely and I envy your talent. / I love you so hard! / You are always there for me, so lucky to call you my friend...just know I'll always be there for you.  I love you. /  Pinky swear.


Lilbreck: quite possibly the wittest person ever


lilka - There are no words for your awesome.


lillaw - To my wine and *clinging* buddy.  What would I do without you here?


lilysaid: I wish I could come over and play rock band with you! I bet we would RAWK OUT! / I am SO GLAD that you have embraced a fandom that I can totally get behind, because your stories, they are wonderful!  As are you.  <3


lim - You're so awesome with your many and varied skillz, and so lovely in your willingness to share them. / I think you're an awesome person all around, I really really do.


linaerys - You're a strong, gifted woman. I love reading about your writing projects, and I believe you'll do something amazing with your original novel. / You're beautiful, smart, sexy, creative, funny, multitalented, generous... and the list just GOES ON! Thank you for being a great friend and a true inspiration, in LJ and beyond.  / You are just plain all around amazing /  I wanna be you when I grow up.  Fluevog forever!


linda3m - You probably don't even know that you've saved my life. Thank you.


Lindil: I less-than-three you, gf. <3333 All your base are belong to me!!


linzi20 - You are someone I treasure so deeply in my life.


liresius – Thank you for being such a wonderful friend *hearts you*


liseuse - people who tolerate talk of rodeo cowboys are true friends. <3333


lissa_bear02 - You never fail to cheer me up. Thanks for that.


lisson17 : Your fic is always breathtaking and so full of emotion that its impossible not to feel inspired by it. You're a great friend, always taking time to respond to posts, and your a friendly and funny person. :)


lit_gal: An amazing writer, who encourages others to become better writers as well.


literaryll - You are a bright, shiny, generous source of comics goodness. I always love it when you post and I miss you!!


litterthisheart: You're a blast, girl, and I wish I'd known you forever.


little_whittles - Amazing friend, always there when I need her and a kickass derby player


littledrop – You're a great friend and always a pleasure to be around.  And such a talented writer. /  I adore you.


littlehollyleaf - Never stop crusading on Lex's behalf


lizardspots - I am in awe of your art. Really.


lizfu - an awesome artist and friend


lizzyjit - You are brave and amazing and talented and have the most incredible experiences. Thank you for sharing them.


lkygcze - sees the best in people, even when they can't see it themselves


llamabitchyo -- you're made of awesome. Thank you for being there, for everything.


llassah -  is adorably and chronically filthy minded, and the world is a better place for it / Come up and see me, make me smile.


logovo  - thanks for being the most reliable person in fandom, the best source of news and the best fangirl with which can share the squee!


lonelyfajita - parofthree is something special and amazing and i love you for being so awesome.


loneraven - I hope that when I'm twice your age I'm half the woman you are already.


longtime_lurker - Everything you write blows me away in totally different ways. You have an incredible range. / my favorite writer


longtimegone - You are the best line buddy ever! Let's do it again next Shore Leave!


looking4tarzan - You always make me feel welcome, since the first time we talked.


loony_moony - Embraces everything with such a wonderful enthusiasm.


lorannah: I always love talking to you, and I miss your writing! I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future.


lordessrenegade - so much fun! / You're one of my faaaaaaaaaavorites! Smart and passionate and so adorable and so lovely to hang out with – I can't imagine my life without you! / Makes my day. / I can't believe there was ever a time when I didn't know you and didn't get to see you at every fangirl party, and didn't get to have your wonderful smile, your amazing gift for making icons, your fabulous posts, and YOU in my life.


lossefalme – has an amazing and calming personality


lostandalone22 -you make time for everyone. even when your busy, and you are so sweet and wonderful! / You are a real sweetheart! Never change.


lostt1 - generous and brilliantly creative / You are such an amazing person: you write some of the greatest stories, your taste in music is perfect, and you are a wonderful friend. / You're beyond talented and so amazingly nice, even when you think you're not.  I'm proud to have you on my friend list. / Your art is so ordinal and beautiful. / I love you more than I can say!   You're AMAZING.


lou_angel - I get happy whenever I see you've posted a new Merlin fic


love_is_epic - you're the best VM fic cheerleader/support system ever (all hail Tritonia)


love_jackianto: Talented and generous. I wanna know her better.


lovebashed: you make my day, everyday.


loveflyfree: You are adorable and hilarious and I should totally comment to you more, but I do read and care and am paying attention. / we don't talk nearly as much as we used to, but you're still one of my favorite people


lovehotel - You make my flist SPARKLY. <3


loveisimmortal - Your fandom glee just makes me smile--and there's never enough smiling in the world!


lovestories - you're my own special katie mcgrath and i cherish that. / "Love is like pi - natural, irrational, and very important." - Lisa Hoffman


loveyouallwrong - one time I laughed so hard reading one of her entries I fell off my chair. / YOU ARE 100% AWESOME TECHNOLOGY, AND EVERY TIME YOU POST I GENERALLY END UP GRINNING.


lsketch42 = Sweet vidder with enough sarcasm to be awesome.


luciamad: your posts and your twitters make me smile


luckinfovely: there's nobody else i fluff as much. your words are the best words in the history of words. your words are sparkly and pefect. and so are you. also, DON'T EVER LEAVE ME. <----- subtle


lucyloo - I value how you can state your opinions, be they fannish, or political, or intellectual, with a conviction and intelligence that makes one feel valued. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day. :-)


luke2: When you love something we all know it in a heartbeat. Always gracious and kind.


lunabee34: Smart, fantastic, shiny! I love reading your posts, and think of you as a friend! I admire how grounded you are, too.


lunesque: Every time I read one of your journal entries, I wish I knew you better. You're fabulous.


luthien - You are one of the most generous people I know.


luthien82: *delivers a naked timo hildebrand with a biiiiiig chocolate heart in his hands* Happy Valentines Day!


luthienaogondor:  Your graphics are amazing and you seem like such an upbeat person.  I enjoy catching you online and hearing about what new thing you've baked.


luvflix - You leave some of the bestest comments and they're most appreciated! And you're a total sweetheart.


luzdeestrellas - every fandom ought to have its very own luzdeestrellas <3 / you are an awesome friend and a great beta, as well as a fantastic writer / You pretend to be all tough but inside you're a giant mooshy marshmallow, and I love you for it. Your stories make me happy and just knowing you brings me joy. I hope we can get to know each other better this year!


luzula: Smart. Really, really smart. Talented. Wonderful./ I'm happy to know her


lynnene - you will always be one of my favorite fandomers (and one of the few people I trust with my OTP).  Thanks for being as fantastic as you are.


lynnenne: one of my most favorite people that I admire deeply who happens to have the best smile on earth


lynnmonster - Her nipples may not lover her, but I always will. / I admire you so much, and I hope this year is a good one for you


lyra_wing - creator of the ideal SPN series-ending / You manage to write stories that are so perfect, that I wonder how I existed without them.


lyric_splat: you're still such an inspiration to me - if i could be half the person you are, i would be happy


lyrstzha: Thanks for being so fun and interesting (and I really like enjoy the links to fascinating things you sometimes post).